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D&D 5E Best low level glass cannons...


Sorry if this has been asked before but my initial search came up empty.

I am looking for some glass cannons (high damage, low ac and hp) monsters tonight for some real quick encounters. The parts is 3-5th level so thinking CR 1-2.
I already have some quickling hijinks planned!

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Lord of the Hidden Layer
The Crag Cat as written in Frostmaiden has a 'spell mirror' ability: if the Cat makes a save vs magic, the spell you shot at it returns and zaps you ! If you have a DPR King Contestant mage, the Cat can be a glass cannon just for him - but be taken down by the Fighter / Barbarian / Rogue.


Scout, MM, pg 349, fits the glass cannon for low level,
CR 1/2, two attacks with +4 bonus, 1d8+2 damage at 150ft. Also excellent ambusher with it's skill sets.

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