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5.5E Blast from the past

I would like to see castle-building at name level return as an optional but well-supported system. High level characters simply should have the wealth and influence to become major political figures, and that doesn't mean an end to adventuring, just a big shift in what they do when not adventuring.

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Only if you want to be able to actually find players and DMs for games other than 5E.
Then you need to decide what is more important... playing whatever game you want exactly the way you want to play it, or just playing at all.

If you have a very narrow window of how you are willing to play an RPG and can't find others that share in that... it's no one else's responsibility (including the game companies) to adjust things so that you can. You either work harder to find your group, or you relax your requirements for how the game has to be.

For @Lanefan, he has found himself a great group that all share in his stylistic choices and thus can play the game they want when they want to. My only response to him was that his hopes of WotC rolling back the game in this update to where he likes lethality to be was not likely to happen, because history has shown his style is not popular. If his style of lethality was popular, the game wouldn't have spent 5 editions getting to where it is now requiring a rollback in the first place.


Victoria Rules
I thought of another one:

Bring back the 1e idea that spellcasting can and will be automatically interrupted by any disruption or damage. Further, make spells take time to cast (e.g. if your initiative is 16 you'll be casting from then until, say, 11; and you're interruptable during that time).


I crit!
I haven’t read the thread yet but wanted to say that there nothing as dressed as level drain.

Im not sure I want it back but something as dreaded would be cool. Not sure what though.


Of course not. Most people want superhero power fantasy, which is what WotC D&D provides. Lowest common denominator and all that. When easily winning all the time loses its luster, people start using tons of house rules or move on. Either to other games or, if they're even aware of them, older editions of D&D or retroclones.
Interesting take, I found it completely possible to challenge (even kill) my PCS without any house rules. I do think 5e is as "easy" as you think it is.


Agree with both. The more I play/DM 5e the more I dont like it. I agree it needs an overhaul but at 3 years out I think 5E needs to go and just create a new edition, because we all know the backwards compatible claim is B.S.
I disagree with most of this. I think the 2024 updates will be fairly minor and I am personally fine with that. Honestly, I don't think I, or my group, needs another edition ever. I may add LevelUp to our arsenal, but that is it. Everyone is different of course


There are some good ideas in this thread, but I don't really think any of them have a chance to make the 2024 update. On top of that, I don't think many of the ideas presented here would be good for the game (in terms of sales). The are better suite to a UA book or homebrew / house rules where they really belong IMO. In fact, If I think of adding anything from older editions I always run into problems with how well 5e with a few tweaks runs for my group. So, with that fear I would go with:

BECMI War Machine updated to 5e.


Dusty Dragon
Flanking - advantage is too good IMO, but it's a shame that flanking does nothing otherwise (the optional rule in the DMG)
Low light vision vs darkvision
Morale checks
Monster ecologies
A bit more importance to damage type.
edit: how can I forget: Dex not adding to weapon damage. Dex is WAY too good in 5e. Also, a way to make int less of a dump stat for many characters.
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  • Default morale scores for monsters and better morale rules
  • Mass combat (in the same vein as BECMI's War Machine/Siege Machine)
  • More monsters from 1e and BMCMI
  • More spells from previous editions
  • A psionic base class (modeled roughly on 3.5's psion)
  • Skill challenges
  • Domains and rulership
  • Simpler monster math for creating monsters and determining CR/XP (like 4e)
  • A better armor chart
  • More weapons
  • 4e's minions
  • Environment/habitat listings for monsters
  • Feats seperate from ASIs
  • 4e-style fighters
  • 3e-style familiars (and psi-crystals)

Thanks, I forgot that one in my response! Yes, minions definitely should make a comeback in some form. They were awesome, especially when you cranked up their damage output.

The challenge of doing minions in 5E is that 5E has gone back to the old paradigm of D&D, which is that a monster's stats reflect actual discernible traits of the monster. That is, if an ogre has 1 hit point, it tells you something about that ogre--she's badly injured, or physically very frail, or something like that. This was not true in 4E, where a monster could have 1 hit point simply because its job in the adventure was to be an easily-slain mook. The same ogre could be a solo monster or a minion depending on when and where it was encountered. Trying to apply that model to 5E would provoke a lot of backlash.

But that doesn't mean 5E can't have minions; there just needs to be a different implementation. Back in the days of yore, 1E fighters had a special ability where they got a whole lot of extra attacks any time they were fighting very low-level foes. That would be the approach I would take--an optional rule where any damage dealt by a character of level X or more, to a monster of CR Y or less, reduces that monster to zero hit points automatically. Instead of modeling the monster's frailty, you are modeling the badassery of the PC.

It's a mechanical sleight of hand--the end result is the same--but I think it would be a lot more palatable to a lot more people. In fact, now I think about it, I may have to try this as a house rule next time I run a game.
Minios as used in 4e were problematic.

Rather than being different monsters, monsters could be reduced to minions if you are x level higher. Or tge damage should scale in a way, that minions a tier below don't survive longer than a round or two on average and thus are outright killed by an attack.

For creatures below CR 1, in 5e it is more or less true due to bounded accuracy, but then there are enemys like the thug, who have more than 30 hp for a 1/2 CR creature. But it has quite low AC. So at least you need a default ability to turn accuracy into damage.

Level Up!

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