Campaign Guide: Bard's Gate PbP Game! (Game Cancelled)

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World of Kulan DM
Okay no problem, I'm thinking along the lines of escaped from slavery but I plan to put some fluff in there
FYI, the main country in Northwest Kanpur with a long history of slavery is the twisted kingdom known as Talangrán. It is a dark version of the Talangrán Empire from the old AD&D DUNGEON adventure called "The Lady Rose" by Steven Kurtz. The kingdom's elite are devil and/or demon worshipers. It might be a good place for Vak'tiel's origins.

When thinking of Talangrán, think both Castilian and Spanish mixed with the worst aspects of the D&D sourcebook, Book of Vile Darkness.

There is also the lands known as Montresor, which was inspired by "The Cask of Amontillado" by Edgar Allen Poe, as well as Novarum. The slavery in Novarum is subtle compared to Talangrán. Outlawed in some places but still exists.

Montresor is the closest to Bard's Gate.


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Okay thank you for the knowledge, it'll help a bunch, I'm thinking a slave from Talangran who has killed his master(which is where his belongings and wealth would have came from) and has been fleeing long enough to end up in the area of Bard's Gate

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