Campaign Guide: Bard's Gate PbP Game! (Game Cancelled)


World of Kulan DM
Gray Elves on Kanpur
Gray elves are most commonly found in the lands of The Northwest. They are often seen walking the streets of such human cities as Barcino, Bluffside, Kalmonte, Konigsburg, Parma, Pertan, and Ravenna, but their origins are usually from the elven lands in the Coldwind Forest -- Ravensilath and Tirionhilas. Ever adaptable, however, gray elves thrive in mountainous lands. There are many elven communities in the Rölheim Mountains and gray elves are some of the most numerous of the elves living in the allied city-states of Saivias and the independent city-state of Freygarde.

Gray elves are also found on the island of Gwyrdhyn. They thrive in the elven kingdom of Lliacladria but can also be found the High Kingdom of Ealdur and the dwarven kingdom of Azmaryx.

Gray elves are more uncommon in the southwestern lands but they are by no means rare. They tend to avoid the Burning Sands and the lands of the dragori, however. (Gray elves don't like dragori. There have been major conflicts in the distant past.) Across the Mare Librum, gray elves can be found in the city-states of the Exicalan Coast, the island kingdom known as the Sarafandian Thalassocracy, the deep forests of Kungya, the dynastic lands of Khemit, and the southern elven lands of Lamnaro.

Gray elves rarely venture into the colder northern lands, and they are not considered native to any of the lands north of the Endwald and Stoneheim mountain ranges. However, since Saivias is so close to the northern mountain border, a few gray elven families have migrated into the southern half of the Oggelion Forest. There are also some gray elves in the Kingdom of the Morgaths.

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World of Kulan DM
Download the attachment then open the attachment to view your character.
Opening directly from Gmail does not work well.

Oops that's not what I meant to post

How do we post it? I used an app to write down my sheet and am unsure how to transfer it to pure text
It would depend on the app you used, I guess. I'm not very app-savvy, so I might not be the best person to anser this question. [MENTION=1]Morrus[/MENTION] might be able to help. If he doesn't see this here, you should post a query in the Meta forum.

Did you hit the "Go Advanced" button or use the quick post option? Once on the advanced screen, it gives you an option to attach files and lists the valid file extensions for addable files.

Does the app allow you to save as a RTF or PDF file? What file formats does it support?


World of Kulan DM
Does it look up to par?
Most of it looks fine. Rage and trap Sense should be under Special Abilities rather than feats, but I understand why you put it where you did. Plus, the common language of Bard's Gate isn't called "Common," but its not a big deal. (It's called Bravatin.) It is common enough in the region to qualify as this campaign's "Common."

There isn't a true common language for Kanpur. There are racial, regional, and trade languages. The bonus languages you've selected are fine.

Do you have a detailed cost breakdown for the equipment you've selected? I'd like to see that at some point. No rush in figuring it out.

Feel free to post a character background either here or in the Campaign Guide. Either is fine.

BTW, if you want to post something hidden, you can place it in an sblock.

[sblock="For Trogdor1992 only"]Like this.[/sblock]

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