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"Birds of a Feather" DnD 5E OOC (Closed)

so in short ;) i have been running a campaign for 2 groups now. one has died out because most players found DnD to much hassle and the other group is slowly going out because of conflicting scheduals.
as such im stuck with a world with no players to live in it (truely, a tragedy)
thus im looking for 4-5 people who want to help me bring this world to life again and delve into the mysteries that it holds.

since the campaign is written for a normal session i'll have to edit a few things and hope i can convey the same feel in PbP play.

System 5E
Setting: Homebrew (everything is discussable)

Starting zone: Celtic inspired (at the start, world is filled with a mix of everything I could think off 😉 )

Background: the country Ravinica lies on a penensuala, shieled off on one side with a mountain range, it is well known that the border between the Feywild and the Material Plane is very thin here and its influence can be seen in every aspect of nature.

Ravinica isn’t an isolated country and is in fact actually quite prosperous in world trade, with all common races of the world having found a place in the country to work there crafts.

Dwarfs to the East in the Iron Lords mountain range
Elves deep within the forests of Hys, Azy, Hyron, Ulg & Hyish
Humans in each Major city; the Capitol of Ravinica & the Harbor city of Cresent Bay
Gnomes tend to live close to either the Dwarves or Elves
While Halflings are generaly found in human settlements
all other races are scattered across the land.

Other then your standaart evils (Orcs, Goblins, a rogue necromancer every now and then, you know, your every day evil) most people live in relative peace.

In the entire country there is a single day of the year that is celebrated by all. Its called the Pale Moon festival. it’s a celebration to commemorate the creation of the country.
it’s a 2 day festival where on the night between the two days the moon turns a Pale Blue. The entire festival is a big party and is not only celebrated on the Material plane but also in the Feywild.

And that is where the story begins.

Whilest the Pale Moon festival is celebrated all over the country, certain locations hold bigger feasts then others. The closest big one to your location is held in the city of Kraven, near the forest of Fuamnach.
the festival starts tomorrow, and you are all gathered in the small town of Hunter’s Point.
there is a path that leads from Hunter’s Point, through the forest, straight towards Kraven getting you there in half a day. However since it is said that inside the forest is a gateway towards the Feywild, unless you are attuned to the forest you could get lost of days (even as a expert survivalist). Hence why a transport is arranged through the forest every day.
however the transport was supposed to arrive hours ago and you are still waiting.


Char Gen: I plan on starting at lvl3, this way every1 will have access to the subclass they want and we can kick off from the get go 😉
Stats are 4D6 pick the highest. Homebrew rule; if you don’t have a 16 or higher you may (if you want to) subtract points from your lowest roll to add to your highest roll (I.E. if you roll a 14, 12,12,11,10,9. You may rearrange points from your 9 to your 14 till you get 16,12,12,11,10,7)
starting equip will function as per "starting wealth" per page 143 of the PHB

All official and good races and classes are available, though if you pick a Uncommon race you will most likely not be native to Ravinica so keep this in mind. Some people in the smaller settlements might react differently towards you.


if you have any questions feel free to ask away ^^

i plan on starting early July if there is enough intrest
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Make the 15 a 16 and the 11 a 10 as I did not get a 16 per your rules. Now I will look at my options. Leaning towards human variant lore bard

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
Interested! Currently thinking of a sorceror or warlock, but maybe the numbers will suggest something different to me...


(disclosure: I'm already in some other games, and would happily give way for anew player. I also just like making characters!)

Edit: Ha ha ha. That's a net -5! Lol. Even the rescue rule to have a 16 leaves him with a 2 in one stat!)Maybe this is a sign I shouldn't play... (or maybe I don't know how to work the dice roller)
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[MENTION=23484]Kobold Stew[/MENTION] with those stats? Sure, I'll give you a reroll xD a "-" in 3 stats might be abit overboard :p Unless you wanna Roll with it ;)
[MENTION=6911206]Mike291[/MENTION] sure i have a few factions that could be joined. Anything in particular you would be interrested in?
[MENTION=6787159]Skarsgard[/MENTION] Roll for hitpoints

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
Amicus Brief
Level 3 Forest Gnome Moon Druid

Str 4 (-3, dropped)
Dex 8 (-1)
Wis 14 (+2, boosted) [save +4, advantage vs. magic]
Int 12(+1) [save+3, advantage vs. magic]
Con 8 (-1)
Cha 10 (+0) [save advantage vs. magic]

Size S
Speed 25
AC 9
Init -1
Hit Points: 15 (3d8-3)

Inspiration: X

Proficiency bonus: +2
Proficiencies: light, medium armor, shields (wood), druid weapons
Skills: nature, athletics, survival, animal handling
Tools: herbalism kit, flute
Languages: Common, Gnomish, Druidic, Dwarven

Dagger: 1d20+1 to hit, 1d4-1 damage (thrown: 20/60)
Produce Flame: DC 12 dex save or 1d8 fire damage.

Background: Outlander
* feature: Wanderer (find food and fresh water)

Druid abilities:
* Spellcasting (2 x level 1, 1 x level 2)
- Cantrips: Produce Flame, Mending
- 5 spells prepared (DC 12): Cure Wounds, Goodberry, Heat Metal, Entangle, Lesser Restoration
- Ritual casting
* Wild Shape (2 uses/rest, max 1 hr (.5 level)), CR 1
* Combat Wild Shape:
- bonus action to change
- bonus action when changed to spend spell slot for 1d8 hp/level recovered

Gnome Abilities:
* 60’ darkvision
* Gnome Cunning (save advantage vs magic, as above)
* Minor Illusion (DC 11)
* Speak with Small Beasts

-1 (dex) Acrobatics
+4 (wis) Animal Handling**
+1 (int) Arcana
-1 (str) Athletics**
+0 (cha) Deception
+1 (int) History
+2 (wis) Insight
+0 (cha) Intimidation
+1 (int) Investigation
+2 (wis) Medicine
+3 (int) Nature**
+2 (wis) Perception
+0 (cha) Performance
+0 (cha) Persuasion
+1 (int) Religion
-1 (dex) Sleight of Hand
-1 (dex) Stealth
+4 (wis) Survival**

Dagger (2gp 1#)
Herbalism kit (5gp 3#)
Flute (2gp 1#)
Sprig of Mistletoe (1gp -)

[sblock=Background]Amicus was the eleventh son that his father knew about, the third of a set of triplets, and the runt of the litter by any measure. He tried hard, but wasn't gifted; he wanted friends, but wasn't cool. He was small, weak, and often had to feed himself because there were never enough bowls in the Brief household. So Amicus would scrounge. Sometimes the nearby Dwarves would feed him in exchange for a song, but it was never enough. But they gave him a bed, and he came to appreciate that he could be treated as an individual, and not just as Filia and Karis's baby brother.

No one was more surprised than he, though, when he began to show his powers, blessed as he was in a deep dwarven tunnel, where the connection to the Feywild was particularly thin. First, it was firestarting, and then the healing. Then he could turn himself into a wolf. He's good at the wolf: it's bigger now, and he can keep it going for an hour or so at a time. He thinks in time he can make it last longer.

He's still the runt, and truth be told, he's still most comfortable on his own. But he's making his way where he can, and he has started to be seen as an asset by those around him.[/sblock]

Preferred Wild Shape: Dire Wolf
AC 14, HP 37, Speed 50'
S 17 (+3), D 15 (+2), C 15 (+2), I 12 (+1) W 14 (+2) Ch 10 (0)
Size: L
Perception +4, Stealth +4
Keen Hearing and Smell (adv on Perception)
Pack Tactics: adv. if non-incapacitated ally w/in 5' of target
Bite: 1d20+5, 2d6+3 piercing, DC 13 Str or be knocked prone.
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So a Wood Elf Battlemaster, Protector Assimar Lore Bard & a Forest Gnome moon druid sofar.

Sounds good ;) rly curious what else will join
[MENTION=23484]Kobold Stew[/MENTION] Love how you choose to adapt to your abysmall Rolls !)
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Level Up!

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