D&D 5E Capturing Souls

My wife and I are prepping a new campaign with some pretty heavy fairy tale themes. We also have some plans involving trapping and banishing souls. Before we start creating a bunch of spells and magic items, we were hoping to clarify what is already out there.

Thank you in advance!

Magic Jar
Soul Cage
Imprisonment (will fit a lot of the fairy tale things)

Deck of Many thing (has a couple cards that does things with the soul)
Iron Flask/ Efreet Bottle/ Mirror of Life Trapping (more about capturing an entire entity rather than just their soul, but is usable, or could easily be modified)

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Oh this is where the title goes?
Devourer in VgtM has a soul-eating ability.

Also hexblade in XgtE gets the accursed specter ability
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Elder Thing
The spell sequester captures creatures in a gemstone and lasts until dispelled.

Yak folk also have a magic jar type ability. Dunno if you are interested in monsters in addition to spells and items, but there it is.


Elder Thing
That's not really what sequester does, it puts a (willing) creature in suspended animation and hides it away. AFAIK the gemstone trapping is part of imprisonment in 5e?

Eh, it's nothing a little domination can't handle. Frankly, if you can't force a creature to be "willing" to do stuff by the time you can cast 7th level spells, you aren't much of a wizard.

Point taken that the spell clearly isn't intended as an attack or trap, though.


It's a little outside the fairytale realm, but Alhoons (undead Mind Flayers from Volo's Guide To Monsters) grant themselves discount-Lich status through a ritual in which three Mind Flayer arcanists sacrifice three creatures, trapping their souls in a single Periapt of Mind Trapping. The Mind Flayers are transformed into undead whose existence lasts for as long as their sacrificed creature had lived before being sacrificed, and they can extend their existence by repeating the ritual later. If an Alhoon dies, its soul also ends up in the Periapt.

The upshot is that if a trio of Alhoons have been going at this for a few centuries, there'll be a fair selection of souls in that Periapt, and some or all of the Alhoons themselves may also be in there - and all of them can talk to anyone who holds or wears the Periapt.

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