Blizzard at Revel's End (IC)


Revel’s End
End of autumn
Round 0

More prisoners volunteered for the job of helping to unload the ship of the new supplies. When the sixth prisoner volunteered, Kriz shook his head and shoved him back in line. “Prisoner One-Three-Seven!” the dragonborn barked out.

Down at the end of the line, Valrin sighed. He closed a small, ragged book of scraps of paper sewn and bound into an old piece of leather. No doubt this was Voss Anderton’s doing, yet another attempt to have him die in this place. Valrin tucked his charcoal pencil into the binding of the book and put the book away in his pocket. He removed his spectacles and wrapped them in a soft cloth and handed them to the prisoner next to him. “Make sure these get to my cell,” his bass voice rumbled gruffly.

The prisoner swallowed and nodded, going a few shades even paler than a prisoner in a dank winter wasteland already was.

Valrin stepped forward, brushing his long, black hair out of his blue eyes. They stared directly back at Kriv. “Present,” Valrin said quietly.

Valrin Thann Character Sheet
AC 15
HP 41/41
Rage: 3/3/LR, Reckless Attack, Frenzy

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The Gray Seagull docks at Revel's End

The sea was rough as the ship came to dock, but with the skills of experienced sailors, they pulled alongside the weathered pier and threw lines to waiting men, who quickly tied them off. It was bitter cold, and the sea-spray and sleet combined to freeze on the dock, making it a dangerous, slick mess. Some prisoners were assigned ice-breakers, (essentially pikes, with the job of breaking up any surface that grew too thick with ice build-up), while others were given hooks (to catch the netting while directing the off-loading of crates using the ship's own spar-crane). A few more were used to operate the lift, by walking in a large wheel that raised and lowered the car up and down the one-hundred and sixty-foot cliff. These prisoners were guarded by (and aided in the tasks) by a mixture of prison guards, ship's sailors, and prison labourers.

Razum was frustrated to find that Captain Halehearty intended for the prisoners to be disembarked last, when he had expected to take them first (and would certainly not have made the trip to the docks in the cold so soon, had he known). So he moved out of the sleet below decks to begin his interviews. (He would have only briefly spoken to them before bringing them up to interview them in the relative warmth of the prison).

Lex was holding what looked like half of rather large skull. Odd plunks and plinks emitted from the skull in what might be called a musical way. "Bah," he said to no one. "Wood makes for a horrible cave." After a few minutes he put the item in his back pack and climbed up onto the deck of the ship. He walked carefully with a staff for balance. "These old bones ain't like they use to be," he against addressed to no one. He looked up at the sky. "Daytime. Bah. Night sky at least looks like you can reach up and touch it. Day sky is unnatural." He continued making these observations as he roamed about the deck, making no haste to go ashore.

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
Doc Halfhand felt the icy blasts on his face, flet his skin withstand the blast, and felt his heart pulse in definace of the elements. His two fingers released the crag he washanging from, as he stood like a bowsprit of the ship that had just docked.

There was supposed to be a new doctor on this one, as there had been on the previous two. They hadn't made it. But if this one had -- made it to shore, and not left when the ship did the next morning -- then perhaps he wouldn't be needed as much here. He'd be able to move on.

Yes, he'd been useful in the kitchen too. No one liked the minimal rations that Doc provided, but it was enough to keep them alive. Maybe the warden would just put him on kitchen duty.

In any case, he decided to go down to meet the ship. By the time he arrived at the bottom of the peak it was mostly unloaded, but he did what he could to help. It occurred to him as he went down, that if this new guy, Lex, should stay, then he wouldn't be "Doc" anymore. Just "Halfhand". Like before.


Revel’s End
End of autumn
Weather: Freezing and wet. Sleet. Rough water and sea spray. Fog
Round 0

Valrin was assigned to the docks. A sledge was already loaded up near the ship, and Valrin was shoved into a harness. He put his shoulders into the padded rope and dragged the sledge the short distance to the lift, then returned for the next sledge. When the lift was full, he was given an ice breaker to keep him busy while they waited. He didn’t mind. Just standing there in the wet and cold would be worse than working up a sweat breaking the ice on the dock. He settled into a steady rhythm as others loaded the next sledge. It was hard work, but mindless, and he used the time to go over the teachings of The Enlightened One and other philosophers he had studied or read their works.

Out of the corner of his eye, Valerian’s attention was caught by another prisoner swinging one of the hooks at the cargo, trying to catch the netting.

“Are you insane, man?” Valrin said, yanking the hook from the prisoner’s hands. “You see that mark? Those are alchemical supplies. You don’t know what’s in there. You could get us all killed if it blows up! Gentle.” Valrin guided the net over to the sledge to be settled carefully.

Valrin settled into the steady rhythm of the labor again. He let his mind go free once more, reciting an epic poem about the royal house of Alagrond, the rulers of Neverwinter. It had a strong rhythm, like a war chant, or work song. Soon others were joining in, making the work pass less monotonously.

Athletics: 1D20+4 = [15]+4 = 19
Arcana: 1D20+3 = [12]+3 = 15
History: 1D20+3 = [15]+3 = 18

Valrin Thann Character Sheet
AC 15
HP 41/41
Rage: 3/3/LR, Reckless Attack, Frenzy


Possibly a Idiot.
Py'Cott was ordered to help unload the crane, and given a hook for the task.

He had hoped to be put below decks, but no prisoner would be that lucky. On the other hand, this could be the ideal set up. The visibility was very low, but even the half-orc could tell that the cargo was damaged. Water had flooded the hold, seeping into crates and barrels, then froze inside, leaving cracks behind from the expansion. Given the hook, the damaged containers, and his orc-blood eyes, he should be able to find an opportunity to pocket something to sate his hunger.

Still, there was a risk of being caught. In that case, it's better to have others come down with you. Burton, his old employer, would make the ideal patsy. The staff already knew that prisoner two-eight-seven was the "mastermind" behind their botched robbery. So all it would take was slipping something into his coat, then presto! Someone to take the heat.

With his plan fleshed out, Py'Cott called "Hey, Two-Eight-Seven! Watch your footing!" Then moved to set it in motion with a pat on the back.

Stealth: 1D20+3 = [18]+3 = 21

Deception: 1D20+2 = [12]+2 = 14

Sleight of Hand: 1D20+1 = [13]+1 = 14
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Lex continued to stumble about the deck for a while as the prisoners settled into the task at hand. It all seemed to be going smoothly, too smoothly. He could taste it on the wind. Some form of mischief was to be expected. But would it be from the prisoners or from whatever lurked beyond the fog. Perhaps it was time to move his charade to the prison proper. Acting the fool was tiresome and the cold wind did not help.

Insight: 1D20+3 = [18]+3 = 21
Perception: 1D20+3 = [14]+3 = 17
Investigation: 1D20+6 = [2]+6 = 8


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Burton grabbed another net with the hook he'd been given. Another hook from another prisoner aided him in getting the crates safely from the crane onto the docks.

"Hey, Two-Eight-Seven! Watch your footing!" he heard a familiar voice shout out through the howling winds and, not aware of any danger, Burton was patted on the back by Py'Cott.

Did he just feel something being slipped into his coat?

Before Burton can react, a guard moves straight for him and yanks the hook out of his hands.

"What are you doing?" he barks into the prisoner's face, despite the lull in the winds.

Trying to stand in such a way that the guard doesn't see whatever was tucked into his clothes, Burton stammers, "Wh-what d'you mean, sir? Your colleague told me to help out here with the hook."

Hopefully the man hasn't seen anything and is just telling him to do whatever dirty job Kriv was reffering to, earlier...

OOC: Athletics: 1D20 = [14] = 14
To get the crates to the dock safely.

Perception: 1D20+3 = [12]+3 = 15
To notice being slipped some of Py'Cott's goods.

Deception: 1D20+1 = [20]+1 = 21
To avoid the guard seeing the goods tucked in his clothes.

Snarf Zagyg

Notorious Liquefactionist

There is a prickly feeling in Razum's abdomen as he awaits the stories of the fresh dokaal; it reminds Razum of hunger, but it is a much more pleasant feeling. While Razum thinks about this, he sees a dour half-man approach him; yes, Captain Halehearty, the source of his frustration.

"Razum," the infuriating half-man shouts, "I need the new prisoners to help unload the ship, or we'll never make it back it out. Help me out, here. Be a friend."

Razum stares, unblinking, at the old and leathery half-man. friendship? perhaps this barter will mean the next time, there will be no wait for the stories.

Razum nods, almost imperceptibly, and accompanies the Captain to the hold. There, he sees the new prisoners. As the Captain announces, "This is Razum, he will be in charge of you," he drinks deeply of their reactions to the strangely dressed lizardman with an assortment of blades. He looks around the hold, carefully observing the cargo and the actions of the prisoners and seeing if anything is amiss or hidden while the prisoners begin doing their work.


Perception: 1D20+7 = [13]+7 = 20
Razum observes the reactions of the prisoners to his arrival.

Insight: 1D20+7 = [5]+7 = 12
Eye for detail: Razum looks for hidden objects or creatures.

Investigation: 1D20+6 = [20]+6 = 26
Eye for detail: Razum looks for clues or anything amiss.


Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
Doc Halfhand makes his way down, and arrives at the pier soon after the ship has moored. Already, people are unloading things, and he does his best to assist, using his great strength on the ungainly or dangerous cargo (athletics).

As the passengers disembark, he provides a quick physical, ensuring that they are not diseased or nutrient deprived. each gets a goodberry to tide them over (medicine).

A few, clearly, are scared, and Doc does his best to reassure them (persuasion).

OOC: Three skill checks.
Athletics: 1d20+4=22.
Medicine: 1d20+5=18.
Persuasion 1d20+2=12.

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