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The man with the probe
NP, but anyone willing to join me in that is welcome. Zan is a nerdy guy who is fixated on testing his limits, so he likes to explore and learn a lot. He went to Sharn to study magic with some Changelings, and is coming back now to meet his friends.

He's also open about being a changeling. He likely is usually in his natural form.

Anyone else want in on the early friends background, we can work it out togeather (Or I can even help write it for you all, I'm adaptable).

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Captain Tagon

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Fleshing out my idea more, especially since the Complete Books are allowed, I'm thinking either a scout or a ranger, going to pick up some Sorcerer later to get one of the fighter/mage PrC's later but still not sure which one.

Could work him in either with Bront's background idea or my other one was he was travelling with his mentor and they were ambushed near the town. The mentor died but my character managed to get away and make it to Diamond Lake.


Hi all,

Bront, it seems a natural for my Artificer to have had something to do with Zan.

My guy has been working for the local magewright since the end of the war. He was won in a card game and put to work as a labourer. Slowly, as he has intereacted with the Warforged, the Magewright has come to reverse his opinion that Warforged are just items to be used. The Warforged has shown some apptitude and a thrist for knowledge and the Magewright has slowly come to appreciate that he is a sentient being and does not deserve enslavement. The Magewright has sponsored the Warforged as an apprentice Artificer. Zan would know the Warforged from previous interactions with the Magewright and may even be pleasantly surprised to see that the Warforged has broken the shackles somewhat.

Or something like that anyway. I'll see about getting the PC developed and posted tonight.



Branding Opportunity said:
I'd allow a warlock, but we'd have to work him/her into the setting a bit. I haven't completely decided where a warlock would draw his powers from in Eberron.
Actually, I just remembered that Keith Baker wrote an article in the most recent issue of Dragon magazine (#332) which specifically links warlocks in Eberron to the Cult of the Dragon Below. Dangerous stuff :]


The man with the probe
Cool Daz. I'd probably spend time bouncing things off the warforged, magical theories, and what not, staying up till the middle of the night, because you never sleep ;) He probably did the cool toy to good friend thing pretty quickly (Kids do that). Maybe Zan accidently blew up the Magewrite's shop once to many times ;)


Speaking of toys, I'm thinking the Warforged might have begun showing the Magewright his worth by making little magical toys for the local lads and lasses. Might be a connection we can exploit with all the PCs. The Warforged, starting off as a curiosity soon came to mean much to the children of Diamond Lake. Being a softy at heart he would shower them with his small toys.


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In the aformentioned Dragon Magazine Article, Warlocks draw their power from Xoriat, the realm of madness. Their damage reduction can be overcome by weapons made of Byeshk, instead of Cold Iron.

I was thinking of playing a Kalashtar Monk, and multiclassing with Psion(Egoist, or Telepath). His parents moved to Diamond Lake to live a simple small life. My character, being still quite young wishes to see things outside the village. This is in stark contrast to his teachings (adventure? fortune? a monk craves not these things).

Bront, I'd love to collaborate with you on character backgrounds. The best friends idea is interesting to me. I'd like to see your Changeling more than your Dwarf idea. The idea of testing one's body is sort of what I was thinking too. However, my Kalashtar would try to see how much his body and mind could take(or dish out)
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I don´t really mind if the warlock´s power comes from Xoriat, Khyber, the Great Cthulhu, midichlorians, or other dark and terrible power.
After all, in the standard description it comes from fiendish pacts, and it doesn´t invalidate them to be in the same party as a paladin/cleric of Heironeus. From my point of view, it´s not so relevant once we assume the power´s origin is nasty and generally disgusting. Why should we have to define it when it could be kept as an ace in the DM´s hole?

Anyway, here´s my character. And if you don´t like it, I have more.

Name: Rial
Class: Warlock
Race: Human
Size: Medium
Gender: Male
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Deity: Doesn´t really care.

Str: 10 +0 ( 2p.)     Level: 1         XP: 0
Dex: 14 +2 ( 6p.)     BAB:  +0         HP: 8 (6+2Con)
Con: 14 +2 ( 6p.)     Grapple: +0      Dmg Red: -/-
Int: 14 +2 ( 6p.)     Speed: 30'       Spell Res: -
Wis: 10 +0 ( 2p.)     Init:  +2        Spell Save: -
Cha: 16 +3 (10p.)     ACP:   +0        Spell Fail: -

                Base  Armor Shld   Dex  Size   Nat  Misc  Total
Armor:           10    +2    +0     +2    0    +0    +0     14
Touch: 12          Flatfooted: 12

                         Base   Mod  Misc  Total
Fort:                      0    +2    0    +2
Ref:                       0    +2    0    +2
Will:                      2    +0    0    +2

Weapon                  Attack   Damage       Critical   Range
Dagger                   +0      1d4           19-20x2
Thrown Dagger            +2      1d4           19-20x2    10 ft
Eldritch Blast           +2      1d6           20/x2      60 ft

Languages: Common, Undercommon, Abyssal.

-Extra feat at level 1
-Extra skill points
-Favored class: Any.

Invocatins known:
Least: Baleful Utterance (Save DC 15)

Feats: Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot.

Skill Points: (2 warlock +2 Int +1 Human)x4=20  Max Ranks: 4/2
Skills                   Ranks  Mod  Misc  Total
Bluff                     4     +3          +7 
Concentration             4     +2          +6
Intimidate                4     +3          +7
Use magic device          4     +3          +7
Knowledge: local          2     +2          +4

Equipment:                Cost    Weight
Dagger                      2gp    1    lb
Leather armor              10gp    15   lb
Explorer's outfit           0gp    -    lb
Backpack                    2gp    2    lb
--Torches (2)            0.02gp    2    lb
--Flint and Steel           1gp    -    lb  
--Rations (1 day)         0,5gp    1    lb
--Waterskin                 1gp    4    lb
--2 Potions of CLW        100gp    --    lb

Total Weight: 25 lb  Money: 3 gp 5 sp cp

                        Lgt   Med   Hvy  Lift  Push
Max Weight:             33    66    100  200   500

Age:    17
Height: 5´8"
Weight: 160 lb
Eyes:   Brown
Hair:   Black
Skin:   Tan

Since not every one is equally rich, kind, sociable, or beautiful, it´s a logical neccesity that in evey community there´s someone who´s the poorest, ugliest, hard-hearted, and solitaire. what it´s rare is that those qualities gatehr in the same person, and that person was Rial´s mother. Was was she into, nobody knows, but everyone agreed it couldn´t be good.

Fortunately -in some way- she died when Rial was young. He grew as an orphan: wild, independent, daring, unpredictable and mischievous, but despite the villagers´s suspicion, not exactly evil. The kind of child that tells the other children "I found a corpse. Do you want to see it?" He always was part of the band that dreamed to be adventurers and explore lands full of dragons, and more often than not, the leader.

It wasn´t until recently that the look in his eyes was uncomfrtable, like if the glimpse of insanity could be seen behind them... or perhaps the suspicion that you own life were no more than a warm soap bubble surrounded by darkness. But if you´re going to explore a tomb, could he be useful?
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