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Can you help me with a Cleric?

Amazing Triangle

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I have a 32 point buy character and more than likely an 18th level character. I wanted to know what the community thought would be a good solid (non-DMM) cleric. (Non-DMM, cause it is banned). I wanted something that can be played at any level and fits as both healer and tank. If anyone could help with spell selection that would be just as big a help.

My allowed books are:
Races of (everything but ebberon)
Complete (mage, scoundrel, even champion)
Spell Compendium
No Psionics

Thank anyone in advance who helps this cleric newbie out

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Argh. Second cleric newbie for high level game within a few days. Or weeks? Ah well. Anyone got a link to the other thread?

A simple thing: Get War and Healing Domain, Augment Healing feat, all Divine Feats that improve healing... then start every battle with group buffs (Bless, Prayer, other stuff). This is mostly for low level fun though.