Call of Cthulhu Leaps To 2nd Place In Orr Group Report

The Orr Group’s quarterly report has come in for Q3 2019, and Call of Cthulhu has leapfrogged Pathfinder to become the second most played game on Roll20, and Japanese RPG InSANe features in 7th place.



It’s Halloween, so that might account for the horror-themed increase.

As this is Q3 2019, Pathfinder 2 was out for about half of the quarter. It should feature more prominently next quarter, but it did manage to sneak in at #11.


Talking of that Japanese RPG, Orr Group has this to say:

“Japanese RPG inSANe has cracked the top 10 for the first time. It’s a multi-genre horror RPG that tears through characters like paper, making short sessions and rotating scenarios a must. We looked into this system’s upsurge on Roll20 and learned that it’s largely driven by Korean language players, for whom the inSANe system comes second in popularity only to Call of Cthulhu. This fits with a style of play that has begun to take off in Asian markets, where one shot games are more common than long campaigns and horror games are thriving.”

Curiously, D&D 5E has 45% of the total compared to the massive 70% it currently commands on Fantasy Grounds.

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Minor caveat, PF2 was released about a third of the way through the Quarter, so it was out for most of the Quarter.

That being said, I'd lay odds that PF accounts for a significant portion of the "Uncategorized" games using homebrew sheets.

Call of the Cthulhu was on Critical Role, which probably was a huge boost.

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