Benefits of playing D&D

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Lord of the Hidden Layer
I've found playing D&D to help boost self-confidence, especially among teenagers.

- It helped me stop being a complete hermit and interact with other people.
- One player had a list of neuroses as long as your arm; perked up considerably when his Wizard became the go-to guy to take down hordes of enemies and got praise and acclamation for it.
- Girls / women who "hate math" but add up the dice before the geeks and nerds do.
- Three-year old who figures out the "make believe" part of the game and calls out what Mommy's character is going to do.
- You don't have to be a Paladin (but it helps) to act chivalrously to a female player's character, she reacts like you did it with her IRL
- (The previous also works in reverse, fair warning)
- If your character is bold and courageous, eventually you start acting like him/her, because you have a reputation to live up to.
- Weapon to fight against depression and general teen moodiness

Water Bob

Let's not forget that D&D has changed your vocabulary!

When a quaterback gets sacked or an MMA fighter takes a fateful blow, you say, "Ouch! Rolled a 20!" Or, "Bam! Critical Hit!"

When you almost fall on your butt on some wet pavement but catch yourself at the last moment, you say, "Made my DEX check!"


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As a family game, it brings the family together (game group specific)
True facts: Every Christmas for the past few years, I've run a one-shot for my dad and brothers. Mom doesn't join in, but she likes to watch or listen in from the next room. Fun times all around, and it's a source of lots of good memories.


How about saving money and preventing liver disease?

It's saved me a FORTUNE in beer tokens through my 20s - I would have been in the pub if I wasn't playing. Considerably less beer consumed during a d&d session than a pub session.

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Funny you should say that. My wife's comment about my hobby is that it wasn't drinking, gambling, or carousing.

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[1] DM = Project Manager (skills that translate to a job)
[2] Reading (my reading level went from 3rd grade in 5th grade to the college level in 8th grade)
[3] Math
[4] Socialization (perfect for those who have Asperger’s Syndrome, like me)
[5] Teamwork
[6] Problem solving


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Well to misquote Albert Camus "All I know most surely about morality and obligations, I owe to Dungeons & Dragons. Kill them and take their stuff".

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