BrOp's Age of Worms Adventure Path (OOC)

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The man with the probe
Rick, I was looking at your sheet, and you don't have any HP. I'm sure you want some, so might want to fix that.

I'm amazed, of the 5 characters posted in the RG, at the moment I've got the most HP at 9. Rick should beat me when he posts his though.


Hi Bront,

Yeah I know, probably not the best feat to take but I did it more for flavour than power. I was originally going to take Education from the ECS but I wanted something to help him out a little and I liked the DR aspect. I thought the other 2 were a little too power gamey for the PC concept. Plus he'd be wearing a full body condom if he was more metal than wood, he already freaks out about the solid metal soles of his feet rusting, imagine how he would be if he was all metal, the moisture in the air would freak him out ;-D>

On another note, are we waiting for clearance to post in the RG or should I just go ahead and do it?




The man with the probe
I think it's go ahead and post. He was making some comments on some characters, so he's been reading them.


First Post
Bront, you having the most HP means once a monster grapples/eats you, he just has to chew a round longer before you go limp. :]

Remember, we don't have to be faster than the monster, just faster than the dwarf. lol, j/k


okay, mulch has been posted to the rg.

i will be picking up the eberron book this weekend, and am quite excited.

in the meantime, i think i hit upon a solution to the diety question. it probably better fits his chaotic nature to not follow any strict dogma, but rather to follow a more intuitive path to the divine. his good fortune, strength, and devotion to helping the less fortunate just comes naturally to him.

as for a relationship with the other pcs, i think he will be especially drawn to fixit, as he's naturally drawn to all things mechanical. anyone who's spent any time in diamond lake would have heard of him, as he's something of an oddity in more ways than one.

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