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UKG Publishing have released 8 new Pick n Mix items at the EN World Game Store. These include:

By Owen Kuhn (a.k.a. Wolvorine)

Harvester, a Scythe with a Black Heart and a Black Past. Druid beware if this see the light of day.

The Sword of Carib
A sword built for defense of a family. Now lost in all but legend.

By Tim Willard (a.k.a. Warlord Ralts)

Wielder of the Chain
These warriors devote themselves entirely to the Spiked Chain, preferring it over all over weapons, and drive themselves ruthlessly toward perfection with it.

And from Ralts highly popular Nova Wars Universe:

Nova Wars: Hornet Class Dropship
One of the earliest series of military “dropships” put into mass production, the Hornet class dropship is still found in many planetary defense forces, as well as corporate militaries and some of the more wealthy and larger mercenary armies.

Nova Wars: Cygnus Corp Harsh Environment UAV - “Turtle”
For over two hundred years, and on over a hundred colonies, the HEUAV has been the vehicle of choice. Easily broken down into cheaply shipped components, and rugged enough to survive the harshest terrain.

Nova Wars: Orion Arms MAHB-5514 “Scorpion”
Orion Arms has unveiled a new Multi-Atmosphere Heavy Bomber this year, nicknamed the “Scorpion” due to it’s upraised twin particle beams cannons, in direct competition with Cygnus Corporations latest development.

Nova Wars: CWS-346 “Chipper” Anti-Infantry Copter
These ships are commonly sold to private security companies and planetary defense forces in order to provide high-end defenses against the G’Tak Empire as well as Terran Space predators.

Nova Wars: CWS-229 “Hell-Lancer”
The Hell-Lancer was developed as colony protection craft, designed to fight both in and out of atmosphere under a myriad of conditions.

All of these are available only from The EN World Gamestore


John Milner
UKG Publishing

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