Capturing the "feel" of Tolkien.

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Whizbang Dustyboots

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So, the next adventure is going to be inspired by the dwarves and Bilbo encountering the three trolls in the wilderness. In this case, since D&D trolls don't fit the same role, especially at low levels, I'm actually going with a single ettin who is camping outside of a tower at the edge of the wilderness the heroes need to get into on a fetch quest.

The two heads will bicker like the Hobbit's troll do. To make this a realistic fight for the players (one level 1 character, two level 2, one level 4), I'll probably have one or more ettin heads be drunk, and give them disadvantage on attack rolls, although obviously out-thinking the ettin will be a better and safer route to getting into the tower.

Once inside the tower, I'll probably have one or more giant spiders (not talking, though, in this case) along with a light mix of other 5 Room Dungeon challenges.

The McGuffin is the unfinished notes for the history book the dark riders stole at the conclusion of the last adventure, so that the slain historian's granddaughter can help the heroes puzzle out what the dark riders are up to.
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