Ceramic DM, and you're invited! (Postponed! See post #117)

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All right, I KNOW this is ther stupides question ever,... but just where are we supposed to post the stories when the time comes? *blush*

I will go hide in the corbner now... *slinks off*

orchid blossom

Not stupid at all. If you haven't done this before, how would you know?

You'll post your story right in this thread, due exactly 72 hours after the pictures go up.


It's also a good idea to keep the judges' e-mail addresses handy, so if the boards crash or you have Web access problems, you can e-mail it to them.


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They yhave you covered Arabwel. Post them right in this thread, or email them to me IF the boards are down or really slow.

My email addy can be found in the first post of this thread. :)


Also, take a look at the FAQ thread. There are links to stories there, so you can get a feeling for the format.

Some people also link the pictures in their stories; linking works by the following code (url=Address.of.image)This is text(/url). Replace the round brackets () by straight brackets [].
The image address is
link will be (url=http://www.enworld.org/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=13877)Paul entered the woods(/url)
Paul walked into the woods

Some people link to images with text, others include an asterisk behind its appearance (Paul walked into the woods *), still others only use footnotes and explain what pic they used at the ennd of the story; some do more than one.

Try to include a double line break between columns (like I did in this post). It enhances readability. And DON'T EDIT YOUR POST. That will automatically disqualify you. If an image link doesn't work, it looks bad, but it would be worse to correct it affter posting.

Two hints for posting correctly:
You can use the preview option in your post.
Look for an old post of yours. Click to Edit. Copy the original text into a text file. Paste your story, submit edit. Look at the published story, correct mistakes. Edit the post back to original state, post corrected story here. The reason why you should use an old post is that no discussion is derailed by the sudden appearance of a fictional story. You can also do this ith posts on a differend message board, of course.


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mythago said:
I could actually go today if carpedavid is around, otherwise, not till Thursday.

I would have been around yesterday, if it weren't for my stupid DSL crapping out. *grumble*

Very late Thursday or anytime after works for me to get ingrediants.


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I am SUCH a tease. :eek:


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I guess we know how the last cliff-hanger episode concluded....

The last scream of agony had ceased to echo from the walls. Mythago stood alone in the center of the area. The only sound was the slow drip-drip-drip of blood from Macbeth's shattered corpse and the bubbly rasp of Mythago's breathing. Piratecat, sprawled carelessly across his ebon throne, surveyed his handiwork with a cyclopean leer. The competitors had died horribly, leaving him triumphant and still in possession of the Ceramic Crown. His champion, unfortunately, had not fared so well; only one of the deadly semicolons remained intact, and Mythago had sustained broken ribs, a shattered knee, and a serious bump to the funnybone. Piratecat made an exasperated noise as he thought of the expense of having another set of matched semicolons forged...

He waved his hook imperiously at the shadowy figures who hovered in the darkness of his throne. "Arwink!" he snapped. "Return that..thing...to the Pits and have the medics fix those wounds." He fiddled with his eyepatch as the figure dipped its shrouded head and, using a long goad, prodded the snarling, shuffling Mythago back into the recesses of the Pits.

"What next, do you suppose? Another round of challengers? I wonder what happened to some of them. I'll want to locate that artist chap, what's his name..."

"alsih2o," said the robed figure quietly, in a voice that was distinctly not Arwink's.

Piratecat whirled to find himself staring into the mild countenance of alsih2o. "Potter!" he shrieked. "You! Maldur! Get rid of this loser!"

Maldur stepped forward to stand by alsih20's side. "Sorry, boss," he said apologeticaly. "He bought me a beer."

Piratecat raised his hands and frantically muttered the incantation of transmute user to gnome. The sickly yellow light around his fingers crackled, then sputtered, then died. alsih2o smiled. "That'll teach you to use discount batteries," he said. "Lithium-ion, that's the way to go." He murmured a few oily syllables and mist appeared around Piratecat's feet, immobilizing the sinister figure as it swelled and snaked upward around his legs.

"Sending me to the Pits?" Piratecat said. "I've been there, done that. I came out victorious. You'll just be handing me the Ceramic Crown again."

"Of course. No, not the pits. You see, I had to, er, 'remove' Arwink in order to penetrate your lair, if you know what I mean and I think you do. I'll be needing a replacement."

Piratecat screamed in terror as the Mantle of Judging closed over his single, frantically-rolling eye.
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BigTom said:
I thought I had signed up for this, but my name is not in the brackets.

aCK! My bad completely. Total brain-fart missing your name there.

We can probably fix this. I will get oyu in or guarantee you a spot in the next. You have my deepest apologies. :(

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