"Best" single class party

Mad Hamish

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What do people think would be the class that would do best on adventures if every member of the party was a member of the class (no multi-classing either)

I guess it comes down to 2 possible approaches
1) classes that can fit multiple niches in the game (e.g. can tank, do damage, versatile casting etc)
2) classes that have a wide enough or powerful enough range of options that they can deal with things without needing to fill all the roles.

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Cleric or druid.

Buffs, tanking, healing, and offensive all rolled into one. Change your spells by day to fit your needs.

Summoner making use of UMD could also work.


Go team cleric!

Summoner would be very good at this, too. Master Summoner can practically be his own party as it is. ...Are archetypes allowed? Either way, the eidolons tank and sumoners can heal them w/ rejuv. eidolon.


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I would say a wizard of course.
A smart wizard will
* Charm people to do the dirty work
* Throw in the summoned stuff for damage absorption
* Scry and divine trouble before it is even met.
* Doesnt need to worry about a god looking over his shoulder like a cleric
* Create arcane traps to avoid being at places you dont wanna be
* Use magic to hide

Hmmm the list goes on and on...

I'd go with a team of paladins. They have extremely good saves, they have archetypes to be healers, damage dealers, and ranged. They have lay-on-hands to heal themselves when in a bind. They are great against disease and overall I think they'd be supremely powerful to go up against.

Even if you don't use archetypes, you are facing of against 4 or 5 paladins with smite and lay-on-hands in full plate mail and great saving throws. They are hard to hurt, can do good damage, and can heal themselves up.


Level is also an important factor.

4 1st level gunslingers with rifles could take down like 1.5 enemies each round. High dex also gives them good initiative and AC, to boot.

If they face wizards, thay can probably take out 2 on the first round.

On higher levels, they become much less effective, since their damage doesn't scale that well.


I feel like Team Druid is the way to go if you are looking at effectiveness at every level. They have a fair number of archetypes that give a range of abilities, and the power of animal companions and spontaneous summoning should probably not be underestimated, especially when it is four or more characters doing it.


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I second bards, though a significant factor in that is that bards are fun to play.

Additionally though, multiple bards means multiple performances. Inspire Courage from one, Inspire Greatness from another, Dirge of Doom from a third, Fascination with a sprinkle of suggestion from the fourth...

And bard is the type of class that can do a little bit of everything. People are less likely to feel subpar compared to a well-built teammate, because bards can do enough different things that chances are there'll be something at which their bard is best at.

Holy Bovine

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I have run groups of all Rogues before (they were called Thieves though) and it worked within the confines of the campaign I was running (Guildmembers of the Thieves Guild of Lankhmar). I doubt it work as a regular adventuring group - just not enough staying power once they got engaged. Ambush tactics would be best but they are hard to pull off in every encounter.


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We should make an arena battle between 5 teammembers all lvl 5, and see who will win :)
Now, see, this is what Ramaster was getting at. That's a specific level, and that changes the variables involved. At 5th level, flight is a powerful thing that not all classes can do, it's not possible to bring back the dead or to heal more than a few points of ability damage (and drain can't be healed at all), so poison is a power option, and the first real area effects come into play (i.e. Fireball).

Given the above, I have to go with Druid or Summoner at 5th- they'd smash everybody else by having lots of minions, both disposable and otherwise, including the ability to get flying and poisonous ones. They also have a few battlefield-control spells like Spike Growth and Create Pit. I don't see any other class being able to top them, though Wizard and Cleric admittedly come close.


With proper planning, 5 commoners would wipe the floor with 5 wizards.

Now, in all seriousness, 5 lvl 5 Zen Archers are a force to be reckoned with. They can even change tactics mid-match! Run, like A LOT to escape from melee classes (and then full attack them into oblivion), charge/grapple casters or use the ki abilities.

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