Boston Game Day - May The Fourth Be With You (PLAYER SIGN-UPS)


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Those darn pregenerated characters can be a time sink :)

Not the end of the world if you have people create characters but I think I managed to get some pregens done for my game.

But relax!

People will understand there can be a ton of pressure on the gm in a one shot.

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For my players

1. @EatsLemons
2. @Nerfwright
3. @ShadowDenizen
4. @MallofCthulhu
5. Mummy Baggers
6. @A loveable scoundrel

Do most folks intend to get to [MENTION=8964]FickleGM[/MENTION]'s promptly? I only ask as I have questionnaires ready and would be good to get people to look over a little before we kickoff.

The party consists of -

  1. The Radiographer
  2. The Hunter
  3. The Expedition Leader
  4. The Medic
  5. The Documentor
  6. The Fund-raiser & Glaciologist

As far as I know at this point, [MENTION=91567]Scoundrel[/MENTION] and I will be there on time, if not early for the breakfast bit. (We're riding in together.)

Ah, yes!
I'd forgotten about the questionairres; THAT should be a blast!! (One of my favorite part of the Dread process!)


16 lbs of pork butt and 15 lbs of beef brisket are on the smoker! Hope you guys are bringing an appetite.

Meanwhile, for folks playing in my TimeWatch game, the choice of PCs will be:

- Male Roman spy (304 CE)
- Female British rock & roll drummer (1968 CE)
- Male Victorian England royal physician (1862 CE)
- Male Spartan warrior (480 BCE)
- Female psychic street rat from the Oceana Arcology (2461 CE)
- Female Chinese martial artist (1697 CE)
- Male Moon station technician from the Indian Lunar Base (2113 CE)

We'll pick at the table.

For my players (Interface Zero), the options are:

1) Mathew Lombardo - Human 2.0 Gearhead/Drone Afficianado
2) Kaliesse O'Malley - Cheetah/human hybrid Ex-Bodyguard
3) Timothy Schmidt - Human 2.0 Hacker/Programing
4) Patrick O'Houlahan- Ex-Mob Soldier
5) Anderson "Smithy" Smith- Human 2.0 Face
6) T1304HE-SAM - Android Bodyguard

John Crichton

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Also, and I know this is last minute, but if anyone in my game wants to bring a matching group of d6s, that might help. I have a ton, but it's sometimes fun if everyone has their own color. You'll need about 10 (though you'll be rolling 4 or 5 most of the time). Also, writing implements are actually optional; I'll have plenty. You definitely should still bring a desire to mess things up. Thanks!

- Seonaid again


I seem to have run out of index cards - I'll try see if there is anywhere open when we get to Boston (on train now), but any chance I could snag a few from someone.


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Nertz. My trip to pick up blank d6s got axed by needing to take my cat in to the clinic (just bloodwork, but it needed to be done *today*, or we'd have missed game tomorrow!).

So, anyone who has spare Fudge/FATE dice to lend to my morning game, we'd be grateful. Not critical, as we can always substitute normal d6s, but that's just a tad clumsy.


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Folks, we heard from our friend today that she is leaning to coming tomorrow if there are still slots available. Might we be able to bring her along so that even if she can't play, she'll get a chance to hang out with other gamers and potentially get into an ongoing group?

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