Beyond the Rerisen Tower(DM Iron Sky, Judge: renau1g)

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A tall, young man dressed in flowing robes comes stumbling down the street. His robes are singed and flecks of blood speckle his left arm. I should have known. Nothing good comes out of an old fashioned populist uprising. You let one lessee off the hook, and the whole financial system comes to a screeching halt. How did I ever let myself get involved.

He stops at the dock. Hi, where are you going? Could you use some help? I don't usually look quite this disheveled...

With that he makes an arcane gesture and the robe is suddenly clean.
[sblock=Yishim Stat Block]Yishim- Male Human Wizard 3
Passive Perception: 14, Passive Insight: 17
AC:18, Fort:13, Reflex:18, Will:17, Resist 10 Force -- Speed:6
HP:20/29, Bloodied:14, Surge Value:7, Surges left:6/6
Initiative +5
Action Points: 1, Second Wind: not used
Powers: Scorching Burst, Chilling Cloud, Phantom Bolt, Shield, Grasping Shadows, Maze of Mirrors, Orb of Deception, Sleep, Orb of Unintended Consequences, Brooch of Shielding[/sblock]


The lizardfolk jumps with a start at Eithal's pat on the back. She looks blankly at the goliath. Is that Allarian? It sounds like it, but... Right about now, she starts to regret not practicing the common language more often. She finally responds in a soft, hissing voice.

"It's 'Toe-eh-toe.'" She pauses a moment, struggling to find the right words. "You, um... you look like a good fighter, Eithal. You protect me from the raven lady, and I will tend to your wounds. ... I c-cannot fight."

The ghostly basilisk at Toeto's feet hisses loudly. She allows herself a brief smile. "But Sprout; he fights for me."
"Thayat's owkay. Yew'd be s'prised whayat yew cayan dew whayen the tahm combs, but down't yew worrih yewer sweet li'l ole hayed. Ole Eithal'll hayave yewer bayack." Eithal leans in toward Toeto with the back of her hand to the side of her mouth as if whispering something confidential, but her voice is more of a low talk than a whisper, "''Sides. Ah don' faht neither. Ah jus' keeyill. It's easyah thayan fahtin'"

Iron Sky

Procedurally Generated
Captain Boundling glances at Salgyn and Yeshim, then to the party. "These ones seem to want to go to the tower for some reason. I've got the room if you all don't mind having them along. I'm just getting paid to sail up the coast."


The undead seem to not stay down, and there are alot of them, so the more skilled people we have along, the better it'll be. Perhaps some of these soldiers will survive the experience even. Fredrock says a bit grumpily, his mind more on the friends left behind at the tower than anything else.


First Post
This one does not like the idea of putting people in jeopardy... Kaz says looking at the new recruits. Too many have died to this creature of shadow already. This one fears that more will still before the quest has ended.

Iron Sky

Procedurally Generated
"Well, if they're coming, decide quick. If we miss the tide, we'll have to wait another half-a-day," Captain Boundling says, running up the ramp. "Everyone who's going, ALL ABOARD!"

GM: Once everyone's on the ship, we'll get this show on the road.

As a side note, I'm changing Boundling's text color since several people are already using red. He'll take Charles' old color.


First Post
Scarmiglione, hidden in the hold, hears the captain's shout.

"About time," he murmurs to himself, arranging someone's duffelbag underneath his head as a cushion.

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