"Birds of a Feather"

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
"Thanks, Mister," squeaks the soft voice of Amicus Brief. "I thought I could be of more use here. What are you watching for? Maybe I can help."

His eyes are steady. He believes he will be of use. "There's no wildlife. That's not natural," he offers.

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Aes seemingly ignores the question, and watches the gnome flit off toward the tree line with a mild amusement, more curiosity. An awkward pause later, she indicates the old hunter with a flick of her snout " He said the forest has a will of it's own," the dragonborn side eyes Ramiel briefly, "I overheard a 'she' also mentioned but that detail was not elaborated on."

"No, not natural at all..." the seasoned Hunter replies.
"Listen... if you want to help." He gives a quick glance to the rather motley crew thats gathering.
"Then Just stay clear of the Forest for now."
He keeps checking the Forest every other word it seems before he mutters to himself "Gaston should have a plan."

Over at Evi the Old Hunter keeps looking at his petrified buddy trying to look for support.
"Like i said... Forest, Life of its own... Fey Stuff."

OOC: @Skarsgard the Old Hunter is lying through his teeth and knows damn Well what might be happening (poor sucker rolled a 2)


"Fey stuff," Kert said as he sauntered up, horns prominently sticking out of his red hued skin. "I had me some fey stuff just last week. She was a pretty little thing, too." He bowed to the group. "Name's Kert. The she hulk beside me is Aes. We're looking for something to keep the boredom away. We were hoping you all had something to do."


Evi looks at the old hunter intently, "I think you know more than you are letting on."

He shrugs, "Would you be more comfortable talking to one of the others?" [roll0]

"I'd be more comfortable inside, away from the forest." the Old hunter replies as he elbows his friend and they both start walking towards the Tavern.
"I bid you a good day."

OOC: @Mike291 im going out on a limb here and guess that you meant the Seasoned hunter thats talking with Amicus?
correct me if im wrong

the Seasoned hunter turns toward Ramiel, then points up into the Guardtower. "Gaston is our Leader, he's the strongest hunter we have in the village and is the only one that can navigate the forest like its the back of his hand." you can hear a sense of deep respect and admiration in his voice. he then turns his attention back to the forest.
"either way, until he comes with a plan, you lot stay away from the edge."


Ooc correct.

At this point Ramiel would suggest the party move to the tower and attempt to locate Gaston and try to clean information from him.

The one Silent Old man suddenly perks up and turns towards Evi. "Of drinks?! Why sure why not."
"What are you do-..." the other replies before getting cut off.
"But It's impolite to refuse a drink Harold! The name's Horus, Nice to meet you...?" He asks Evi with a outstretched hand.

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
Amicus stands there, at the edge of the forest, having been admonished and then quickly forgotten by the patrollers. As Evi, whom Amicus now sees as an ally, led Horus and Harold away, the gnome casually cast an illusion of some tall grass behind which he might conceal himself.

(Minor Illusion DC11)


Evil smiles warmly and shakes the extended hand. “The name is Evi”, he answers Horus.

“So, what’s your poison?” He asks amiably sliding a couple of gold across the bar.

He buys several drinks, hoping to loosen some tongues.

"Ale!" Horus replies "Purple Goblin preferably." the bar you walk into is part of the "Stuffed Quiver" and is stuffed with patrons that are awaiting the transport. it's dimly lit and smells of a dense but strangly comforting combination of Ale and Homely cooking. the loud atmosphere also requires you to get rather close to Horus to hear what he's saying.
after he got his second drink he starts sighin, "It's the blasted forest i tell ya... still gives me the shivers on dark nights."

OOC: for the others, are you all agreeing to move to Gaston? i wasn't clear about that


Evi nods slowly as Horus speaks, "I have to agree, i haven't been here that long and I tell you it gives me the frights."

He pauses as he signals the barman for another round, "I can't imagine what it is like for you folk living here; it must trouble you something fierce."

Horus eagerly accepts the New drink, while Harold is sitting begrudgingly next to him.
"Well it aint Always bad, used to be doing quite Well! Aint that So Old pall?" Horus slaps Harold on the back, Who then continues where Horus left off.
"Aye So it was... actually it has only been the last few weeks that the Forest been acting up..." He stops for a moment and stairs at his drink. "We Propably already told you to much... but someone is rilling up the Forest..."

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
OOC: Amicus was trying to separate himself and stay at the perimeter of the forest. Have all the watchmen then gone inside? He is of no real use inside, but can perhaps contribute meaningfully either patrolling the perimeter even venturing into the forest. I am reluctant to split the party, though, so if it's easier just to have him come in, he can. But he'll just be watching, I expect.

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