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Awesome Appreciation Feedback


I DM for a small group of five players - my grown son, a former co-worker, and his wife and their two sons. We've been running this D&D 3.5 campaign for about six years or so now, but the youngest son, Joey, has only recently joined the group. He's eight years old, and today's session was only his second adventure with us.

We usually game at their house, around their kitchen table. Today, when my son and I showed up, there was a hand-printed sign taped to the back of the chair where I sit that read, "DM's Chair." And sitting on the table at my place was a small envelope covered in Lego stickers, with "To Mr. Johnathan" written on it.

I opened it up, and inside was a single sheet of paper from a small notepad, upon which were adhered more Lego stickers (they were primarily figures from the Lord of the Rings sets) on both sides. The front side had a short note from Joey: "Thank you for the work you have done to play DnD."

Danged if I didn't just about tear up and get all misty-eyed. His mom said he had just decided to do that on his own. I gave him a big old hug, thanked him sincerely, and we settled down to a six-hour session of fun.

I just wanted to share (and brag about my awesome eight-year-old player).


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First Post
Sounds like someone is starting off on the right foot when it comes to buttering up the DM. I would watch my back if I were you. Keep an eye on him. He might have a fiendish trick up his sleeve.

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