Call for Assistance


First Post
Loonstro makes his way to the main entry door, pulling a hammer from and a tack from his pocket. Held in his opposing hand is a piece of parchment, then within a matter of seconds it is tacked to the door. It reads:
"I wrote this to ask my fellow warriors, who care for the well-being of innocents, gather with me to defeat a growing darkness. If I must my life will be given, but the job can not be done alone. Do not allow the darkness to engolf the light, destroying everything we love. Instead let us rise up and cross steel with this terror, leaving their blood to warm the cold ground. I thank you for reading this letter and hope you join our last stand."

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First Post
Zombies Skies of infernal ash, flame and clouds of grey make the highpoint of daylight. Buildings, ancient and modern alike stand scattered
throughout what appears to have been once a modern metropolis now layed to waste. Rubble from beseiged castles pyramids and standard concrete litter the streets alongside twitching corpses crushed under the mayhem. One building stands alone through all of this an aztec pyramid
surrounded by modern ruins in the center of an area only known as "Downtown".
Carpe DM: Nankirk Shirdaise has entered at 8:46 pm
Zombies A flaming bus whizzing could be seen by anyone approaching the pyramid, unmanned charriots pass as well in a heard lead by the
mounts connected to them. At the flat top of the pyramid sits what appears to be a deserted human outpost, littered with coolors, boxes, fog lights,
weapons of all kind and a large drum of water. The steps of the pyramid are littered with severed limbs, bloodstains and discarded items of all sorts.
Zombies testing***
Seid > Grain by grain sand from the top of a large pile began to fall, something beneath it stired, like a tortoise shell, the shield was the first thing
seen, well more then a mile from this pyramid a groggy, living, creature stood, shrouded in chainmail and linen it swayed, he didn't remember much,
just running through the desert and falling through the sands. He shook sand from his person and groan painfully.
Zombies Laying behind Seid is a twitching corpse, caught under a block of concret. Three more stand ontop of the concrete, snarling as they
watch the man. The decayed corpses slowly begin to inch toward him, while five more are seen lurking behind the large concrete block.
Telly was having a really bad day. There was nothing entirely enjoyable about getting coated in ooze and the sickly taint of blood splash was not
something she was particularly keen on. To top it off her shotgun had just jammed, and while the blunt wooden end of it made an alright bludgeon it
was far from ideal given what she was facing. Her curses could not be more unpleasant, "What a bloody god damned mess..."
Carpe DM: Aaron has entered at 9:00 pm
Carpe DM: Aaron has left at 9:02 pm
Zombies The corpses attemp to surround Seid, groaning violently and soon begin to circle in on him.
Seid hearing the crunch of the sand behind him he turned, still swaying sickly, his hand gripped the hilt of his scimitar, his eyes the only visible
facial feature widened at the sight of the corpses, and the blade was then wrenched free. Not knowing what was happening he struck first, sand
kicked up as he stomped forwards, arcing the cipped and cracked blade upwards at one of the corpses.
Carpe DM: Farmer Cope Spitten has entered at 9:05 pm
Zombies Sliced in half, the remaining corpses swarm at him, one by one they try their best at wrangling the man to the ground if he should be so
easily brought down.
Martel Ream 'jumps' into the general area of this strange place, stumbling a bit as he lands on a some-what large pile of sand and managing to
balance himself, "Bloody hell...what happened here...?"
Martel Ream looks around from his little perch atop the pile of sand and sees some zombies swarming...something.
Zombies Testing***
Farmer Cope Spitten pulls himself up out of his bed, which is deep in the infected region in the shadow of the pyramid. His body aches, and his
form is dirty, discheveled, covered in thick mud. Not because of zombies- no, he hasn't even become aware of that hassle- this is just a regular
morning for Farmer Cope, he who did three honest men's labors and slept so soundly that not even the end of the world could wake him up. He
awakes in a fog, unfamiliar with awaking at an hour where the rooster wasn't crowing.
Martel Ream (test passed)
Farmer Cope Spitten says, "(( A++ ))".
Seid can only get his eyes so wide, the first came in and he ploud hiss blade towards it's skull, seven of them. He was in troube, four he could
defend himself against, three managing to snag a hold of his armor and clothing.
Martel Ream sighs and 'jumps' closer, seeing it is a person in trouble he pulls out his pistol and inspects it a smile on his face...
Zombies As they are wrestled, one in paticular looks up from the pile, noticing Martel. It growls and leaves the group to pursue the man, limping
slowly toward him.
Martel Ream 'jumps' again, reappearing in the air and lets off four shots, three hitting zombies around Seid, one hitting the zombie that detached
the pile and came after him
Martel Ream 'jumps' and reappears on the ground, inspecting his work at a safe distance
Zombies The stray drops as it is killed cleanly with a head shot. Two from the previous three look up, inspecting the wounds that have gone through
their chest while one lays lifeless on Seid's shield.
Seid the thunderous cracks from the gun were enough to push Seid further into action, witch a roar his blade was circled around him in an attempt
to swiftly pry free the leetching deadites, pottentialy giving him then the chance swing around and take the heads of those dazed and confused by
the shots.
Martel Ream almost curses, his shots are normally much better...maybe it was because he was a bit higher than normal in the air, he shrugs
seeing Seid kill the others.
Farmer Cope Spitten throws the covers off and heads towards the door, figurin' that rooster did sure as shootin' break free of the barnyard.
Already late for work now, he reckons. Cope decides that today is a superduty day- it was the smell in the air. Maybe the smell of pigs in heat,
now that he reckons, "Iffen today is seein' me sleep so long into the 0'dark, it'll suit real poor that i should have to birth a big sow litter."
Loonstro steps from the rubble of a fallen castle, looking about quietly. He is on edge, drawing his sword. Loonstro then strides forward, blinking
once he sees a pyramid. Looking in awe at the structure, stopping to do so.
Zombies Just as the other two break free of the pack, the previous trio left behind are now deheaded. The pair remaining rush at Martel in a full
Martel Ream rolls his eyes, 'jumping' behind them about 10 feet and shooting two more shots, hopefully another two head shots at this distance.
Zombies As they drop, silence reveals them to be dead. In the distance, a woman is heard screaming, and yet again, silence.
Martel Ream smiles, rubbing his gun off, a piece of sand had clung to it...
Martel Ream turns around and faces Seid, "Greetings friend, how are things going for you today?" martel chuckles, already getting comfortable in
this strange place.
Zombies Surrounded by the ruins of a castle, a bullied apartment building and a collection of crashed mechanisms from all times, the more one
would get close to the pyramid, the more one might perceive this was perhaps a townsquare in the heart of a bustling metropolis. Yet just past it,
perhaps one could see a farmer's house has somehow ended up in the city.
Martel Ream puts his pistol away, watching the man
Farmer Cope Spitten spits out his nighttime regimen of dip, then gropes for his pockets to see if his can is still there. It is. He heads over to the
door to assess whether this is a hoe day or a rake day. It's neither, he reckons, it's a scythe day. Crops to be cut, and burden to be swung-ed.
He grabs his superduty scythe, which is two sizes bigger'n the others, and opens his door, which falls off of its hinges
Seid stares silently at martel, perhaps fearful, most likely fearful, he turns and flees that area without a word of thanks or any sign of gratitude, his
shield being slung off and to the ready, rushing to the origen of the screams.
Loonstro looks from the pyramid, catching glimps of a group. He then makes his way towards the group, squinting so to get a better look; though,
his helmet does not obstructs his view.
Carpe DM: Qijidi has entered at 9:23 pm
Martel Ream shrugs and looks around again, spotting another coming his way he waits until the other arrives.
Loonstro is no where near Martel of Seid.
Loonstro says, "or not of*".
Martel Ream (oh, never mind then)
Martel Ream watchs Seid run off, then just starts walking around aimlessly, eventually heading for the pyramid.
Loonstro has his celestial whip blade in one hand, his original sword in the other. Loonstro continues towards the fast approaching group, trying to
make better sense of the situation as he does.
Zombies At the edge of the Pyramid, a pair of corpses are seen feasting on a young woman, she twitches violently and yet another trio of corpses
rush to pounce her, bloodthirsty and tearing her apart.
Loonstro sees this, his eyes widening. Loonstro then pulls back his whip, preparing to strike. He calls out, "What infernal creatures are you!?"
Loonstro has his sword ready for defense, though he takes an offensive stance.
Farmer Cope Spitten drops his sycthe as he stares blankly at the decimation. Office buildings, turned over pieces of an elemental powered
railcar, sprawl- and all this right outside his farm. He spits, then throws down his scythe in a huff, "Too many doors in this city, and not near
enough ready to open for the decent man." He spits over his shoulder, and heads to check on his sows, which he finds, chowing down on a man
that's half eaten, and maybe half alive (he has to look through his good eye to tell)
Zombies A pair of corpses snaps their heads up, looking to Loonstro. Unaware of the oncoming Seid, the break off, sprinting at him with their arms
stretched out. Bloodthirsty and vile, they growl and screetch violently.
Seid spotting the feeding frenzy he rushed in, trying to flank the ones which broke free, a vicious cut aimed at their backs.
Martel Ream is watching this, he is now close enough to make out what is happening, and figures that the two other men can take care of it, he
just continues to walk closer to the pyramid, "This sure as hell isn't how I remember this place...."
Loonstro snorts, then swings his whip about. It comes as a swirl, lashing out at their torsos. Loonstro stands ready, waiting for a beast, if they
escape his celestial silver whip blade. His armor pulsating with celestial energy now, stirring up the sand.
Zombies As they art cut down from behind, the remaining three attempt to rush Seid from the side. Meanwhile from an Alleyway, another pair of
corpses try to rush Loonstro from behind.
Zombies Cut down from behind, they also explode as the celestial whip connects with them one by one.
Zombies ***
Martel Ream sighs, being in a spot where he sees all this and pulls his pistol back out, taking aim at the ones behind Loonstro and firing, being
sure not to hit him.
Zombies Leaping down from a second story window, a corpse growls as it plummets down at Martel. One of the corpses drop, while the other,
caught in the shoulder continues to run at Loonstro.
Carpe DM: Telly has left at 9:33 pm
Loonstro is caught off guard by the two from behind him, though they will only find blessed armor to feed upon. Anyways..Loonstro is knocked
forward, stumbling as the terrable duo charge him.
Seid turns on the flat of his feet, greeting the first Zombie that approaches with the face of his shield, swinging the large disc to slap the creature
the the side, his blade following in suit to come down towards the second, the third going untouched for now.
Loonstro blinks, seeing as oly one catches him instead.
Martel Ream curses, hearing the growl and 'jumping' to the side just in time, a few feet away and takes another shot, this time at the one that
would be hitting the ground about now...
Loonstro says, "only*".
Zombies As Martel ends yet another corpse. Meanwhile, the first of 3 is bashed in the face by Seid's shield, the second however is sliced down the
middle rather easily. On the other side of the pyramid, the corpse on Loonstro's back attempts to chew on the metallic armor, hissing as it fails, yet
is unwilling to give up/
Farmer Cope Spitten moves over slowly to the thrashing man in his pigpen, then whistles to Hoss, his prize winning sow who's now right in the
thick of it getting her meal ahead of the other girls. Now one's gonna hand Hoss her meal. "Let'm alone girl!" Cope spits, then steps slowly
towards the pen, "Is you a robber, and iffen you isn't, were it your good intention to pay fer lodgin' for you tried russlin' my fattest hog?"
Loonstro reaches behind him, stabbing at the creature with his sword. Celestial energy pulsating from the blade; while energy collect at the
projection on Loon's helm.
Loonstro says, "collects*".
Farmer Cope Spitten looks away briefly to glance at the growls coming from the pyramid, then scowls, glaring at the stranger, "Damn unnatural
urban sprawl."
Zombies Snapping alive, the corpse in Spitten's pig pen stands and literally dives at the man, growling as he tries his best to bite the man should
become successful in his initial dive.
Martel Ream watchs all the others and the action, moving away from any buildings
Seid continues through in a smooth turn, his shield comming back around like a fist of wood and steel towards the third deadite, now sounds every
emitting from behind the chain mail mask.
Zombies Is the corpse on Loonstro's back is caught in the neck, it goes limp and falls from his armor.
Carpe DM: Hoss has entered at 9:39 pm
Farmer Cope Spitten throws his dukes up and tries to givel the rushing body a right hook real quick like
Zombies Knocked to the floor, the corpse gets right back up and tries to wrestle the man to the ground.
Loonstro looks back to Seid, narrowing his gaze as he sees the creatures attack him. From the projection of his helm a stream of flame spirals
out, aimfully heading for one of the corpses on the offense.
Hoss trots back as her dinner shakes her off, stands for a moment, head cocked sideways, and then decides--she ain't havin' none of this, no
sah--and chases after the zombie/meal, hoping to close her jaws around its ankle.
Farmer Cope Spitten gets thrown down into the mud where he's worked many a time. But this time's different, cause he's rollin' around with a
man lookin' unnatural. He braces himself against the zombie, trying to keep his face away from its angry jaws
Zombies The third corpse is decapitated by Seid, meanwhile, in Spitten's pigpen, the corpse he happens to be dealing with is caught at the ankle,
soon it kicks at the pig, while trying to bite spitten anywhere it can.
Martel Ream makes is way to the pyramid again, reaching it in a short amount of time and looks up towards the top
Seid as the stream of fire lights up, he crouches behind his shield large enough to well and truely protect him, just incase Loon's aim was off, he
looks to the source after the fire ceases and nods a kind thanks, readying himself and spins, surveying area quickly.
Zombies The first corpse that was knocked to the side by Seid explodes as a beam of holy light connects with him.
Zombies Fire not celestial light****
Hoss sets her teeth harder as the zombie kicks, trying to drag him off he massah, and, more importantly, into the feed trough.
Farmer Cope Spitten gets bitten right on his left cheek, which he's turned for most of his life, while trying to swat the zombie away. Damn that
smarted. But that just raises his ire. "Rollin' around with ya is bad enough, but I sure as shoot ain't gonna be a part of no unnatural courtship,
Carpe DM: The Ol Missus has entered at 9:46 pm
Loonstro snorts, then makes his way towards Seid. He ask, "What is goin on, Sir?" He then Loonstro looks about, then continues, "Where are
Zombies As Martel steps over the woman said corpses were feasting on. She comes alive as he passes her, snatching forth to grab his ankle.
Seid looks to Loonstro and shakes his head, either not understanding or simply isn't a talker, either way he can only shake his head.
Martel Ream 's ankle gets grabbed, and almost without looking down he takes a shot at the zombie woman, a few more if neccesary
The Ol Missus | The Missus, Cope's eldest sow, who has seen 's many a litter as the son 'as seen a morning, is not about to let Hoss, that young
hussy, take all the glory for 'erself. She trots as quickly as she can on her arthritic ankles, moving for the zombie's other leg, mouth open.
Farmer Cope Spitten makes a flailing attempt to headbutt the carcass, discharging his dip unwittingly in the process
Carpe DM: Seid has left at 9:48 pm
Zombies The hoss takes the corpse's foot off, and as it bites, it clenches it jaws, savoring the flesh. It's second leg is bitten, and it groans violently.
Loonstro looks to the city, eyes widening as he stares in astonishment. Loonstro makes his way towards the massive city, though he narrows his
gaze as he spots a large mass of corpses. He prepares himself, raising his whip and bringing his sword up for defense.
Carpe DM: Seid has entered at 9:51 pm
Martel Ream continues on past the zombie woman, apparently having killed her, and starts to make his way up the pyramid
Hoss is alarmed at first when the zombie's foot breaks off in her mouth--how dis? dis ain't the way of live dinnah?--but she adapts when she realizes
that she has just been fed, and trots to an isolated corner of the pen, chewing on the foot, flesh to bone, and growling at any sow who gets too
Seid watches Loonstro make his way, he was going to go the other direction until he noticed the pack, deciding it'd be safer in the holy mans
vicious company he paces after Loonstro to join him.
The Ol Missus pulls on the zombie's leg, more interesting in protecting Mist'r Cope, whon done been so good to 'er come on seven whole years
now, than in her next meal.
Zombies The massive amounts of corpses scatter throughout the city, for a moment it is relativley silent. While in Spitten's pigpen, things seem to
be the exact opposite, the corpse wrestling with him claws as best as he can while he yanks his leg from the other pig.
Zombies The corpses leg is torn and it rolls off of spitten, clawing at the pig.
Martel Ream decides not to waste more energy than he has to and 'jumps', reappearing up at the top of the pyramind, taking a look around
Farmer Cope Spitten musters all his strength from plowin' up the good earth dusk to dawn, and manages to throw himself to his feet as the
corpse slides off him
Seid tightens his grip on the hilt of his sword, his shield loosely held at the ready.
The Ol Missus is knocked in the snout by the animated leg and drops it in alarm. She backs off, sniffing the foot, wondering how such a thing could
be, when she had nev'r heard a' such the whole world ov'r.
Loonstro snarls, making his way further into the city. Loonstro looks to Seid, gesturing him to come keep his eyes open. He has his weapons at a
ready, preparing to strike down anything that offers malice to him or his companion.
Martel Ream decides he likes what he finds, picking up a few guns here and there, as well as some ammo.
Farmer Cope Spitten is now at the point where he's tucking his shirt sleeves up- all the while bleeding from his injury- and looms threateningly
over the zombie, "You halt at that scratchin', bandit, or praises be i'll be fixin' to liven you up with that Eastern Karate!"
Zombies From the top of the Pyramid, Martel would easily be able see the farmer's house, and Loonstro with Seid. Along with a desolate city, he
may also be able to perceive corpses scattered throughout the buildings.
Martel Ream thinks for a moment, then looks around, trying to find a particular weapon....
Seid nods quietly to loon, keeping close but respectively safely away from him, eyeing their surroundings carefully, when the corpses come he
shall be ready.
Carpe DM: The Big Ol Cockerel has entered at 10:02 pm
Zombies The corpse tries his best to pull apart the pig, now ignoring Spitten.
The Big Ol Cockerel | The rooster has hidden himself in the hayloft, unwiling to risk his life for his job. Let some other stupid bastard give the
wake-up. His life is his own, and he's not risking it for no one, living or dead, no sir.
Martel Ream finds what he is looking for, a sniper rifle, and sets it up, loading it with ammo and everything, first looking through the scope over to
the farmers house, and, upon seeing the single zombie there, takes a shot at it after adjusting his trajectory.
Loonstro rotates his blade slowly, using his wrist to do so. Loonstro looks side to side, waiting for the creatures to strike at any moment.
Martel Ream doesn't even bother to see if it hits and moves the sniper to look out over the city, to the area where Loonstro and Seid are located
Zombies The corpse in the farmer's house is silenced. As Loonstro and Seid stray further and further from the pyramid, they notices the alleyways
are full of corpses feeding on future corpses, far too great in number for any pair to handle.
The Big Ol Cockerel wasn't keen on being put on the supper table next to mashed 'taters and green beans in bullion, let alone have his feathers
ripped off and his gizard torn out while his lung are still pumping. Forget that. Forget it. He's no hero.
Farmer Cope Spitten blinks with half-surprise/half-scorn as the corpse disregards his fightin' words. "Well iffen that ain't the cat's hind parts! I'll
see that yours are tanned as Ms. Pickinnest's salt taffy, 'n i'm through." He clenches a fist, then drives it down hard and fast towards the zombie's
Zombies The corpse in the pigpen is beheaded.
Loonstro blinks, then looks back to Seid. He motions for them to leave, backing up slowly as he does so.
Seid does his best not to attract the attention of the hordes in the alley, he was all ready three steps ahead of Loonstro in his retreat.
a_lurker suck the last bit o' marrow out of the bones of the zombie's foot, then trots quickly towards its body, pushing through the other sows who
are also descending on the fallen meat.
Martel Ream watchs through his scope as the pair retreats, laughing a bit to himself
a_lurker says, "((shoot))".
Hoss sucks the last bit o' marrow out of the bones of the zombie's foot, then trots quickly towards its body,
pushing through the other sows who are also descending on the fallen meat.
Farmer Cope Spitten rises up looking at his fist, stunned at his own strenght, but then blinks as blood drips down from his ruptured face
The Ol Missus looks Farmer Cope over, one, twice, three times, wishin' ta be sure the old man was safe as a shrew in its winter burrow.
The Big Ol Cockerel pecks at a disgarded cigarette butt, thinking that he is himself and his choices are his own and no one, no one, will be
deciding his destiny.
Zombies As Loonstro and Seid back away, a thick fog manifests inches from the ground. Groans are heard in the alleyways to their sides.
Farmer Cope Spitten nods at the Ol Missus, then heads to his barn to get a rag for his face. He returns holding a soiled piece of blue cloth over
his cheek with one hand, and a "First Prize" bow. He steps over to Ol Missues, nods again, then ties the bow onto her, Lord willin'
Martel Ream sighs, looking back to the farmers house, seeing the pig that is eating the zombie and the coward chicken, deciding the pig is
disgusting and the chicken (or rooster) is strange, takes shots at them both, not seeing the attack that is about to happen against Loonstro and
Seid is quick to his retreat, the groans unsettle him and he's off, a quick pace set to his feet, further away from deadites, the further from harm..
Carpe DM: a_lurker has left at 10:14 pm
Loonstro turns now to face the groans, glancing to Seid. Loonstro stands ready, though still retreating, but because of his armor he's not nearly as
swift as Seid.
The Ol Missus gives her farmer an appreciative--but knowingly sad--look. He holds her snout high in the air (so no other, lesser pig can see the
tears forming in her eyes) and trots into the barn.
Martel Ream gets bored with animals and moves the scope back over to Loonstro and Seid, watching them retreating faster and the weird fog that
has come up.
Hoss is shot by Ream as she fights another sow for the tender meat between the ribs. She doesn't hear the shot. The shell enters her brain and she
smells something--burning hair?--that she does not have time to process. She collapses in the slop, dead.
Farmer Cope Spitten hits the ground as he hears the shots ring out, then claws his way behind a cart
Carpe DM: Hoss has left at 10:17 pm
Zombies The masses begin the slowly creep from the alleyways surrounding the pyramid. Surley they heard the clanking of armor against the
pavement. Meanwhile a group is seen just as quickly surrounding the misplaced farmer's house. However they seem to be only interested in the
animals as they bypass the man hiding behind a cart.
Farmer Cope Spitten is stunned as Hoss gets gunned down in cold blood, and is for a moment caught in a vaccum of powerful emotion in which
he can hear his own breaths, the explosions in the distance, and the hearts of the audience sinking
Martel Ream sees the masses coming from the alleyways and begins to let off shot-after-well-aimed shot, trying to give Loonstro some cover
The Big Ol Cockerel is clipped by a bullet and knocked out of the hayloft. He lands on a pile of wet oilrags, dazed. He does not know what
happened immediately. Then, he realizes that he nearly died, that it was almost over. That sitting there, hiding, he was nearly killed. He wonders if
his destiny is his own, if choice exists, or if life (and death) are fated, inescapable. He questions the value and meaning of his life. H\e suffers a
profound existential crisis.
The Ol Missus trots to Cope's trusty double-barrel, and sits next to it, waiting, hoping.
Zombies The group (5) In the pigpen now, team against the Ol missus. While the fifth one alone searches for the rooster. They appear totally
oblivious to Spitten's exsistence as they try to tear the animal apart.
Loonstro continues to back up, energy collecting at the tip of the projection to his helm. His whip is ready and so is his sword, though he fears the
numbers will out do even him.
Martel Ream continues firing from his sniper till he is out, then refills it, plenty of ammo left up at the little outpost, hopefully dwindling the numbers
Loonstro faces
Zombies The collecting corpses infront of the retreating Loonstro beging to drop, one by one, by the keep coming forward, slowly yet vicious.
Seid finaly, noise is made from Seid, a vicious roar is released links of chain mail spit from the back of his armor as grotesque wings sprout free,
red and sickly they flap and span out. Eyeing the groups which flood from the Alley ways. "The dead should stay dead!"
The Ol Missus gives the zombies a defiant look, full of the pride of the South that no Yankee could ever know, and kicks over the loaded shotgun
with her rear leg, discharging out shot at a zombie and one into her head. She falls forward, having died with an honor unfathomable to most men.
Carpe DM: The Ol Missus has left at 10:23 pm
Farmer Cope Spitten begins to snap out of his stupor and stumbles to his feet
Loonstro calls out, "Come fiends! Meet your end!" Looks back at Seid, then narrows his gaze, but looks to his front. Loonstro's horn unleashes a
thick stream of spiralling flame into the collecting dead; while a beam of celestial power flows from Loon's sword.
Martel Ream chuckles to himself, "havn't seen something like tha' before..."
Zombies As scorched bodies explodes in mass amounts, more and more corpses pull from the alleys as Loonstro reaches the edge of the
Farmer Cope Spitten lowers his eyes and scans the carnage. The bow he put on The Ol Missus now blows through the barnyard like a more
forboding tumbleweed. Solemnly, he stoops down and begins to tow up his scythe. Overcome, he slumps down once again next to the wagon, as
watches a small, flaming piece of zombie fly off of the pyramid and waft down onto his roof, where it collapses the last support
Martel Ream decides to leave his sniper for now and takes a few auto-matic guns, one for each hand, and 'jumps' down to a building top a mid the
swarming zombies in the alleys, then starts to shoot down hundreds of the buggers
Seid takes flight with a burst of his wings and dives forth after making a retreating flight he turned and aimed at the dead, lowering shiel and blade
he swooped at them, shield and sword lashing at their skulls.
Martel Ream almost laughs, this odd trio of himself and the two other fighters making an interesting team.
Martel Ream runs out of ammo for his automatic guns at this point, a bit dissapointed, but knowing there will be more back at the pyramid he
doesn't care and throws the guns down at some of the zombies, later thinking this could be a problem if they are at least semi-intelligent
Zombies As Martel is seen by way of rooftop, heads fly from behind the massive swarm as Seid swoops down slicing. The front line falls as flames
catch others aflame throughout the general vicinity of where Loonstro was aiming his radiant and flaming beams. The corpses run from the farmer's
house upon hearing the desolation and commotion.
Farmer Cope Spitten is hit in the face by a ploom of dust from his collapsing home. He blinks, and fantasiezes about how easy he really had it
before, then glances over at the gluttons tearing his livestock apart
Loonstro snorts, then charges into the flood of corpses. Loonstro's whip moves about him, acting as a physical barrier, though he has his sword
ready to strike down any fiend that makes it through.
Martel Ream surveys the damage they are causing, wondering how many more of these guys are in this small area, and pulls out a grenade he
had found, pulling the pin and letting it 'cook' for a while, he then throws it out into the masses, well away from Loonstro and Seid, waits a few
seconds, then watchs the explosion, making sure to dodge any flying zombie pieces
Farmer Cope Spitten pulls himself up as he sees the zombies turning tail, then succumbs to a burst of rage and hurls a brick after them with an
angry 'HURRAH!'
Zombies The force from the grenade sends limbs flying. The masses swarm Loonstro, some being cut down and others being torn apart by way of
his whip. Due to their massive numbers, they try to pull the knight apart.
Zombies The small group of zombies running is cut short by one as it is hit by a brick in the back of the head.
Martel Ream looks around again, and, not wanting to waste his pistol bullets, he 'jumps' back to his little outpost, yes, it is now his, and looks
around for a more explosive weapon, such as a rocket launcer or more grenades....
Farmer Cope Spitten collapses into unconsciousness in the muddy ground. Exhausted, he spends his last shred of strength fertilizing himself,
and the ground of his sacred property
Seid drops back from his flight once again, shield being his ownly weapon of choice, using it as a battering ram to plow into the mass approaching
Loon, hopefully turning some of it's attention on himself.
Martel Ream finally finds what he is looking for and straps a few extra rockets to himself after loading the rocket and 'jumps' back to his roof top,
"Now the party is getting started..."
Zombies As Seid swoops into the masses of corpses, some split off and try to pursue him, while others mindlessly bite into his armor to no avail.
Loonstro breaths heavily, turning now to look upon Seid. He says, "I suggest you run." Loonstro's armor begins to glow a violent red, electricity
jutting out from the metal all about him. Loonstro's face is pale, but he's smiling. Looking back he begins to swings his sword wildly at the
approaching corpses, lashing his whip out at distant foe.
Martel Ream takes aim a fair distance from the two other men and fires a rocket at the zombies, testing the strength of the explosives in it.
Zombies As the huge blast occurs, a shockwave is sent throughout the city block, laying the small horde to waste and sending various others
flying into buildings and/or worse. As the smoke settles, an eerie silence once again claims the terrain.
Seid turns swiftly, sweeping shield and sword in unisen to push away and cut down those which approach him. ".." He would have said something
but that rocket gave just enough force in it's blast to still reach him, and easily throw him from his feet.
Carpe DM: Carric has entered at 10:47 pm
Martel Ream winces, his building shaking some from the shockwave, then he calls down to the other two, "Sorry about that, I'll give you two more
of a heads-up next time."
Loonstro is knocked on his back, then sent skidding along the ground by the blast. After reaching the maximum distance of thirteen feet, Loonstro
looks infront of him, lifting his head to do so.
Farmer Cope Spitten begins to stir and twist in the mud
Zombies Between the forces of Loonstro's magic and Seid's blade, plus the large explosion from the rocket that was fired, all is laid to waste...for
Loonstro breaths heavily, but is unable to stand. He calls out, "Help me get up!"
Martel Ream jumps down, actually jumping this time, from the small building and lands on the ground, he walks over to Loonstro and offers him a
helping hand
Seid allows Ream to help, he simply walks off the find his way to his own safe hovel somewhere well out of sight.
Carpe DM: Carric has left at 10:50 pm
Martel Ream chuckles, "You're like a turtle, if you get on your back, you're not very useful. Then again, turtles arn't very useful."
Carpe DM: Seid has left at 10:51 pm
Carpe DM: The Neighbors Emu has entered at 10:51 pm
Loonstro uses his own strength, plus the extra help. Loonstro without a second thought sends a metallic fist into Martel's jaw, promptly after he is
Farmer Cope Spitten is pulled up from his slump on the ground, but not by his own power (so what's the good of it?)
Martel Ream is dazed after the punch to the face, dropping the rocket launcer, thank the heavens it didn't go off, and shakes his head violently,
spitting out a bit of blood, but no teeth, "Wha' tha hell was tha' for?"
Carpe DM: Seid has entered at 10:53 pm
The Neighbors Emu | The emu, who escaped from her enclosure at the next door exotic game farm, wanders into Cope's lawn. She walks
off-kilter, sickly, vacant. Several feathers have been torn from her left side, revealing an infected wound beneath.
Loonstro snorts, turning away from Martel. He says, "Think about it." Loonstro makes his way towards his own weaponry, leaning down to scoop
his sword and whip back up.
Martel Ream seriously considers actually shooting Loonstro in the back with the rocket launcer as he picks it up, but decides to instead use his
pistol, barely grazing Loonstro's helmet on purpose, sending it ringing, "Do tha' again and I'll shoot you on purpose ya ass."
Seid finds himself a quiet hovel in the back of an overturned dump truck, empty of contents thankfully. Taking a moment to mend his armor with
makeshift threading, hiding his wings once again.
Zombies As time passes on a flaming chunk of rock can be seen hung in the sky. A flaming section of the stone tube city that was once Sigil.
Falling miles off into the distance, it makes a booming noise, noteworthy for anyone within the range of around ten kilometers.
Martel Ream 'jumps' up back to his out post, grumbling to himself and depositing the rocket launcher on the ground
Martel Ream sees the flaming chunk of rock and blinks a few times as he hears the loud booming noise, "Now that was a large shockwave, much
bigger than mine."
Loonstro blinks, looking over his shoulder. He eyes Martel, then says, "Thank you." Loonstro then promptly turns towards the explosion, narrowing
his gaze. He says, "I hope that's not more.."
The Neighbors Emu stumble to Cope and stares, absently, at his face, opening it's beak, tasting the air.
Farmer Cope Spitten looks at his callouses, which now ooze, longly, then palms his scythe easily- absent any knowledge of its real weight
The Neighbors Emu kneels next to Cope, twisting its long neck around to look at his face sideways.
Martel Ream looks through his sniper scope to see what he can see....
Farmer Cope Spitten feels the tremor from the explosion, but lets it rock him. He looks down at the emu, and touches its face, touches his own
The Neighbors Emu licks Cope's hand with its long, grey-green tongue.
Farmer Cope Spitten mounts the emu, tearing off his shirt, straw hat, and unbuckling his overalls in order to tie them around his chest. He takes
up his scythe and stradles the exotic bird
The Neighbors Emu allows Cope to mount her, and then begins to run, off-balance, off of the farm, towards the city proper.
Farmer Cope Spitten turns around to watch his farm disappear behind him as he rides into the city in bohemian glory. He has become the
degenerate he formerly dispised
Martel Ream looks into the distance toward the crash-site of the large piece of Sigil, trying to determine if there are anymore zombies coming
The Neighbors Emu runs towards the pyramid, its swollen, partially rotten tongue hanging out of the side of its beak, tasting the air.
Zombies Whizzing from one of the city sidestreets is a flaming car which then crashes into the dumptruck Seid hides in, and shortly explodes.
Loonstro turns, noticing the farmer...who's riding a emu? Anyways...he steps towards the strange site, then calls out, "Friend or foe!" He prepares
his whip and sword, turning from relaxed stance to an offensive one.
Loonstro says, "an emu*".
Seid braces himself inside the truck and quickly rolls out after the eplosion, making then for higher ground and that pyramid.
Farmer Cope Spitten lets out a groan in response, then raises his scythe in a 'HURRAH!'
The Neighbors Emu stretches its neck out to its full length, lowers its head and rushes at Loonstro, beak open, aiming to bite off a sizeable chunk
of his nose.
Loonstro strikes his whip out at the emu's torso, seeing he still has enough rage to do so. Loonstro prepares his sword, striking at the farmer if
need be.
Farmer Cope Spitten outstretches his free hand to Loonstro, demanding a pound of flesh, at least
Farmer Cope Spitten tries to retract his hand when he is met with scorn, but realizes it is severed, along with his arm
The Neighbors Emu is caught by the leg by Loonstro's whip, and becomes entangled, lacking the conciousness to struggle, it simply falls,
possibly on top of him.
Martel Ream watchs all of this and yawns...starting to decide to 'jump' away from this place since the warrior seems to be able to handle himself
and the other one, who or whatever he is, seems to be able to handle himself as well.
Farmer Cope Spitten is ejected from the emu, and skids to a stop in a bleeding heap next to a small pillar
The Neighbors Emu struggles as the whip blades cut into its leg, eventually severing it, and continues to fall.
Loonstro pushes the emu off of him, stabbing at it in the process.
The Neighbors Emu convules as it is stabbled and thrown off of Loonstro, biting at his arm and drooling as it writhes one-legged on the ground.
Seid simply leaves Loon to fight the emu and dashes up the Pyramid.
Martel Ream yawns, unstrapping the rockets and putting them by the rocket launcher, he decides that if the zombies are intelligent, he shouldn't
let them get to these weapons, so he straps a bomb to a rocket and 'jumps' out of the outpost, not knowing of Seid's presence, and blows the bomb
up with a detonator...
Farmer Cope Spitten stands up and grasps his scythe, then begins sweeping it across the ground mechanically, as if he's back harvesting wheat
Zombies Bits and peices of debris shower down upon The emu, the farmer, Loonstro.
Loonstro snorts, then swings at the creature's throat, meaning to severe the head. The emu would only find a mouth full of armor, but Loonstro
pushes the metal covered arm into the creature's mouth.
Martel Ream looks at the pyramid, figuring the top half is almost as good as gone from that explosion, since one of those rockets did so much
earlier, a bomb plus grenades plus quite a bit more rockets....
Martel Ream shudders, observing the fruits of his labot
Martel Ream *labor
The Neighbors Emu is decapitated by Loonstro and its headless corpse is thrown several feet by the explosive blast, landing inside a clawfoot
bathtub that had fallen from the fourth story of the pyramid. Its head looks vacantly at Loonstro, and--once, briefly--it remembers the taste of
premium grain before it dies (again).
Carpe DM: The Neighbors Emu has left at 11:19 pm
Zombies The pyramid explodes, sending a massive shockwave across what few blocks they inhabit, small buildings are decimated and chucks of
flaming rock rain down upon the town square.
Farmer Cope Spitten is enveloped as the pyramid fills up with flame
Seid seems more like a dot flying across a movie screen the blast puts him into a very bad predicament sailing stunned through the air.
Loonstro is suddenly showered in debri, bringing his knees to his chest. Loonstro's armor unleashes a burst of energy, acting as a shield,
protecting him from the debri and shockwave. Though after this final act the armor become dull, losing its glow and pulsation od energy.
Loonstro says, "of*".
Martel Ream whistles as the blast is even bigger than he expected...then sees Seid and figure he might as well help him out. martel 'jumps' into
the air as the explosion recedes, and grabs Seid by whatever he can, then 'jumps' back to the ground and drops him, "Sorry 'bout tha' I guess."
Zombies As a thickened cloud of dust rises, it soon clears. Neighboring buildings are shattered if not destroyed at all. The pyramid lies in a giant
heap of rubble. Shortly after the sky crackles, and bolts of lightning ignite nearby tree's and shrubs.
Farmer Cope Spitten | Torso of Farmer Cope lands with a piece of debris outside the remains of his house, and there it rests heavy
Martel Ream shrugs, then turns and walks away a few steps, "Well, I've done what I think is a very...stratigical manuver, I'll leave you two to do the
rest, have fun."
Carpe DM: Nugan has entered at 11:23 pm
Carpe DM: Seid has left at 11:24 pm
Martel Ream 'jumps' out of this strange place, reappearing on a beach somewhere....
Martel Ream 's player bows, thank you, thank you, if you ever need a demolitions expert, I'm your man!
Carpe DM: Martel Ream has left at 11:25 pm
Farmer Cope Spitten | The Shade of Farmer Cope Spitten awakes as a petitioner in the City of Brass, promptly at 5 AM
Carpe DM: Cass has entered at 11:26 pm
Zombies In the distance outside of the general vicinity of the town square. Audible groans are heard in massive numbers, slowly getting louder as
they approach closer.
The Big Ol Cockerel exits the haystack that he has been hiding under, and realizes he has not been killed. He is the survivor. He is the
picaresque anti-hero. He is Yosarian. HE LIVES!
Carpe DM: The Big Ol Cockerel has left at 11:29 pm
Loonstro slowly stands, metal clanking against metal. Loonstro looks over to the groans, narrowing his gaze, but sighs. He says, 'alone and out
Loonstro says, "Alone*".
Cass along with the groans comes the roar of a cars engine and the insane cackle of a man behind the wheel, the horn blasting with a dull groan.
Charging up behind a line of Zombies. "Out of my way you rotting bastards! Im late!"
Carpe DM: Zombies has left at 11:31 pm
Carpe DM: Zombies has entered at 11:31 pm
Zombies The sounds of sewer covers being lifted and slided are heard as teaming masses of deformed and rotting children creep from the tunnels
below. A massive horde is seen at each intersection, surrounding the town square. Tainting birds from above beging to flock down from the sky as
all goes awry.
Zombies Bodies are thrown to the side by way of Cass's car. He would soon notice they now block each intersection with an amazing amount of
numbers. The scattered children begin to loom towards Loonstro.
Carpe DM: Nankirk Shirdaise has left at 11:36 pm
Loonstro lofts a brow, looking to the approaching vehicle. He seems almost frightened, stepping back, but gathers his courage. Loonstro looks to
the infernal children, preparing to strike any down that come into proximity.
Zombies The small corpses all rush at Loonstro, cackling and groaning as they do.
Zombies Notes there are six of them while the teaming masses seem to be at bay for the moment in the intersection.
Cass grins from behind the wheel, clicks and clacks are heard as he reloaded and loaded everything he had, two revolvers a standard iss m1911,
sawn off shotgun and his ever beloved thompson fitting with a barrel cartridge, this weapon he holds out the window of the 1985 bently. "Die! Muth.."
His words are cut off by the vicious reign of bullets he unleashes, aiming at the masses to weaken them enough to allow him to eventually plow
Loonstro steps forward, swinging his sword side to side. Moving in a one-eighty degree motion with the sword Loonstro continues forward with the
blade, trying to reach for their throats.
Zombies Is the children near him, some are beheaded while others are caught by Cass's gunfire. The masses at each intersection begin to drop,
but show no sign of a thin break or weakness in their rows. Angrily, and by the hundreds they rush the bentley, along with the knight some distance
away in a massive charge. Some even fighting eachother for the remaining survivors.
Carpe DM: Aasim has entered at 11:46 pm
Loonstro turns, then retreats from the swarming corpses. Loonstro runs as fast as he can, though wearing armor causes him to move slow, but he
continues to keep running.
Cass doesnt release the trigger until the gun clicks constently depleted of ammunit he quickl puts the car into gear, checking behind him before
slamming backwards, just enough to allow him then to spin the car around, "I can't believe this.. I swear im in a damn movie!"
Carpe DM: Farmer Cope Spitten has left at 11:48 pm
Zombies Massive amounts of corpses jump onto the fleeing car, trying to tear cass apart. While the others of such a monumental horde of undead
surround Loonstro and try a similar method, all rushing the knight from every angle.
Cass there are a few shots after the car stalls, and then several more as he gets pulled from the car kicking, screaming and cursing, with each one
he shoots five seem to latch onto him.
Loonstro snorts, then takes his whip, rotating it about his head continuously. He holds his sword close to him, preparing to strike down any corpse
within proximity. The whip acts as a physical shield, but not within Loonstro's greatest need his arm begins to gain its glow once more, pulsating
the celestial energy.
Loonstro says, "armor*".
Zombies The group bites into Cass, some tugging at his limbs, others tugging at his head, hopeful to kill him and crash the car. Those surrounding
Loonstro are cut down by the whip, but the teaming masses all push forward at each of his angle, bloodthirsty and vicious.
Cass 's screams are masked over vicious curses and usless shots, all useless the dead wouldn't even alow him to finish himself, tearing the guns
free as the bit and nawed, tore and gorged.
Loonstro snorts, dropping his weaponry. Loonstro then extends his arms, releasing a great shockwave of celestial energy. Loonstro's armor would
promptly lose its glow once again after the vicious attack.
Zombies The current wave around Loonstro is seered with such holy energy, and the next wave pushes forth, trying to kill him.
Loonstro drops to a knee, watching the next wave come forward. One might also realize Loonstro's skin is losing its luster, greying, and becoming
hardened. It seems that last attack took all he had, and Loonstro is left as a statue of what he once was.
Zombies Those gnawing at Cass rip him apart and feed, and multitudes begin toward the already surrounded Loonstro, and at this moment, time
Aasim Standing on one of the various rooftops giggling like a madman. Next to him is none other, a reaper garbed in a black robe with a hood, a
scyth and skeleton hands. Holding his stomach and crying as he laughs. The reaper in an emotionless aura, breaks such stature and angrily kicks
at the floor. Aasim wipes his eyes and turns to the abberation, holding out a hand "Pay up Habibi!, my pawn survived the longest..." The reaper
reaches into it's cloak and hands Aasim a single copper coin!?!?
Aasim Grins and giggles with a sultry flair, tossing the copper away and taunting said Reaper with a naughty dance. "Ha!! Perhaps next millenia ?"
he says with a grin and pats the shadowy figure's cloak. The reaper hangs his head low, throws the scyth down and walks off with a depressing
swagger while Aasim bellydances to celebrate.
Aasim Claps his hands as the respective members of said struggle wake up in their respective times. Sigil is about as well as it could ever be, and
a tremendously loud giggle is heard in horizon.
Loonstro wakes up, sweating heavily. He looks beside him, eyeing his beloved Pasley. Loonstro says softly, "It was just a dream?"
Carpe DM: Zombies has left at 12:08 am
Loonstro sighs, then lays back in his bed. Loonstro then wraps his arms about Pasley, falling asleep promptly.
Cass blinks and wakes up in the theatres. "Awe... Now this is why they don't allow liquor in the theatre...."


First Post
*A scratch in the wood, and a sliver of parchment attached to a pin is all that remains, as it seems that sometime during the night some creature has seen fit to tear down this message...*


First Post
A child makes his way to the Tavern door, wielding a hammer in one hand and a nail in the other. The pubescent child takes the hammer with the hand holding the nail, then reaches into his breeches and produces a manuscript from his pocket. He then proceeds to tack the parchment up onto the door, then afterwards saunter off. It reads,
"Dear Loonstro

I have been advised that you have traveled to Oerth and have great news for you. Please find me, because I'd like to tell you myself..

Squire Langhee.
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