Beyond the Rerisen Tower(DM Iron Sky, Judge: renau1g)

Iron Sky

Procedurally Generated
Beyond the Rerisen Tower
A continuation of The Rerisen Tower.

Eithal Lemindt(H.M.Gimlord), Goliath Warden 4
Salgyn Khovalyg(pacdidj), Half-Elf Bard 4 - dead, then undead
Fredrock Hammersmith(Xeterog), Dwarf Battlemind 3
Himura "Kaz" Kazuhira(Luinnar), Elf Avenger 3
Scarmiglione(Mewness), Kenku Rogue|Sorcerer 4
Toeto(Dekana), Longtooth Shifter(Lizardfold) Shaman 3
Yeshim(ronakshah2000), Human Wizard 3


The group was hired by Master Mason Michelle Maystone Mason to escort her, a dozen craftsmen, and a wagonload of supplies and tools to a tower freshly retaken from the wild by the Daunton militia a week before. With the captain of the militia unwilling to provide an escort, Mason was forced to hire mercenaries from the Hanged Man.

After two days of travel - their nights troubled by nightmares, strange birds, eyes in the night, visions of dark figures watching them, and a crumbling cliff that killed two of the craftsmen and injured others - they reached the bridge leading to the tower.

Corpses were hung from the trees around the near side of the forest and, when they approached, a figure materialized amidst a swirl of ravens, telepathically demanded that they leave, and destroyed the bridge with a blast of lightning. The corpses around them animated and broke the ropes that hung them and they were forced to battle undead powered by some powerful necromancies that kept bringing them back again and again.

They prevailed, however and set about rebuilding the bridge. No sooner had they completed it and begun to cross than the strange figure appeared on a hillside ruin, causing the river to flood and washing the bridge out from beneath the group.

The party then faced a grueling battle; some stuck on an eroding fragment of bridge, besieged by swarms of undead ravens and rerisen beasts, the others assaulted by the dead in a furious struggle to keep them away from the cowering craftsmen.

Again, the group prevailed, deciding to press on to the tower despite their weariness and wounds in the hopes of finding someone yet living at the tower.

When they finally reached the tower cliff-top, it was a grim sight, the palisade breached, the tower door torn apart, a bloody story of struggle and death written into the battlefield. A lone, half-mad survivor named Captain Cale was found on the rooftop, warning that they would assault again.

Undaunted, the party set to work, repairing the palisades and setting traps in the woods beyond, repairing the tower doors, equipping the craftsmen and giving them a crash-course in combat, scouting beneath the tower, and trying to restore Cale to a more sane state. They also spotted a ship in the distance, but there was no time for them to hail it.

Their preparations saved them for when the dead came, they came in seemingly unending waves, throwing themselves at the palisade wall and breaking through as their leader, clad in ancient armor and bearing a wicked black sword, arrived. Despite his fell power, Kaz threw himself into the fray and decapitated it, slowing the enemy and giving his battered allies time to fall back towards the tower under the covering fire of Livia.

The dead caught up to them before they could escape however, the sturdy Fredrock holding them at bay for a while before even the hardened dwarf fell. Eithal, grievously wounded herself, rushed forwards to drag him to safety, restoring him with one of their precious few potions of healing.

Making a stand at the very base of the tower, the group finally dispatched the last of the dead. No sooner had they done so than did the raven-cloaked figure again return, giving them its cursed blessing and a warning to deliver to Daunton, that the Raven Council owned the mountains.

Cale and Livia stayed to hold the tower while the few surviving Craftsmen, the Mason, and the rest of the group hailed the ship and sailed back to Daunton swearing to return soon.

Today is that day...

The Return

When you arrive at the docks, a ship awaits, an rambunctious group of young men and women in the blue of the Daunton militia carrying supplies up the ramp, joking and jostling with each other, clearly excited for their upcoming "adventure."

Fredrock already stands there, watching the scene and shaking his head.

A brightly dressed halfling with a striking jacked of shimmering fish-scales - presumably the captain - waves to you as you approach then darts around the ship, seemingly everywhere at once as he gets the ship ready to sail.

The Mason nods to Fredrock, then hauls her own bundle of supplies - including the chainmail she wore back at the tower - up into the ship.

The day is bright and clear and it feels good to be setting out, though to the north, dark clouds gather in the skies and your thoughts darken as you contemplate the darkness into which you will soon be sailing...
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[sblock=OOC]I'm waiting on an agreement between the DM and judge of Protection to determine whether they'll let Yishim leave to join. Please be patient; they will hopefully be back with me shortly.[/sblock]


First Post
A figure approaches the docks in great haste, its feet making an odd tik-tik-tik sound. As it gets closer, it suddenly slows to a more sedate pace, and approaches the ship with a dignified air.

The figure proves to be a kenku, dressed in puffy black breeches slashed with scarlet and a stylish black cape with scarlet trim. He is holding a silver-handled walking stick and has an unusual patch of white-tipped feathers around the edge of his beak. His plumage and clothing are otherwise black.

The kenku stops to engage one of the militia in conversation, to find out where the ship is bound, and seems a little dismayed by the response. He moves away again and proceeds to wander around the docks looking at the other ships.

[sblock=Actions]Scarmiglione returns and attempts to sneak on board the ship without anyone's noticing.

Stealth check: 1d20+13=24[/sblock]
[sblock=MiniKenku]Scarmiglione Male Kenku Rogue|Sorcerer 4
Initiative: +6, Passive Perception: 17, Passive Insight: 12, Senses: Low-light vision
AC:19, Fort:15, Reflex:18, Will:18; Resist 5 psychic
HP:39/39, Bloodied:19, Surge Value:9, Surges left:7/7
Action Points: 1
Blazing Starfall
Sly Flourish

Wave of Light
Low Slash
Sneak In the Attack
Second Wind

Shocking Magnetism
Shadowdance Armor (item)
Lucky Charm (item)

Phase of the Sun: At the start of my turn, each enemy adjacent to me takes 2 fire and radiant damage; resist 5 cold
Phase of the Moon: Bonus to AC equal to number of conscious adjacent enemies; resist 5 psychic
Phase of the Stars: Whenever an enemy's attack misses me, I can teleport 2 as a free action; resist 5 radiant

First Time Bloodied: Change immediately to next phase.


Full sheet: Scarmiglione[/sblock]
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Fredrock waits impatiently for the ship to leave. Tho he fears the worst, he still hopes to find them safe and unharmed by the undead infesting the area.


Fredrock Hammersmith - Male Dwarf Battlemind, level 3
Passive Perception: +15, Passive Insight: +20 Senses: Low-Light
Init +0, Speed:5
AC:21, Fort:16, Reflex:16, Will:18
HP 45/45, Bloodied:22, Surge Value:11, Surges left:13/13
Action Points: 1/1, Power points 4/4
:close:Battlemind Demand link
:melee:Mind Spike link
Blurred Step link
:melee:Bull's Strength link
:melee:Iron Fist link
:melee:Mist Weapon link
Second Wind link
Battle Resilience link
:close:Telepathic Challenge link
:melee:Aspect of Elevated Harmony link

Item powers
deathscarred boon link
Dwarven Scale armor link

:melee:MBA +7 vs AC, 1d10+4 (brutal 2)
:ranged:RBA -0 vs AC, 1d4-1 (improvised..would have to pick up a rock or something)
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First Post
[sblock=Iron Sky]
Toeto(Dekana) Level 3 Shaman will be joining us. :)

Also, on my wishlist I listed a level 3 item "Bloodcrazed Executioner's Axe +1" which you gave out to him last adventure. The problem is there is no Bloodcrazed weapons and I meant Battlecrazed. I suppose it is OK that I added the Battlecrazed Axe +1 instead?

Also, does using the deathscarred boon count as a use of a daily magic item?
Kaz patiently waits for the ship to leave. All the friends he has lost during the last adventure has hardened his resolve. He knew dark times were ahead and many more might be dead before the adventure would be done.

What was he fighting for? Revenge? No revenge would not bring his friends back. Justice was a better word. Justice for them and to prevent anyone from falling to this evil fiend again.

[sblock=stat block]
Kaz Male Elf Avenger 3
Initiative: +4, Passive Perception: 22, Passive Insight: 15, Senses: Low Light
AC:20, Fort:14, Reflex:15, Will:16
HP: 40/40, Bloodied:10, Surge Value:10, Surges left:9/9
Action Points: 1
Basic Attack Battlecrazed Executioner's Axe+1, +5 vs AC, 1d12+2 damage (+1d12 on crit, 19-20 threat against undead, +1d6 when bloodied, reroll 1&2 damage)

Bond of Pursuit
Overwhelming Strike

Angelic Alacrity
Oath of Enmity
Abjure Undead/Divine Guidance
Sequestering Strike
Avenger's Resolve
Second Wind
Elven Accuracy

Aspect of Might
Battlecrazed Executioner's Axe +1
Deathscarred boon

Non-elf allys within 5 square get +1 to perception.
If oath target moves away willingly, +6 damage to next attack. (Censure of Pursuit)
Can shift through difficult terrain (wild step)


Following Kaz is a lizardfolk woman with a ghostly basilisk in tow. She doesn't speak much yet - the introductions can wait until everyone is together. She looks at the ship with wonder once it comes into view. Certainly, she never saw such a titanic construction within the swamps! But at the same time, she feels a sense of foreboding about the ship. The assembled warband of inexperienced guards is a familiar sight to her, and a usually tragic one.

The halfling captain is, at least, a reassuring sight.

[sblock=Toeto]PC:Toeto (Dekana) - L4W Wiki - Female Lizardfolk Shaman 3
Initiative +3, Senses: Insight +5, Perception +10; low-light vision
HP 38/38; Bloodied 19, Surge Value 9, Surges 10/10
AC 18; Fortitude 16, Reflex 14, Will 17
Speed 5
Action Points 1


Spirit's Shield
Call Spirit Companion, Protecting Strike, Voice of Battle
Certain Threat, Healing Spirit x2, Lizardfolk Recovery, Speak with Spirits, Spring Renewal Strike
Hungry Spirits Totem, Protective Roots, Spirit of the Healing Flood

Any ally adjacent to Toeto's spirit companion regains +3 additional hit points when he or she uses second wind or when Toeto uses a healing power on him or her.

[sblock=Spirit Companion rules]The spirit companion is treated as a conjuration with some exceptions.
  • It occupies 1 square like an ally does.
  • It is only affected by melee or ranged attacks (not close/area attacks or zones).
  • It is dispersed if it takes 11 or more damage from a single blow, and Toeto takes 6 damage. It is otherwise unaffected by attacks. It uses Toeto's defenses.
  • It cannot be flanked and it does not grant flanking.
  • It can move 5 squares whenever Toeto takes a move action. It is not affected by difficult terrain.


Eithal Lemindt Arehei Female Goliath Warden Level 4
Initiative: +2
Speed 6
Passive Perception: 17; Passive Insight: 12; Senses: Normal
Powerful Athlete: Roll twice for Jump/Climb Athletics checks
AC: 20; Fort: 18; Reflex: 12; Will: 14
Surge Value: 14; Surges left: 13/13
Action Points: 1

At Will Powers
:melee: Strength of Stone link
:melee: Thorn Strike link
:melee:Warden's Fury link
Warden's Grasp link

Encounter Powers:
:melee: Grasping Winds link
:melee: Relentless Panther Attack
:close: Burst of Earth's Fury link
Stone's Endurance link
Warden's Tempest link

Daily Powers:
Form of the Relentless Panther link


Sudden Roots: Whenever Eithal hits an enemy with an Opportunity Attack, that enemy is slowed until the end of its next turn.

Crushing Earthstrength: When Eithal uses her second wind, she gains a +4 bonus to her weapon damage rolls until the end of her next turn.

Guard of Stone: While Eithal is under the effect of her stone’s endurance racial power, each enemy marked by Eithal takes an additional penalty to attack rolls for attacks that don’t include Eithal as a target. The penalty equals her Constitution modifier and lasts until the end of her next turn. [/sblock]Eithal strides up to the ship's gangplank, swaggering like a first-grader returning to school after summer vacation, excited to meet, once again, the friends she made last year, yet naively unaware of the challenges that lay ahead, "Hellow Freddie!"

When she notices Toeto, her eyes fill with curiosity, and a hint of suspicion, "Mah nayme's Eithal whayat's yewrs?" She claps the lizardfolk on the back firmly enough to make her caugh and catch her breath, "Theyis is gonna be fun. Weah gonna teach thayat ole rayven laydee a layesson."


The lizardfolk jumps with a start at Eithal's pat on the back. She looks blankly at the goliath. Is that Allarian? It sounds like it, but... Right about now, she starts to regret not practicing the common language more often. She finally responds in a soft, hissing voice.

"It's 'Toe-eh-toe.'" She pauses a moment, struggling to find the right words. "You, um... you look like a good fighter, Eithal. You protect me from the raven lady, and I will tend to your wounds. ... I c-cannot fight."

The ghostly basilisk at Toeto's feet hisses loudly. She allows herself a brief smile. "But Sprout; he fights for me."

Iron Sky

Procedurally Generated
The halfling leaps down the ramp, lands with a flourish, and surveys the group. "I'm Captain Scrawn Boundling, and this is the Illest Omen you see behind me. She's fast, sturdy, and her captain's not afraid of a few glorified zombies. We got a full day and a bit of sailing ahead of us and the tide is just about right. This everyone?"

Meanwhile, the kenku has nestled in amidst a pile of militia rucksacks in the hold, breathing a sigh of relief... for now.

GM: We'll see if Yeshim can make it. How long you need @ronakshah2000 ?

Re: Kaz's axe, yeah, Battlecrazed.
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First Post
An out of place sound catches the attention of all assembled, and as they look up they realize that part of what they are hearing is the sound of hoofbeats against the beams of the docks. A sunbaked half-elf dressed in strange and colorful garb approaches the ship, leading a red dun mare by the bridle. Contributing to the auditory strangeness of hooves clopping against dock beams is song the man sings as he leads his horse: a sort of wavering, high-pitched drone, above which a distinct second and even-higher pitch can be heard forming a melody.

[ame=""]Salgyn's Song[/ame]​

The man and his horse stop just in front of the ship, and stand silently for a moment surveying the assembled crew, guards, and adventurers before speaking a thickly-accented greeting. "Hallo. My name ees Salgyn Khovalyg. I seek passage to the north, where perhaps my people's lost herds now roam. I vas told that you set sail to rid northlands of undead, yes? I am happy to pay passage for myself and my steed Uyanmas with coin, or with steel fighting by your side," he says, indicating an ornate scimitar strapped to his back. "I haff some experience dealing with such creatures."

A tall, young man dressed in flowing robes comes stumbling down the street. His robes are singed and flecks of blood speckle his left arm. I should have known. Nothing good comes out of an old fashioned populist uprising. You let one lessee off the hook, and the whole financial system comes to a screeching halt. How did I ever let myself get involved.

He stops at the dock. Hi, where are you going? Could you use some help? I don't usually look quite this disheveled...

With that he makes an arcane gesture and the robe is suddenly clean.
[sblock=Yishim Stat Block]Yishim- Male Human Wizard 3
Passive Perception: 14, Passive Insight: 17
AC:18, Fort:13, Reflex:18, Will:17, Resist 10 Force -- Speed:6
HP:20/29, Bloodied:14, Surge Value:7, Surges left:6/6
Initiative +5
Action Points: 1, Second Wind: not used
Powers: Scorching Burst, Chilling Cloud, Phantom Bolt, Shield, Grasping Shadows, Maze of Mirrors, Orb of Deception, Sleep, Orb of Unintended Consequences, Brooch of Shielding[/sblock]


The lizardfolk jumps with a start at Eithal's pat on the back. She looks blankly at the goliath. Is that Allarian? It sounds like it, but... Right about now, she starts to regret not practicing the common language more often. She finally responds in a soft, hissing voice.

"It's 'Toe-eh-toe.'" She pauses a moment, struggling to find the right words. "You, um... you look like a good fighter, Eithal. You protect me from the raven lady, and I will tend to your wounds. ... I c-cannot fight."

The ghostly basilisk at Toeto's feet hisses loudly. She allows herself a brief smile. "But Sprout; he fights for me."
"Thayat's owkay. Yew'd be s'prised whayat yew cayan dew whayen the tahm combs, but down't yew worrih yewer sweet li'l ole hayed. Ole Eithal'll hayave yewer bayack." Eithal leans in toward Toeto with the back of her hand to the side of her mouth as if whispering something confidential, but her voice is more of a low talk than a whisper, "''Sides. Ah don' faht neither. Ah jus' keeyill. It's easyah thayan fahtin'"

Iron Sky

Procedurally Generated
Captain Boundling glances at Salgyn and Yeshim, then to the party. "These ones seem to want to go to the tower for some reason. I've got the room if you all don't mind having them along. I'm just getting paid to sail up the coast."


The undead seem to not stay down, and there are alot of them, so the more skilled people we have along, the better it'll be. Perhaps some of these soldiers will survive the experience even. Fredrock says a bit grumpily, his mind more on the friends left behind at the tower than anything else.


First Post
This one does not like the idea of putting people in jeopardy... Kaz says looking at the new recruits. Too many have died to this creature of shadow already. This one fears that more will still before the quest has ended.

Iron Sky

Procedurally Generated
"Well, if they're coming, decide quick. If we miss the tide, we'll have to wait another half-a-day," Captain Boundling says, running up the ramp. "Everyone who's going, ALL ABOARD!"

GM: Once everyone's on the ship, we'll get this show on the road.

As a side note, I'm changing Boundling's text color since several people are already using red. He'll take Charles' old color.


First Post
Scarmiglione, hidden in the hold, hears the captain's shout.

"About time," he murmurs to himself, arranging someone's duffelbag underneath his head as a cushion.

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