D&D 5E Building a homebrewed Moon Domain Cleric


Been working on a Cleric for a while now. Hoping to build a mystical contemplative devoted to the Wildemount deity of moonlight and shadow. I've had quite a ideas about how I want to build this guy in order to match my vision while still keeping room open for optimization, but I haven't been able to settle on anything. The goal of this post is to figure out a good race and some good feats to take for a Cleric of this homebrewed subclass (file attached), made by Matthew Mercer specifically for the setting of this campaign. I figured the folks here might have some good insights.

I'm fond of the aasimar (radiant soul), shifter (wildhunt), changeling, and pallid elf. All of them seem thematic and fun to me, and feel like they might offer something to this build, but I'm willing to hear the benefits of any race. I've also picked out Resilient Con as my first feat at lvl 4, but I've got nothing planned past that.

If anyone has any advice or ideas, please let me know. Thank you!

*House rules: Flanking; 10 over AC equals a critical hit; ASI and feats are taken together, rather than picking one or the other


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