Ceramic DM, and you're invited! (Postponed! See post #117)

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Can't wait. I know I damn near had heart failure in my last match when it took almost half an hour to post, and I didn't start the post till 35 minutes before the deadline :)

Now I can rest easy knowing I can procrastinate an extra 30 minutes next time.


Ack! Okay, good thing I checked this morning. I'm up for the next competition, as long as I notice it's going on. Alsih2o, if you want to email me at ruiner at ruined net when it gets started, that would help out tremendously.


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Wish I read post 117 before I stayed up late writing my first draft.

Oh well, I did get a story I like, and am going to fix up and post anyways.

When this restarts, I am definitely in!


Well, if Piratecat or another mod could tell us how a "classical" timestamp is possible, that'd help. Because if I see the pics posted "3 days ago", am I on time or not?


I'm certainly back! And raring to judge. You see this? Raring, I tell you.

We're discussing the timestamp problem right now. We'll work it out ASAP.


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Let's give the fine folks toying with athe system a little more time. If the timestamp ain't our style in a few days we can always increase the difficulty and go sunday to sunday or something. :)

We appreciate all the patience. Let's be a little more patient and get it right. :)

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