D&D 5E Best rolls I have ever got


Morkus from Orkus
Especially when 1 person at the table rolls truly amazing and another person rolls crap*. Especially when you explained before making characters that you hate rolling and could you pretty please just use point buy and the DM says no. Then the DM laughs at the player with the piss poor character scores and just says "It's fair because we all rolled".

*Yes, true story. No the crap character was not mine.
That's why we set a minimum number of stat points. If you don't make the minimum, stats get raised +1 at a time, max of 18, determined randomly. Once the minimum is hit, you're good to go. No crap characters allowed.

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Morkus from Orkus
And then DMs wonder if those characters have direct suicide hotline, as they get into deadly situations often :D
Back in Junior High and High School we had one guy that whenever he rolled a crap character, he looked at the DM and said, "I walk to a nearby bridge and tie a rock to my legs..."


Morkus from Orkus
This is what I love about rolling with fixed stats (i.e. you don't choose where the 18 goes).

We have a method of rolling in most of my games which is adapted from late 1E where you choose your class before you roll and it uses different numbers of dice for different abilities, but your scores are fixed. You roll strength and that is your strength score, you can't pick another roll to put in strength because you are a Barbarian and it is higher.

In this scheme you choose your class before your roll and you are almost always going to have a 15+ in your main stat. However you may get an 18 in charisma as a wizard, while you have a 16 intelligence.

This creates some of the best role playing and it is true to life to a degree, what you want to do in terms of profession is not always what you are best at.
I allows one single stat swap. I feel like if you want to play a fighter or whatever, you should be able to put a high number in your prime stat. That still leaves interesting stats for PCs, while still giving the player the character he wants to play. Especially if the high number was in a secondary stat and it's now low.


My current character, Xerthos, a Dragonborn Paladin, is probably the best I’ve rolled up (I’m usually DMing, so this is like my 5th character in 40-so years).
17/10/12/12/13/20 after stat mods.

Prior character for the same campaign had the highest stat of 12 (after racial mods - human) as a monk. He lasted much longer than I expected (over 2 levels, I expected him to die in his first combat) and was surprisingly effective. Wouldn’t have minded playing him longer. Ended up dying in a combat when he critically failed a death roll.

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