Blizzard at Revel's End (IC)

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When the bodies had all been pulled from the sea (they threw back most of the bodies of the fish-men), they found that while the battle had been fierce, their losses had not been quite as bad as it seemed - certainly not as bad as it could have gone, under the circumstances:

The prison had lost five guards, and three prisoners (two of them newly arrived, including Tallow). The ship had fared relatively worse, having lost six of their twelve crew. By luck, and Thorbin's ferocious pike-play, the ship's four officers had all survived, though the Captain and Mate were both minorly injured. The loss of twelve people was unfortunate, of course, but the enemy had had twenty-two fishmen killed (including the priestess and the crab-rider) as well as the crab and the whale. A victory to be sure.

The Gray Seagull itself could be saved - but they could not hope to make the return voyage this late in the season with so small a crew remaining. The ship would have to remain docked at Revel's End until Spring. It would need near constant repair and monitoring, as the sea and ice could damage the hull. A small, rotating crew would need to remain aboard.

When Warden Marthannis arrived on the dock, she saw that many were suffering from exposure to the cold, and she immediately called for everyone who had been outside to be brought in. This was done with a few exceptions: Dogger, the bosun, would oversee the unloading of the ship, and a few crewmen would continue the repairs.

Kriv Norixius, the dragonborn overseer, would take command of a double-sized group of guards and prisoners (chosen this time, rather than volunteers) to bring the remaining stores up. He was clearly unhappy about this, and his silver eyes glared at anyone who looked at him as he passed them by.

Soon, the new prisoners were shown to their cells, in the centre of the star-shaped prison, and the guests were shown to a series of rooms to the south. The new doctor was certainly willing to see to the injured, but as he had just arrived, anyone who felt well enough to avoid him was permitted to do so.

In the chaos, no one seemed to have remembered that Py'Cott had taken a conch from the priestess.

OOC: They did, however, give him a once-over on his way in. Feel free to give me a dc11 slight-of-hand check to hide it, if you like, or hand it over as you go in. I'm not going to say that Lex doesn't know. He ought to. So that will be up to @jmucchiello.


Possibly a Idiot.
Luck is a funny thing. Sometimes it ends you up in jail, other times it has you face to face with a raiding party of violent fishmen.

This time however, luck seemed to be on Prisoner 284's side. Py'Cott's old partner had became a better distraction than half-orc could have hoped for when he planted that comb into into Burton's greatcoat. Prisoner 287 had turned more blue than pink, making the Warden call back the volunteers, immediately.

In the shuffle back to the cells, while the fallen prisoners were being confirmed dead, Py'Cott managed to slip his trophy past the guard who had earlier ordered him to give up his snack. Already confident he had foiled Prisoner 284's plot to smuggle something back, and further distracted by Prisoner 295 making a fuss over his weapons, the guard did a less than thorough job of patting down the half-orc, complaining about the smell the entire time.

Py'Cott grumbled as he handed over the pike and the hook, but smiled on the way back to his cell.

OOC: Don't you hate it when you hit enter before you are done typing?
Slight of Hand: 1D20+1 = [17]+1 = 18
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Prisoner 137 - Valerian Thann
Revel’s End
End of autumn
Weather: Freezing and wet. Sleet. Rough water and sea spray. Fog
Round 0

Constitution save, advantage: 2D20.HIGH(1)+5 = [17, 15]+5 = 22

Valrin shivered and stood close to the fire. He was helped by the ship’s priestess, and he nodded his thanks to her. He shuffled with the others back topside and into the relative warmth of the prison. Even so, he huddled in his blanket in his cell.

“Think we could get some hot soup or something?” Valrin asked.

He found his small book in his cell and stub of pencil and crawled into bed.


Exhaustion 1: Disadvantage on ability checks.
Exhaustion 2: Speed halved.

Bonus Action:

Valrin Thann Character Sheet
Prisoner 137
AC 15
HP 33/41 HD 3/3d12
Rage: 2/3/LR, Reckless Attack, Frenzy


the magical equivalent to the number zero
The blanket doesn't seem to help. But being back inside the prison, while not particularly warm, is infinitely better than freezing to death outside, and ironically Burton is grateful to be back in his cell.

It takes a while for the shivering to stop, and longer still to feel warm again. Only then does Burton remember that Py'Cott placed something inside his clothes. Or was it taken by the guards when he came in? The cold and trembling may have prevented prisoner 287 from noticing that, but since he didn't get a speech the guards likely missed it.

Well, curiosity would have to wait. A nap, that seems like a good idea now...

OOC: Unless something disturbs his nap, Burton takes a Short Rest. That doesn't remove the Exhaustion 1 (only a Long Rest does that), but it does give me a chance to regain more hp by using a Hit Die: 1D10+2 = [2]+2 = 4

Stats (after SR):
(287) Burton AC13/16/21 HP 21/28 HD 2/3 PP 13 SS 1/2 2W 1/1 AS 1/1 Exh1 (Disadv ability checks)

Steve Gorak

Thorbin contemplated the victory, and enjoyed the feel of the pike in his hand. As he felt the battle fever wane, the bite from the elements started to dig deep. Even though he didn’t want to give up his weapon, it was obvious that he would not last long here alone on the run.

He spat on the ground as he gave is weapon to a guard “I’m giving it to you, because you all would not have been able to take it from me. Besides, we’re now brothers in arms, and where I come from, this means something

With that, he followed the others and rejoiced when the temperature climbed inside.
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Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
When the heat has dried the clothes of those in the water, or at least taken the bite from the frost's formation, Doc Halfhand helps to secure the ship and any remaining cargo. He's able to lift things easily; s he works he wonders what prompted the attack.

He asks the captain if such things are common on this route.


Doc Halfhand

Captain Halehearty looked out to sea, squinting against the icy spray, and answered the goliath, "Common? No, not common at all. You hear tales of such things, but I have never seen Sahuagin before. Nor have I heard of them attacking so ferociously and at such great personal cost. They are raiders, certainly, and they will murder and rob those along the coast from time-to-time, but this..."

He shook his head in wonder and left it there.


The guard took the pike from Thorbin with a look of relief. As the new prisoners were led into the prison for the first time, Thorbin found himself next to the guard who had survived the battle on the main deck, next to the ship's mate. The guard spoke into his ear from over his shoulder, "You've made a friend here, mate. If you need anything, you just ask me. Name's Allard.


Burton had a similar experience, having left an impression on a guard, though his came without any direct promises. The guard who he'd helped out of the water nodded to him in passing. He knew the guard's name to be Dales (a foundling's name, to be sure), and he was let by without a proper search. He found a comb, planted there by Py'Cott, for reasons unclear to Burton.


Prisoner 137 predated almost all the guards, as well as most of the prisoners. When he asked for soup, he got it, delivered by the shaky hand of a younger prisoner, and permitted by the guards who respected him. He returned to the warmth of his cell, which he had the luxury of occupying alone.


Py'Cott could barely believe that no-one stopped him on the way to his cell. When he was alone, he pulled out the strange conch, and inspected it. Not only was it a very rare (above the sea, at least) and beautiful shell, but it had been meticulously and intricately carved with strange runes.

OOC: I will be back to move things along, and to give you a better idea of the prison layout.

As the guards begin to gather the prisoners and distribute blankets Jathlin quickly says a prayer to Valkur. He feels a warmth suffuse his body as his wounds close and the exhaustion from the battle recede. He follows the guards into the prison. He is ushered into a cell and lays down on the cot. He stares up at the ceiling. After the excitement at the docks the calm was close to intolerable.

OOC: Cure wounds on self: 1d8+4 11

Lex meanders to his quarters and drops off his stuff. He casts arcane lock on his door before leaving. He heads for the staff cafeteria, one must exist he muses.

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