Blizzard at Revel's End (OOC) Temporary Hiatus

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Sorry (can you tell I'm Canadian?) that I haven't managed to get this game going again yet. There's a LOT I want to do here, and I've written (in my head) quite a bit, but I just haven't found the time to type it in. I'll probably split it all up into a bunch of short posts just to facilitate getting it done. So if you see me post something that doesn't mention you, just wait! I'll get to you ASAP.

I do really want to keep this game going, I'm just struggling (in general, really) to keep up with life.


Looks like I'm having trouble getting back to this game right now. I've never had one of my games stop without getting to the end of the story before, and I don't plan to do that here either, but I have to admit: I've stalled out at the moment. I promise that I WILL get back to this game, but I'm going to admit that it's on hiatus for now. Let's talk about it again in a month or two, if that's okay with all of you.

Kobold Stew

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I understand, of course. You do so much. The December slump has been extended due to the pandemic in so many ways, and this is one. I'll be about.


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That's alright. Better a good game we need to wait for, than a bad game where nobody is having fun. Take care!

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