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5E Best 5E Sci-Fi Resources


I am planning on running a futuristic 5E adventure that mixes magic and technology in a way similar to Starfinder. (I would actually use Starfinder but I am currently playing in a SF campaign and after the sanity of 5E math I just can't with the SF numbers.)

I know there are a couple relatively high profile 5E sci-fi games -- Esper Genesis and UltraModern5 I think -- but I don't know anything about them. I am looking for one that slides most easily into the existing 5E rules without having to make a bunch of changes that are hard to keep track of, but also have a distinctly sci-fi feel (beam weapons and power armor and cybernetics, oh my).


EDIT: Also, I have my own setting and adventure in mind so I need something that leans more toolkit than setting.
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Small God of the Dozens
There is a fan made star wars setting too
It's decent. I find the fantasy stills shows through too much in places for my taste. A monumental effort though, for sure. AMD since it's free there's no reason not to check it out.


I crit!
I’ve used the Esper Genesis : Threats Database for monsters in a Temple of the Frog game and they work great! There are some minor rules for that game but they are easily siloed. Or used for spaceship combat too.

Monte Cooks high tech 5e book I have as well, Arcana of the Ancients.

Micah Sweet

I would recommend Dark Matter from Mage Hand Press. It's an excellent take on sci-fi in 5e that is very accommodating of all 5e existing material, with an interesting setting all it's own. The book has been available for about a year now, but they are starting a new Kickstarter for a second print run and started kit later this month.


I crit!