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D&D 5E Blogging some more, and thinking about old kits and subclasses

Haven't been playing for a couple weeks as we shelter and avoid congregating as the pandemic continues to spread. Did pick up Tasha's Cauldron of Everything the other day while also working my way through Roger E. Moore's Demihumans of the Realms for 2nd edition. It got me thinking about updating some of those kits as 5e subclasses. A couple grabbed my interest, might think about doing others, curious what others might think. I'd previously stepped away from my blog for quite a while after wrapping up a Tomb of Annihilation campaign that I had used the blog for keeping notes on but restarted it upon beginning a new Tyranny of Dragons campaign. Since we haven't been playing this gave me something else to write about that might be a little more interesting to others. Here is a link: https://denofthebugbear.blogspot.com/

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