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[BDV] Blue Devil Games releases Shadow Falling

Blue Devil Games has released Shadow Falling, a full-length d20 sci-fi adventure module.

From the back cover:

Some Things Aren’t Meant To Be Found

The siren’s call of the Council Ruin beckons relic hunters, xenologists, and the brave. She holds secrets buried away for ages and treasures of which man can only begin to dream. The greatest of all her secrets and the most valuable of all her treasures is an object so powerful an entire civilization fell to protect it. But nothing can stay hidden forever….

Shadow Falling is a stand-alone adventure using the Future d20 System for characters of 4th to 6th level. Set on the planet Eos from the Dawning Star campaign setting, it can be used in most any d20 science-fiction setting.
Shadow Falling is available in pdf format at RPG Now and Drive-Thru RPG. It will premiere in print format at Gen Con. Those of you who have signed up for our Dawning Star events at GC will play The Edge of Shadow, which directly leads into the events of Shadow Falling. 56 pages, Shadow Falling is written by Lee Hammock and illustrated by Danilo Moretti, the same team that brought you the ENnie-nominated Dawning Star: Operation Quick Launch.

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Justin D. Jacobson said:
It will premiere in print format at Gen Con.

As far as I know this will be the first D20 Future adventure to appear in print (and one of the very first in PDF).

Congratulations on the release!

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