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"Birds of a Feather"

It's the time of the year again, Spring has ended and the forest and greenlands have all bursted out in a vibrant green. This also marks the time of the Pale Moon, a festival held once a year to celebrate the founding of Ravinica centuries ago.
Whilest the Pale Moon festival is celebrated all over the country, certain locations hold bigger feasts then others. And to whatever reason is your own, you find yourself on route to the city of Kraven, near the forest of Fuamnach. where the biggest feast in the region is held.
the festival starts tomorrow, and you are all gathered in the small town of Hunter’s Point.

Hunters Point is a small settlement, more ment as a stopping point then a true place to live.
Though some have made it their home. Some of which include the owners of the 'Stuffed Quiver' Tavern.
The large stables from which the transport through the forest departs.
there is also the "Iron Pixie" Blacksmith.
Then there are a few houses build that seem to house the few people that have decided to call Hunters Point their Home.
on the outskirts of the small village several tent camps can be seen that belong to hunting parties that have the nerves to hunt in the Forest itself. For since it is said that deep withing the forest lies a portal into the Feywild, the forest is a mysterious place in which even the most seasond survivalist would get lost.
the last building of note is a temple dedicated to the Lord of the Hunt and Travels, most that venture into the forest seek out his blessing before they do in hopes of a safe return.
[Sblock] IMG_20180704_000639.jpg
My apoligies, Its a Old draft, seems i have misplaced the final version :p the Tents would be North of the Tavern and the houses would be where "Hunters Crossing" is written)

Some of you just arrived this day, others might have been here in Hunters Point for atleast a day now, and whilest normally a transport would have already have left around noon, it is several hours later and the caravan has yet to arrive from the other side of the forest.
as some of you wander around you can see a group of other travelers gathering in the middle of the village around what seems to be the village elder trying to calm everybody down.
Whilest around the edge of the Forest a few hunters can be seen searching the perrimiter.
A General Air of unease can be felt.

OOC: I'll leave everyone some space here so that you can discribe what you are doing at this point in time.
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Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
There is a small gnome in town, trying to get the attention of one of the newcomers.

"Excuse me?" he says, reaching up. "I'm trying to find..." But a practiced gesture form the large armoured man waves the gnome away, before the sentence can be finished.

The gnome's shoulders sag. He's dressed only in worker's clothes. They're well made, but several years old. He takes out an apple, and peels it with a small knife that is on his belt. After a few bites, he puts the knife away, wipes his hands on his trousers, and stands up. The armoured man has headed to the temple, but the gnome heads to the edge of the forest.

He approaches one of the hunters. "Excuse me?" he says. "I'm trying to find a way that I might be able to help. Can I give you a hand? My name is Amicus."


Hearing the little voice, the man turned to look who's asking. Then lowering his gaze, he found the gnome eating an apple. He realized how easily he could be mistaken for one of those hunters. An Elf look-alike with a long bow...

"I'm not sure." He said, crouching to be at eye level with Amicus.
Then looking toward the woods "Something happened. The shuttle should be here by now."

Pointing to the nearby Hunters "Those guys seem to be on to something. Let's find out exactly what's going on."

"I'm Vaex." He said as he reached out to shake Amicus' hand.

Steve Gorak

Thael just came to town. He had surveyed it from the forest, making sure he wouldn't be seen and wanted be certain that the town was safe. He was exited to be getting closer to Kraven, and take part in the large feast he had heard about. Perhaps he would sample better food than he had so far since he had arrived on the prime material plane. He was currently sporting the appearance of an older human man, in his mid fifties, with a cloak and salt an pepper beard anf hair. As he approached, he saw what seemed to be an elf blooded man, but whose origin he couldn't ascertain, and a gnome. Sighing in satisfaction, he approached them, thinking to himself that these folks would likely have an open mind and friendly disposition. As he approached, he overheard their conversation.

Raising his hand in a friendly way, he said "Since you seem to be in the process of introductions, I am Thael. Are you also going to the feast in Kraven?"
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Having arrived the previous day, Ramiel is aware the shuttle is late and the mood of the gathered people is anxious. As he makes his way from the village to the area where the hunters are gathered, he makes sure to keep his ears open for any information that the gathered folk may let slip. Seeing three strangers standing off to the side near the hunters he approaches them. "Well met." "I am Ramiel, these good folk seem to be rather upset that the shuttle is late." " Have you heard what has caused it's delay?"

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
"Hi, um. Hi." says Amicus reaching up and shaking Vaex's hand. Sorry for the mistake."

As others approach him, Amicus realizes he has inadvertently drawn attention to himself, and there's now a group of four of them. Isn't that the way, he muses.

He turns to Thael. "I'm not sure what's going on. I had hoped there would be room for me on the shuttle, but if not, I was going to make it on my own." He coughs, and wipes the corner of his eye. "But then I saw the hunters. I'd be upset too, Ramiel. Do you prefer Ram? Yeah, I'd be upset too. I was going to see if they needed any help. Should I go and talk to them? Others might want to check out that crowd?"

His voice rises at the end, but he hasn't asked a question. "It's just a suggestion, of course."


Kert sidled into town, Aes close behind.

“And here we are,” he said to the Paladin. “Have you ever seen such a miserable place? Who’d want to live out here? I’ll bet you nothing happens in a place like this.”

He considered for a moment.

“It’s perfect!” He notices the crowd, and his spirits sag a bit. “Looks like something’s happening. Dang. I was looking forward to a doing nothing but hiding out for a while.” He smacks Aes’ side. “Let’s go see what they’re doing. Maybe it’s nothing. Some farmer getting to frisky with the mayors daughter or something. Might be fun to watch. As long as we don’t have to do anything.”



Evi was a big elf and he knew it. But despite his bulk he was able to move around people with some of the grace of his more slender people.

Silently he moved around, the people were uneasy, hunters were protecting the perimeter.

Seeing a small group of outsiders forming he moved up to them to hear what they were talking about and picked up on the general tone of their conversation.

"Hello, I am Evi," his voice is a velvety baritone and with hints of musicality from a lifetime of speaking elvish. "It does look like something is afoot, doesn't it?"

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