Boston Game Day - May The Fourth Be With You (PLAYER SIGN-UPS)


Whoo hoo, I can't wait! I'll be spending Friday cooking BBQ while I work. Fickle, what's our total person-count for attendees?

We have 30 on the first post, plus two others in the house. I'm also hoping for 1-4 last minute additions.

We have one confirmed non-BBQ, one confirmed requiring gluten-free (I am not educated on gluten, sadly, and am not if that would impact your efforts) and no other dietary restriction responders.

I would say, then, to expect 30-35 potential eaters. I will let you extrapolate from that (and based on the few responses) how much you think you should make.

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Looking forward to it!

Responding a bit late about the train station; I could use a ride from the Beverly stop.


Awesome, we will ensure that someone is there to pick you up at 9:03am (please feel free to call my number from the "directions post" above if you have a change or for some reason find yourself waiting).

Your morning game is light, but I have a backup idea, if needed, since I'm in that game.


For my players

1. @EatsLemons
2. @Nerfwright
3. @ShadowDenizen
4. @MallofCthulhu
5. Mummy Baggers
6. @A loveable scoundrel

Do most folks intend to get to [MENTION=8964]FickleGM[/MENTION]'s promptly? I only ask as I have questionnaires ready and would be good to get people to look over a little before we kickoff.

The party consists of -

  1. The Radiographer
  2. The Hunter
  3. The Expedition Leader
  4. The Medic
  5. The Documentor
  6. The Fund-raiser & Glaciologist


First Post
Oh right. Hey [MENTION=2]Piratecat[/MENTION] I forgot to ask this sooner, but is the BBQ Gluten free? [MENTION=35735]Dantilla[/MENTION] wanted me to ask you but I kept forgetting until now.


[MENTION=20334]Tharian[/MENTION], [MENTION=29637]nasrat[/MENTION] - the first thing to say is that I have wheat products in my kitchen. If we're talking serious celiac disease, please be cautious. That said, the meat and the sauces have no wheat in them. What else am I looking out for?


First Post
[MENTION=2]Piratecat[/MENTION] - In general, gluten is found in wheat, barley, and rye. In our specific case, though, [MENTION=35735]Dantilla[/MENTION] does not have celiac disease or an allergy, but she has a degree of intolerance (insert pithy comment about tolerance here). That being said, thanks for the heads up about having wheat products, but it looks like she'll be able to enjoy the BBQ this weekend.

I can't speak for the concerns [MENTION=29637]nasrat[/MENTION] and [MENTION=8964]FickleGM[/MENTION] raised, though, and will let address those situations.

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