Campaign Guide: Bard's Gate PbP Game! (Game Cancelled)

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World of Kulan DM
Starting Area in Bard's Gate

I took a couple of photos of the Bard's Gate poster map that comes with he book and ran it through some filters in a program called PAINT.Net. I was able to come up with this image of core of the city around the Market District. This area of the city will be the starting point for the campaign. I'll post what the PCs can easily learn about each district in my next post.


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World of Kulan DM
Canal District: Rumor has it that the Canal District is not a safe place. It is a haven for criminals that make the cutthroats of the city's Thieves' District (beyond the Old Temple District) seem tame in comparison. There are beggars and street toughs aplenty here. Stupid young nobles often call it charming. Down-on-their-luck artists, musicians, and writers do give the district some culture but keep a firm hold on your belt pouch.

Guild District: This district is the heart of mercantilism in the city. It is the stomping grounds of crafters and there are dozens of guildhouses and crafting halls in the district. The city's top guild, the Wheelwrights can be found in this district. The district is a hive of activity. Guild Street is the heart of the district as it leads from Market Bridge to Guildhall Court. Both Guild Street and Guildhall Court are home to the city's most prosperous guilds. If you need arms or weapons, then check out the shops along Armament Row.

Market District: This district is a boon for adventurers and other travelers that enter the city through the West Gate. The district was named for the original open-air markets that once stood outside the canals of the old city. This area of Bard's Gate is known for its many taverns and inns that cater to merchants rather than the crafters of the Guild District. Beware the area near the southern half of the district beyond the chaos of Merchant's Circus and the burned out area that eventually becomes the Canal District.

The city's Grand Plaza is famous throughout The Far North. It is a traders market when almost anything can be found. It's the largest open-air market in the city. If you travel southwest along Green Street, you will eventually come to the Grocers Plaza, where foodstuffs such as fruits, vegetables, eggs, and almost anything else you can think of eating. There are exotic vegetables from Kanpur's Eastern Lands, as well as wonderful sweetmeats from the Lands of Fate.

The Triangle is known for its busy streets and curio shops. The Burnt Section of the district was recently consumed by fire. Market Bridge leads to the Guild District while Canal Bridge leads to Ryder's Road and the Dock Gate.

Where Green Street and Market Way meet near the Grand Plaza is the inn known as The Felled Ogre. The inn is considered clean compared to most places and is run by Durst Hammerhand. The inn is frequented by adventurers, travelers, and merchants.

The Docks: Beyond Dock Gate is the district known simply as The Docks. Commerce rules here and the area is under the firm hands of the city's major merchant families and the various dockworker guilds. Shipping to and from the city is a big deal even though the Stoneheart River is nearly impassible far to the south.

Old Temple District: This district is named for many large, defunct temples that once was the heart of the faiths of Bard's Gate. However, the older gods of the city have fallen out of favor and many of the old temples of this district are now dusty old tombs to their deities. In some cases, an old temple has been taken over by a cult that is new to the city or by less pious peoples.

Near Armament Row is the open-air amphitheater known as The Forum. It is the place to go if you want to see free performances in the non-winter months. These performances are often political and/or satirical. It's usually all in good fun, but every once in a while an uppity bard has been found floating in the water near the Bridge of Arms.

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