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Just saw it. The script felt too much like a first draft, like someone had put down 'I want to touch on this, this and this topic' and then they never returned to actually figure out how to tell it as a movie scene, so we instead repeatedly have characters just monologuing to the audience.

The fact that it does have smart elements to it makes that even worse... Like, I loved the Ken bits. I wish they'd given Margot something to do with the same amount of energy.
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Finally got around to seeing this. Took my 11 year old. She enjoyed it, but a lot of it undoubtedly went over her head. I’ll have to check in with her in the next few days to see what her main takeaways were.

For me, the main takeaway would be that it was about identity (self-identity in particular). It certainly had its poignant moments in that regard.

America’s monologue about how impossible it is to be a woman in modern society was a real highlight.

Billie Eilish’s song hits pretty hard in the feels, even more so within the context of the movie as well.

I’ll admit my eyes got moist at various points. I’m 42. One of the oldest millennials. Old enough to remember when we were Gen Y. Dunno if that makes me the target market or not.

Would be willing to see it again.

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