Bunnies and Burrows - 3rd Edition


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Bunnies and Burrows is coming out with a 3rd release, and I am greatly looking forward to seeing what this brings to the game.

I remember watching the movie "Watership Down" well before I ever started playing roleplaying games. Around 1992, when Gurps released a version of this game (the first I had ever heard of Bunnies & Burrows), I just had to run a campaign loosely tied into Watership Down.

I have great memories of that mini-campaign, but there were just some aspects about the Gurps system that I never really liked.

Bunnies and Burrows is now running a Kickstarter for a 3rd edition release. For people that just want to give something different a try (and perhaps something a little light-hearted and humorous at times), I recommend looking into the Kickstarter. For added inspiration, I would even recommend watching Watership Down. (Although, I have not watched this in many years so I'm certain the animation will seem a little archaic compared to today's standards, but it did tell a good story).

Kickstarter link:

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Watership Down is a horror movie! It gave me nightmares as a child and it still gives me the creeps now, I can't watch it.

I do remember the GURPS supplement however


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I could certainly understand that. At that time, animation was generally associated with young child focused audiences. (Mickey Mouse, Flintstones, Scooby Doo, etc.) A young child watching this (or parents showing this to their young child) and expecting to see a Bugs Bunny comedy show would have been greatly disappointed and most certainly somewhat disturbed.

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