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ejja_1 said:
Zed P. Barnhuas- Human Fighter, when asked what his middle initial stood for his patent answer was always " Well it sure as hell don't stand for Pussy."


I can SOOOOO picture one of my players saying that in his trademark deadpan...

"I Lurk!"

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Teflon Billy

Man...people seem to love comedy/pun names. I'd send you back and make you re-do them in my campaign ;)

If anyone showed up to my D&D game with a "Hairybutt Beerguzzler" or "Zoobilee Zoobilee Zoo" or "Gimmy Lotzagold" (or really anything that was intended to 'lighten the mood' of my game while ignoring my campiagn's naming conventions) I would not be happy.

Anyway, here are mine. They aren't funny :)

  • Vulnificus: My Flambeau Mage/Knight Crusader from my friend's Ars Magica campaign. His mundane name: Count Vado Radaleszcu (he was Romanian). The Latin translation of the wordVulnificus is inflicter of wounds.
  • Zhandhalar: My Fighter/Barbarian from a different friend's 3E game. His barbarian tribe's naming conventions were that the person's given name was the first syllable of the name ("Zhan" in this case), the second syllable was the tribal affiliation ("Dhal") and the final syllable was a gender desriptor ( -ar for men, -ul for women). So the woman Mel from the Kord tribe would be named Melkordul.
  • Red Meraxes: My red-half dragon from the first friend's munchkin-ass Planescape 3E game. Jesus he was tough.

more to come as/if I think of them

Orryn Emrys

Names seemed to be one of the strong points of my last campaign. The players came up with some great ones:

Rhiannon Daymor: a simple village woman who fulfilled an ancient prophecy and is now the Empress of Estiri.

Terathramus Allasynieth ("Rath" for short): her half-celestial consort and a Divine Agent of Azaria (a home-brew goddess).

Rhoruc Rockbinder: a dwarven cleric of a god named Kromus; he dropped the surname after being reincarnated as a human paladin.

Khazdand: a dwarven priest of Allaghandum. His grandson was named Khorduun.

Zabora: a human barbarian swordswoman, now the Red Queen of Westshire.

Taluun: a rather eccentric young mage.

And some of my villains:

Taimen: a Great Red Wyrm whose name struck fear into the hearts of the heroes throughout most of the campaign. The final battle of the campaign, after four years of gaming, was against the Great Dragon.

Shadus: the Black Magus.

Firmisti: the Dark Queen.

Jorin Tigrath: the Doomed Swordsman.

Dhorvel: the Grey Dwarf.

Lots of other great names. I was really proud... it made the campaign seem so much more... authentic. The characters felt more believable.


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Killashandra Breezedancer- Kagonesti from DL 5th age
Calandra St. Auburn- human fighter from D&D
Taniquil Goldengrove-elven druid from D&D
Marigold "Goldie"- halfling rogue from D&D
Columbine "Cole" Escarevage-Wicce from Witchcraft

and Lady Zealia "Zeal" of the House of Dewender- Chaosite assasin from Amber DRPG..... a name so good, I named my cat after her ;)

None of these are as good as some real names I've heard at work. Howzabout Tycoon Tandy? Or Millionaire J. Mourvoisier? Or a little Jon D. Universal? Or the unfortunate Mrs. Veronica Vergina?

The topper was one I saw yesterday. This family's name was Deathrage. That is freakin' awesome.

Teflon Billy

Tarrasque Wrangler said:
None of these are as good as some real names I've heard at work...

What line of work are you in?

And yes, Deathrage is an awesome name...but i'll bet you anything they pronounce it DETH-ridge :(


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New fav NPC name: Notmilo Sovich. A Serbian general that the party assasinated in a Spycraft game. Took the party a good 2 hours to catch onto the name (I always refered to him as General Sovich, or Notmilo, and they thought it was ethnic)

Terry Edwards

Registered User
Best name? That's a toss up between my reformed cleric prostitute "Days O'work" and the dwarven fighter played by Jon "the orgy guy" Faix that went by the name of "Kernel Runchy Nuts."

The explanation of why they are my favorites is simple, they made me laugh whenever the name was uttered.


Inventor of Super-Toast
How about...
Che Clivera, the bartender and occasional hostage
Murderkill McHacknslash, the CE dwarven fighter with a movement speed of 5
Urigaunt, the oozemaster. The name just sounded appropriatly slimy.

Demiurge out.


World of Kulan DM
One of my players called his PC Sir Mojo Rising, male human paladin (skyrider)! No... I'm not kidding.

At the time, I didn't know what the connection was. ;)

My favorite PC name was and still is Spears, male half-orc fighter!

Teflon Billy said:

What line of work are you in?

I do data entry for a large bank. I see all kinds of awesome names as a result.

Teflon Billy said:
And yes, Deathrage is an awesome name...but i'll bet you anything they pronounce it DETH-ridge :(

I'm sure it probably is. But I know how my next half-orc frenzied berserker will pronounce it :D .

I knew a guy who would only speak in character in paragraphs he had written while others were interacting with NPCs. He listen and scribble and try to get finished writing before the other players wanted to move on. He called himself Mon O. Log. It was first... :p


Liquid Awesome
In our current campaign, one of the other players gave his elven Wizard/Cleric the rather grandiose moniker of Malhavoc Shadowlord. When my character (Halfling Rogue named Fim) met him, I said, "If you ever become a powerful wizard, people are going to tremble at the very sound of your name. In the mean time, it's just going to be a tremendous pain in the ass to chisel on your tombstone."

He got killed. We still haven't found the time (or money) to have that tombstone chiseled.

Djeta Thernadier

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I had a doctor once, in real life, who, I kid you not, was named Dr. Vader.

She was scary woman with a really mean, raspy voice.
Perhaps she pronounced it differently , I don't know. All I know is
eventually I got a different doctor....



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Ok, these aren't really character names, but weird real names.

Around the turn of the century, there were two doctors who had a partnership in SE Missouri named Dr Ketchum, and Dr Killem. And yes, the sign in front of their office said "Ketchum & Killem". My grandfather had a photo of their office as proof of this story. :D The good doctors have made several appearances in a Deadlands game I run.

I remember in high school doing a report on a Texas governor or mayor (I don't remember which now) named Hogg (kinda like Boss Hogg from Dukes of Hazard I guess). Anyway, the best part of this story were the names of his two daughters, Ima and Ura. Lucky girls. :rolleyes:
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On the subject of interesting real names, there was a Chris Moneymaker on the Late Show with David Letterman who made 2.5 million dollars at some top-level poker tournament in Vegas, I think...

back in 1E days when I was learning the game (and PCs kept dying on me), I had a series of fighters and rangers named Falken (after the computer guy in Wargames) and Hawken (after the rifle). One guy in our campaign had a monk named Chip (Chip-monk, chipmunk, nyuck nyuck). I named a halfling thief Saab, after a car.
Way back in Dragon's early days, there was an April Fool article about playing PCs, part of which involved a 'random name generator' where you used dice to come up with vowels and consonants. I used it for an NPC, who got tagged with "Yb"...

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