Blizzard at Revel's End (IC)

Jathin again commands the spectral cutlass to slash at one of the fishman near it. With the spiritual weapon commanded Jathlin moves up onto the ship and scans the are for a weapon. As he scans the deck of the ship he conjures another burst of divine fire to erupt around the sahuagin his sword just attacked.

OOC: Bonus Action: Attack SG2 Spiritual Weapon attack and damage: 1d20+6 13 1d8+4 5.
Perception Check: 1d20+6 12
Sacred Flame damge: 1d8 4. SG2 must make a DC 14 dex save or take 4 radiant damage.

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Revel’s End
End of autumn
Weather: Freezing and wet. Sleet. Rough water and sea spray. Fog
Round 6

Valrin swam to the dock and dragged himself out of the frigid water, panting and gasping for breath, his body aching with cold and exhaustion as he surveyed the fight. Some giant octopus was entangled with one of the last fishmen in the water, it looked like there was still some fighting on the ship, and fighting had started on the cliff top with the giant crab.

“Any of you have crossbows?” Valrin yelled to the guards as he leaned on his ice breaker.


Exhaustion 1: Disadvantage on ability checks.
Exhaustion 2: Speed halved.

Didn’t notice Doc Halfhand transform into a giant octopus.

Move: To AK13
Bonus Action:

Valrin Thann Character Sheet
Prisoner 137
AC 15
HP 33/41
Rage: 2/3/LR, Reckless Attack, Frenzy


On the Ship

The Red Ghost and Burton came aboard and joined the fight on the main deck; the ghost thrust a pike into one of the fish-men and Burton finished it with a well-placed thrown dagger. Jathlin's flying cutlas cut at the back of the last remaining fish-man as that creature leaped on (and murdered) a prison guard before being shot down by another guard's quarrel from up on the forecastle.

Thorbin dove down the hatch and thrust his pike through the body of the large fish-man down there. He stood over the body of the dead prisoner and looked around wildly for another target, but all that remained was a few cowering prisoners, the ship's captain, and a wounded guard. (The ship's cleric was there too, but she was hiding behind a forward bulkhead.) Below him, the few remaining crew worked the ship's pump, keeping ahead of the mostly-plugged leak.

The ship was free of attackers now, and would be saved from sinking.

On the Docks

Py'Cott found where he had left his block of whale-fat, and he scooped it up. Valrin, gasping and exhausted, pulled himself up onto the dock. In the water the giant octopus struggled with a lone fish-man, and the guards on the dock (perhaps listening to Valrin's frustrated request for crossbows) finally got themselves organised and filled it full of quarrels. Bodies of fish-men, whale, guards, and a prisoner floated on or below the surface of the rough-waters, but no more threat remained there.

On the Cliff

The crab held two guards in its pincers and it turned around, squeezed, and then let them go. They fell shouting from the cliff to be dashed on the rocks and surf below. The rider slid off and for a moment, he looked like he would kill another guard as he made his way toward the lift's wheel, determined to get there for a reason known only to him. But the remaining guards mounted a strong defense, and they shot the fish-man down before he could complete his goal.

Now, only the crab remained, still hanging from the precipice. Down on the forecastle of the Gray Seagull, the mate cranked the ballista around and aimed it for the crab, launching the bolt which soared true and struck the crab in the mouth. It clung for a moment, gurgling foam, and then fell, landing with an enormous splash on the back of its shell before sinking out of sight below the crashing waves.


There was a moment of silence while nearly everyone recovered from the shock of it all. Then Ludz, the young prison guard yelled and cheered, "We won!"

And others joined in, nodding and congratulating each-other.

GM: End of Encounter


Possibly a Idiot.
Py'Cott tears off a piece of fat and stuffs it in his maw.
"Shm, rlly..." Shame really, the half-orc mutters through chewing, before handing another piece to Lex.
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Steve Gorak

Hearing from above that victory was theirs, Thorbin spontaneously screams a victory cry. Quickly, he assessed the situation and sees Tallow, the hardened smuggler from Baldur's Gate bleeding in from of him. He jumps on his knees next to the man and tries to tend to his wounds. “Come on Tallow, stay with us!”

It’s obvious that the man’s injuries far outweigh his skills, so he signals the cleric to come and help.. “Help him man, I still need to drink with him to celebrate his bravery” He says, genuinely concerned.

OOC: here’s a heroic natural 1 on the medecine check: 3 ;-)

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
The octopus pulls itself onto the doc, its black stripes menacing against the pale colour of its flesh. As the water pours off its body, onto the creosote-stained wood of the pier, and through the cracks into the sea, it searches for a target. Any of the invaders remaining.

Seeing none, the octopus sighed its relief, and began to deflate. Soon Doc Halfhand was lying on the pier, on his back, looking up at the sky.

He coughs, as if he is beginning to speak, and salt water emerges from his lungs.

As he sits up, he tries again.

"Anything more on the ship that needs unloading?" asks the tired goliath.

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