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Sorry about posting this, I am rushing at work to get a revised character sheet done for our game tonight. My DM gave my charachater Boots of Tremorsense last week and I don't see them in the SRD I have access to at work. What is the retail price on these? and what book are they from so I can look them up later?

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FR: Underdark is the book you want

Boots of Tremorsense: The wearer can automatically sense the location of any creature or object within 30 feet that is in contact with the ground.
Faint Transmutation; CL 5th; Craft Wondrous Item; tremorsense ; Price: 45,000 gp; Weight: 1 lb.

Hope that helps. Branok.


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I know, it's a ripoff

According to Table 7-33 in the DMG it goes like this:

Use-activated or continuous Spell Effect:

Base Price: Spell Level*caster level*2,000 gp

Now, it's a Harper Scout 3, Ranger 3, Sorcerer/Wizard 3 spell, so as to make it as cheap as possible, we'll do it as a wizard. Hence, it would be like this:

3*5*2,000=30,000 gp. Now, according to Table 7-33, you have to multiply this base price by a factor determined by the duration of the spell. Since tremorsense lasts 10 min/level, the table says that you have to multiply the base price by 1.5, so it would be 30,000*1.5= 45,000 gp. To create the item, it would cost 22,500 gp, and 1800 XP, Ouch!!! :eek: .
I find it rather expensive, since it's not that powerful an item, but then again, there are others that are even more useless and are more expensive. Well, that's all.

Not that powerful an item?! Say good bye to being surprised by corporeal opponents walking on the ground in a dungeon! OK its useless in an open area where you can see you opponent but it would be useful against an invisible rogue sneaking up on you. I'll have 2 pairs thanks!

BTW I don't get how the item allows you to sense objects? What, do they vibrate on a subatomic level and the boots pick up the vibe?


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See invisibility won't warn you of the rogue sneaking up behind you or the burrowing creature clawing up from under you. (I ravaged a high-level party with Xorns in a cavern, so that example sprang to mind). Each pair of boots would have their own situations in which they'd be the best choice. Tremorsense has been a pretty kick-arse ability for me when I'm DMing--I'd love to have a character with it.


Those are handy boots indeed!

Not sure what other boots you have but you should at least wear them for awhile to get a sense of how useful they are.


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For 45000 gp, give or take a little bit, you can get:
- boots of teleportation: teleport 3/day
- 3 pairs of winged boots: fly 9/day
- +5 armour
- +20 Listen item
- heal 2/day item

All of these seem far more useful to me than tremorsense, which:
- won't detect flying or teleporting opponents
- won't detect incorporeal opponents
- doesn't remove the miss chance against invisible opponents
... which all become more likely to be encountered by the time you can splurge 45000 gp on a single item.
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Yea, there should be a "usefulness" discount as for it's price the boots don't stack up to equally priced items. How much does a pair of blindsight boots cost? Aren't boots of blindsight better?


For those that like tremorsense. Exactly the same cost could buy you an item that gives permanent Touchsight. :)

From the SRD -
You generate a subtle telekinetic field of mental contact, allowing you to “feel” your surroundings even in total darkness or when your sight would otherwise be obscured by your physical environment. Your touchsight field emanates from you out to 60 feet. You ignore invisibility, darkness, and concealment, though you must have line of effect to a creature or an object to discern it. You do not need to make Spot or Listen checks to notice creatures; you can detect and pinpoint all creatures within 60 feet. In many circumstances, comparing your regular senses to what you learn with touchsight is enough to tell you the difference between visible, invisible, hiding, and concealed creatures.


Does everyone run high-magic campaigns where you can readily purchase or sell magic items?

Admittedly, they are priced rather high. If you can sell them for 75% value somewhere that's a lot of money to pass on - and if you can sell them, you can most likely buy better magic items.

I guess I'm too used to the campaign I'm currently in. I play an Ice Tracker (ranger variant basically) of 4th level and I have no magic items. Between the six other characters (2nd-5th level) we have 3 magic items in the party... and all three require (high) fortitude saves to handle or you go unconscious for about 15 minutes.

I would *kill* for those boots.


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EvilGM said:
Does everyone run high-magic campaigns where you can readily purchase or sell magic items?

If you don't, why are you bothering to post in a thread about something that costs 45000 gp?


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i wouldnt even add the 1.5 multilpyer id leav it at the 30,000.
i DM a game and i gave one of my players a pair of these that sense up to 100ft and it looks like he's not goint to sell them ever so the price dosent realy come into it at all

the prom is you have to come up with new ways to ambush players and they get the chance to set up there own ambushes which is fun

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