D&D 5E Bag book!

abe ray

This item is a bag in the shape of a book! You Cary it in your pocket & it’s unaffected by a portable hole or a bag of holding.Not sure how to flesh it out further than that though. Please help!

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abe ray

Okay, Really confused by all of this!

Books are ... big-ish. Too big for most pockets (especially the BIG OL' BOOKS they had back pre-printing press and pre-paperbacks).

What is the purpose of this item?

Confusing enemies & fun mostly. The bag book has variable volume if it helps.


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Oh Big Little books. (Yes I am old fart and dating myself. ) Ok you could do the BLB of monsters. Pull and summon a CR x monster. Once a y time period depending on how big x is.
BLB of spells. Aka scrolls.
BLB of hiding. Open book drop a item with widest dimension being 2.5 inches. Open book as action to take out item.


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So .... here's an idea.

Make it a book with a number of pages.

Each page can contain an item.

When you open to that page, you can "pull" the item off that page.

From "2D" to full-size, real life.

As an added bonus, maybe when it's found, it already has some illustrations (aka, items that are pre-loaded).

So, like a Robe of Useful Items, but in book form? That's reasonable. Give it an overall capacity similar to a Bag of Holding. Allowing you to put items into it that don't start there makes it more powerful than the robe. Scale up the rarity to suit.


The Book of Useful Pictures has a max of 20 pages.

You can open the Book to a Blank Page and touch an item you are holding, or an unattended item or object, with it (up to huge size) as an action. The target dissappears, and an illustration of it appears in the book.

If you tear a page out of the book (as an action), the item reappears either in your hand or adjacent to you.

If the book has fewer than 20 pages at midnight while attunded having been attuned to someone for 24 hours, it regrows one blank page.

When found, it typically has 1d20 pages with 1d20 illustrations (roll 2d20 and use lower number for illustrations).
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My thoughts went a different direction. 3.5 ed where applicable.
Each page opens onto a 10 x 10 space somewhere on the plane of earth. Multiple items can be stored or retrieved. Taking up to a turn to move a heavy thing or several loads of things. Otherwise, 1 round to retrieve or store an item. Number of pages remains constant but is random when found: 2d8 pages. No pages have items stored when found or made.
Craft Wondrous Item, CL 15, plane shift, requires masterwork book (300 gp), freshly crafted book-bags always still have a random number of pages.

My method does not use up the pages, but I really like the idea of pages growing back.


I was trying for a combo of "robe of useful things" with "bag of holding".

So each page is a thing, and you have to tear it out to get it; but I don't want it consumable.

Letting it hold huge objects is a bonus that the others lack; so you can put a wagon in it. Or a boulder. Or a giant gold dragon statue.

Restricting it to 1 item/day is making it worse, because evil.

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