Blizzard at Revel's End (IC)

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
"That's good" says Doc, stretching out his hand and reaching to the sky. Again he spits up water.

"Wonder if any of the new prisoners are going to be trouble," he says, looking at the carcasses floating on the surf in the harbour.

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Revel’s End
End of autumn
Weather: Freezing and wet. Sleet. Rough water and sea spray. Fog
Round 0

Valrin grunted as he straightened up, filling his lungs with cold air. “We need blankets. Anyone in the water is going to be dead in fifteen minutes,” he pointed out, stumbling over to the fire in the barrel. “They should be put in the warm hold, or sent back inside.”


Exhaustion 1: Disadvantage on ability checks.
Exhaustion 2: Speed halved.

Bonus Action:

Valrin Thann Character Sheet
Prisoner 137
AC 15
HP 33/41
Rage: 2/3/LR, Reckless Attack, Frenzy


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Burton lowers his weapon when it appears the fishfolk have been defeated, at least for now.

"Well done, chaps," he accidentally slips back into his old Waterdhavian posh accent. With an awkward grin to the veteran guard who helped him out of the freezing water, Burton hands over his rapier.

"Back to work, eh?" prisoner 287 says meekly while rubbing some life back into his cold limbs.

OOC: Assuming we will have the time for a short rest soon, Burton uses his Second Wind to regain 13 hit points.

(287) Burton AC13/16/21 HP 17/28 HD 3/3 PP 13 SS 1/2 2W 0/1 AS 1/1

"Say, there's a big block of ice in the hold. I doubt it's all that warm in there," Lex says. Lex casts message at one of the guards up top who is probably peering over the cliffside looking at the sinking crab. (If none are doing that, he targets someone in the elevator. "We need blankets down here immediately. See what you can do. You can reply once to this message." He then says, "Were there any blankets in the crates?"


Py'Cott & Lex

The whale-fat tasted very odd to Lex, and it did strange things to his stomach, which began to burble. The big orc seemed happy with it, until one of the guards said, "Hey, we need that for the lights. Wrap it up."

Thorbin & Valrin

The ship's cleric, Iyatisi was an acolyte of Waukeen, goddess of trade, and not the best healer. She said to Thorbin, "I am sorry, but there is nothing that I can do for him. I must help the cold and the injured."

She went up the ladder to the main deck. She had never been so far north in her life, and the cold hit her hard. So too did the carnage above. A full two-thirds of the ship's crew had not survived the battle, and their bodies, and those of their attackers, littered the deck, along with the blocks and cordage of the ruined crane.

Still, she offered what aid she could, using her minor magical ability to dry Valrin's clothes.

Burton, Razum, & Doc Halfhand

Before unloading could continue, it seemed important to some to retrieve the bodies of the guards and crew. Burton was given a hook on a long pole, and he began the grizzly task of pulling the bodies in to the dock, so Doc Halfhand and a guard could haul them out. Razum checked them for signs of life while taking note of who they were. The cold quickly began to take its toll on those who had been in the water, and Burton found that his hands were begging to shake.

On the Cliff

It wasn't long before the lift reached the top, and not long after the prison erupted with guards, as the warden came to see what had happened. She took charge of the situation immediately, and she began to call for those who had been worse exposed to the elements to be brought in to see the new doctor.

Before anyone could be brought up, though, the lift needed to be unloaded, which took some time. The bosun, a proud dwarf, hated that he had spent the whole fight locked in a box, and he took his frustration out on the guards who helped him to unload by cursing at them.

OOC: Everyone who went in the water will have to roll a dc14 con save or gain a level of exhaustion. Valrin can have advantage, for Iyatisi's help (it was only a cantrip). I'll give Doc advantage as well, for having been an octopus for most of it. Burton and some surviving guards don't get that luxury yet. Does Jathlin resist cold, or just have a swim speed?



Lex, through some ingenuity and by communicating telepathically with his friend, the warden, after she appeared, managed to get blankets more quickly secured for those who had been exposed to the worst of the elements. Some were discovered still aboard the ship.

OOC: I will knock the DC down to 12.

Jathlin watches the last of the enemies get cut down and sighs. He shivers uncontrollably adrenaline no longer overriding the damp clothes and icy wind. As his teeth chatter he holds out his hand. Slowly at first and then increasing trickles of water pull off his skin and from his clothes pooling into his palm and form into a small sphere. As the last of the water pools into his hand he moves to the edge of the ship and drops the sphere into the sea. He then moves to the cargo hatch.

"Captain get ready to patch that hole. Yell up when you are prepared and the block of ice will melt."

OOC: Going to use Shape Water to pull the water out of my wet clothes and off of my body. Let me know if this wouldn't work.
Con Save: 1d20+3 20

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
Doc casts Produce Flame, and has a small fire glowing inches ab ove his shivering fist, offering some warmth to those who surround him.
OOC: Doc Halfhand con vs DC 14: 1d20+2 (with advantage) = 12.
Goliaths are acclimated to cold climates (Mountain Born).

Steve Gorak

Thorbin nods in appreciation “Thank you for your help”, He then turn to Tallow “Farewell friend, may the gods of battle welcome your brave soul”.

With that, he thrusts his pike into the large fish man to make sure he is dead. He glances quickly to see if the creature is holding anything that could be of use, picks it up if there is, and moves to the deck. There, he looks at his brothers in arms and screams again in victory “Honor to our dead brothers, and glory to those that live another day!

As he moves about the deck, he thrusts his weapon into the fallen fish men, also checking for useful items.

It is quite apparent that the proud barbarian has no intention of putting his pike down, at least for the momemt

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