Break of Dawn Part 2 [Manzanita judging] COMPLETED

(OOC: I think my connection issues have been resolved by MM's latest tinkering. Ally and Odno will continue to aid Mordik's actions, while Ally tries to slowly step into a position away from the newly summoned monsters, until someone has taken a bit more damage, at which point she'll start wanding)


ooc Hi all, As you can read in the GD thread I sadly have to take a break from ENworld for at least the rest of the year. Although you guys are now in somewhat of an endgame I am inclined to round up the remainder of the adventure in a summary-type mode to at least see the end of the adventure withing a short timeframe. I can tell you that there is not much adventure left and we can round up with you making the final and important decisions, I will simply cut out lengthy combat etc.

I will leave the decision to you guys. I you are willing to continue at a slow pace but with full detail I will do my best to keep this adventure moving. I cannot promise anything and I fear I cannot end this at that rate before the end of the year.
(OOC: I'm okay with rounding the adventure up. If there is a chance or a choice and we wind up finding the other half, Aletheia is not inclined to bring it back to the Guardian just in case the "Guardian" actually *is* an evil thing trapped in there as well that would break free with the amulet--it seems to her that the druids kept them separate to begin with for a reason, or else they would have put them both there to start instead of putting the second half in whatever place Graven was able to find it more easily. Thus, Ally would suggesting giving the amulet to her sister Aggie, who is a more powerful priestess and can probably keep it safe ;))


((OOC: I vote for the faster wrap-up, as well. For Eanos' part, the fact that he was clearly unable to tell Graven was a big phony has him doubting his ability to read people, so he'd probably be with Ally in terms of not wanting both halves of the amulet in a single pair of hands.))


ooc three out of four. Works for me!

The fight continues. Mordik's silver sword hacks easliy through the flesh of the strange outerwordly creatures.
While Graven is distracted by the crocodile that Quarion summoned Mordik and Eanos manage to dispatch with the Lemure's without much difficulty.
Odno continues to aid the two where he can and Ally keeps the fighting section from bleeding to death.

Meanwhile the man in the cage shouts 'He is not me! That there is a devil's spawn! He took my place!"

After the lesser evils have been dealt with, you corner and confront Graven. He makes a last stand by casting a few more spells but without his aides he is quickly defeated.

On the verge of his demise, the man you know as Graven shows a wicked grin and transforms into a small devilish creature with wings and a tail. Ally is quick to point it out as an imp.
With an evil laughter it says its final words as Mordik kills it with the silver sword "Almost I had you! Next time you will not be so lucky! See you soon!"

On it's body you find half of the amulet of Dawn, as well as a keyring.
The man in the Cage yells to you "Please! you must let me out! Please, for I am the real Lord Graven!"


The Real Graven explains

After some thorough questioning even Ally and Eanos are convinced that the man in the cage is truly the real lord Graven. Dunbar also confirms that the 'other' Graven was a devil that imprisoned the real Lord and took his place.

The real Graven explains that he foolishly used the amulet to summon the imp. As graven is no magic user he was unable to control the creature without the other half of the amulet. Over the course of several years it graduately took control over his life until he improisoned the real Lord Graven two years ago.

Graven explains that he acquired the amulet about ten years ago from a merchant who didn't know what it really was. After extensive research he discovered the nature and history of the amulet of Dawn.
This half is origionally used to send evil beings back to the world from which they came and the other half is used to keep them at bay and control them. In the wrong hands both halves can be used for other things than the druids who created them had intended.

ooc: (i'll pause here for any questions, actions or anything else you want to add)


Eanos, human monk

Eanos seems wary of Dunbar, knowing that the man apparently served the false Graven willingly, but concentrates his efforts on encouraging the party to destroy this half of the amulet if possible, or find a new secure location for it, far removed from its matching half.

Rae ArdGaoth

Quarion offers to safeguard the amulet for now. The elf needs less unconscious rest than the others, and when he is trancing, his wolf Garma is always protecting him.

[sblock=DM: ]Sorry it took so long. I'm okay with ending preemptively.

[sblock=DM Only: ]Quarion promised he would do his best to take the amulet back to the Guardian at Dawn, and he meant it. If the group allows him to safeguard it, he plans to disappear with it. I was prepared to have him fight the group if it came down to it. If he can't get the group to agree to have him safeguard it, then he will do his best to take it by force/take it from wherever they deposit it.

I'm thinking about retiring Quarion after this adventure. It might be interesting if he can sneak away with the amulet and watch over it with the Guardian. I would like to see XP before retiring him, though, so I can make a higher level PC...[/sblock][/sblock]
"Lord Graven, you clearly have used your position, money, and power for evil. You are lucky that the devil didn't kill you. In fact, in punishment for your sins, we could easily tell the world that it was so when we came here. However, I believe in redemption. Your wealth, however, should be put to a better use."

"My friends, I suggest that we requisition Lord Graven's treasury--there may be other devilish items that need to be confiscated or destroyed, and the rest of the funds we can keep a bit for ourselves and donate the rest to our choice of charities in honour of the group that died before we were hired."

"I will have my sister keep this half of the amulet safe. However, we have discovered now that the Guardian was lying to us. I think that the Guardian and the evil demon trapped there are one and the same. It seems to me that we may want to retrieve the other half and make sure it is stored in a place far from the first and far from those who would misuse it as well."


jkason said:
((OOC: Just checking in. Are we waiting on the DM, or is the DM waiting on us?))
Mordik raises a suspicious eyebrow at anyone suggesting they take the amulet but has no intention of interfering should they decide to. He is interested, but doesn't want to risk the same situation that ruined it's previous owner.

((OOC: I'm waiting on the DM. ))


Wrapping it up

Hi all.
I am wrapping up this adventure here after a lot of waiting on your side (once again... sorry).
I will be resuming some of my activities with LEW in the following weeks, starting with this wrapup.

The party finds a safe place to hide the amulet, far away from evil hands and vile minds.
Graven, deeply ashamed, retires from public life and end his career in researching things evil.
You help him destroy a large part of his collection, mainly books on occult topics and items that may be used for evil purposes.
He thanks you for rescueing him and helping him back into the light.
He rewards each of you with a large part of his treasury. You all recieve 1500 gold pieces in cash and a deed to spend an additional 2500 gold pieces.
You can keep the items that you already ´borrowed´, including the horses.

in short.
Loot is 1500 gp in cash and a deed to spend an additional 2500 gp each.
Xp (rp and encounters + time)
eanos 5: 2736+3000=5736
mordik 3: 2736+1800=4536
quarion 4: 2736+2400=5136
odno 2: 2736+1200=3936
aletheia 2: 2736+1200=3936

Thank you all for participating and again sorry for being absent to many times.




Thank you all for participating and again sorry for being absent to many times.

Thank you for running a compelling adventure that kept me waiting for the final outcome. I've hit my own snags on regular posting, and I only have to worry about my own character. I can only imagine how difficult it is to DM one or more games with other RL issues eating up one's time.

Thanks for wrapping things up, B4cchus, and for helping give Eanos some IC motivation for his next level being cleric, what with all these devils about. :) Heck, thanks for getting him *to* that level. :)



Party Equipment - stake a claim

Hey guys, I'm just starting to look at leveling up Eanos, and I realized he still has a load of party equipment, in his haversack and on his horse. If anyone wants to lay claim to anything, feel free; if not, I'm likely to sell a lot of it to make room in the overstuffed haversack. Still debating if having the horse is worth the stabling fees and such. In any case, this is what I have on Eanos' sheet:

--Party equipment (in Haversack)--

1 sunrod (from Quarion) 1lb
28 torches 28lbs
a bullseye lantern 3lbs
4 winter blankets 12lbs
6 waterskins 24lbs
a flint and steel --
2 bedrolls 20lbs
14 pints of lampoil 14lbs

Party equipment weight: 92 lbs

--Party equipment on horse--

1 coils of 50' hemp rope 10lbs
1 cold iron morningstars 6lbs