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Release [Chaosium] Miskatonic Monday - New Call of Cthulhu Releases from the Miskatonic Repository

Michael O'Brien

Miskatonic Repository

It's certainly been a bumper year for the Miskatonic Repository: here's part one of a run-down of the final indie Call of Cthulhu releases for 2023! If you like what you see, remember to give the creators a star rating or even a review!

The Worm of Wall Street
Paul StJohn Mackintosh ($2.95, 24 page PDF)

Something unclean is infesting Wall Street... New York financial markets have just experienced a disastrous flash crash, losing billions of dollars of value in an instant. From irate regulators to ruined speculators, no one knows why. Yet amid the carnage, a single hedge fund and its charismatic, bizarre founder stand proud, reaping rewards while others are crumbling all around them. Now, an intrepid team of investigators, drawn from all walks of life, from financial journalist to concerned dilettante, set out to unravel the mystery, only to find that it runs far deeper and darker than they ever could have suspected.

Short modern-day scenario, suitable for a 1-shot adventure or convention play, or as a starting point for a new investigating team. Contents include unhinged corruption and insane predation - and that's just the crypto bros...

Miskatonic Repository

Athenaeum Illuminatus
Peter Charron ($11.95, 110 page PDF)

Libraries are Illuminated. In many investigation settings libraries are cast in a passive role. They serve as scenery to set a mood or simply as a backdrop against which other action takes place. But libraries can vary dramatically depending on their type and are more than a place to keep books. They are centers of learning, statements of political power and repositories of new, ancient and terrible secrets. They can easily take center stage.

The Keeper’s Guide to Library Archetypes, their Contents, Associated Professions and Puzzles.

At the Gates of Carcosa
Quico Vicens-Picatto ($3.00, 19 page PDF)

After an anomaly suddenly develops near the human settlement on the planet Ross
508B, Captain Chang and her crew aboard the space shuttle ISIS must solve the mystery
residing in the red dwarf star system Ross 508. This adventure will test the sanity of the
researchers, as well as their ethical and moral integrity, as they must explore an alien
environment and make choices that will affect not only their own fates but also the fate of the
vast space colony on Ross 508B.

The Bright Blue Demon
Bryce Kelly ($3.00, 11 page PDF)

What happens in Nevada, stays in Nevada. This holds especially true for the Nevada Test Site, the location of thousands of nuclear weapons tests, intense radiation levels, and even more sinster things.

Modern era survival horror scenario set in the rocky mountains of Nevada in the Nevada Test Site. era survival horror scenario set in the rocky mountains of Nevada in the Nevada Test Site.

Miskatonic Repository

Banker's Folly
Nader Rabie ($3.95, 35 page PDF)

April 28, 1924: Clifton, Massachusetts. Local philanthropist Douglas Caffey has been missing for nearly a week. Rumors abound - is he sick, kidnapped, dead? His local doctor suspects something is amiss but maybe his disappearance is benign. Your investigators have been tasked with tracking him down. Seems like a simple case of missing persons...

The Seraphim Club: An Original Heroic Organization for Pulp Cthulhu and Call of Cthulhu
Frederick Love ($2.00, 10 page PDF)

This guide details an original heroic organization known as the Seraphim Club, a secret society with ties to the Vatican dedicated to recovering holy artifacts and relics in danger of falling into the hands of evil. With five pregenerated characters and detailed background and history, this guide is a perfect supplement for your Pulp Cthulhu or Call of Cthulhu game.

The Butcher of Queen Vic Market
Andrew Edward ($5.00, 21 page PDF)

Magnificent Melbourne is a bustling growing town enjoying a fair degree of prosperity. Broad streets are flanked by beautiful Victorian era buildings. While more and more Australians are being born onshore, migration is still a major source of population growth. Whilst most are still from Ireland and the UK many are coming from other countries, especially continental Europe.

That is 1920s Melbourne, on the surface; but there are others who gaze upon Australia with glowing covetous eyes. Who knows what is lurking beneath the ground?

Miskatonic Repository

Living Secrets - a Zgrozy supplement
Marek Golonka, Keith Mageau ($1.49, 8 page PDF)

Certain cosmic truths are so fundamental to the fabric of reality that their mere accumulation in one place calls into existence a being that’s more than a mere fact. A Living Secret may be the knowledge of the secret names of the Outer Gods, but it may also be the truth about how life works at a level so deep that earthly biology will not discover it for centuries.

Into the Gothic - a Zgrozy supplement
Maria Borys-Piątkowska, Aleksander Grabowski, Marek Golonka, Keith Mageau ($2.99, 16 page PDF)

Interestingly, Lovecraftian “sanity” is a reflection of the fundamental element of gothic horror—insanity or madness. However, it needs to be said that while Lovecraft described the loss of sanity when one encounters alien forms incomprehensible to the human mind, in gothic horror, it was commonly the result of the awareness of the binary nature of the human condition and the discovery of the existence of evil within himself.

Guide that helps you run Call of Cthulhu games using motives straight out of a Gothic novel.

Sisters of Doom - a Zgrozy supplement
Marek Golonka, Keith Mageau ($1.99, 10 page PDF)

The Sisters consider themselves enemies of human pride and want to suppress our constant need to strive higher. They exist simultaneously now and at the end of humanity's time, and thanks to this, they are able to show others what the end of humanity will look like.

Miskatonic Repository

Sean F. Smith ($3.99, 13 page PDF)

A burglar alarm blares in an abandoned theatre in the grim seaside town of Kinstow. Neither security group sent to check it out has responded. This same thing happened fifteen years ago, and apparently your company sorted it then. That's why you're on it now.

Peril, body-horror, and dilapidated theatres over two to three hours for two to five investigators in a modern day coastal town.

Terrible Tomes
James L Palmer ($2.49, 16 page PDF)

Your Study Session for Insanity – Delve into the eldritch depths of forbidden lore with Terrible Tomes, a comprehensive guide to esoteric literature within the world of Call of Cthulhu. This supplement offers both Keepers and Investigators a treasure trove of knowledge from the most obscure, sanity-shattering manuscripts hidden in the world's darkest corners.

Division 13: Guardians of the Unknown
A Keith Applegarth ($3.99, 35 page PDF)

Division 13 is the epitome of paranormal investigations and supernatural adventures, bringing an elite team of specialists together to tackle the mysteries that lurk in the shadows. With a rich tapestry of characters, including astrophysicists, tech geniuses, detectives, forensic pathologists, and occult scholars, Division 13 forms a unique, diverse task force capable of handling the most enigmatic and terrifying cases. Uniting cutting-edge technology, deep scientific knowledge, and a hint of the occult, they face the unknown head-on. This thrilling series offers a compelling blend of tension, intelligence, and the inexplicable, with a touch of camaraderie, all guaranteed to leave you on the edge of your seat. Welcome to a world where the line between reality and the supernatural blurs, and only Division 13 stands between chaos and order.

Bloodmoon Guide to Fashion: 1920s
Lilith Bloodmoon ($4.99, 24 page PDF)

Clothes make the man, though what clothes do they wear? What should someone wear to a breakfast with the wealthy? What hat should I wear into town tonight?

Bloodmoon Guide to Fashion: 1920s
is a primer to fashion of the decade, meant to introduce players and Keepers alike to a better understanding of the time period. Meant to explain the basis of the fashion, the various layers worn, and the different outfits for different circumstances, this is a one stop shop for everyone playing in the Roaring Twenties.

Whether you're a Keeper wanting a bit more diversity in outfit descriptions, a Player wanting to know what your character would be wearing throughout the day, or an artist looking for a better idea of the true fashion of the period, this book is for you. Containing basic descriptions of various outfits, and explaining their uses and circumstance of wear, this will prime you to better understand the decade.

Miskatonic Repository

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Michael O'Brien


Here's part two of our wrap-up of community content releases in the Miskatonic Repository for 2023! Under the Miskatonic Repository community content license, independent Call of Cthulhu creators can make and sell their own Call of Cthulhu content using guidelines, templates, and art we provide.

Remember you like what you see in the Miskatonic Repository, remember to give the creators a star rating or even a review!


Saint's Peak
Quico Vicens-Picatto ($3.00, 23 page PDF)

In this chilling adventure, players assume the roles of the Lana brothers, young and innocent, unaware of the dark and sinister truth lurking among their own relatives and neighbors. Set in the grim year of 1926, the players will undergo a harrowing and horrifying awakening to the cruel realities of the world.


Heinrich's Call of Cthulhu Guide to Carcosa
Heinrich D. Moore ($12.95, 340 page PDF)

It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God. Come fall with us.

In Heinrich’s Call of Cthulhu Guide to Carcosa you will discover not only a replayable solo campaign, but a schematic for generating your own personal vision of Dim Carcosa. Every sojourn into Carcosa builds upon the story developed through your earlier playthroughs. Your investigators will live, they will die, they will be damned. Beware that you do not share the same fate.

Japan, Makami Sakura
momiji kuzunoha ($4.95, 36 page PDF)

Scenario set in Japan in the Taisho Era (the early 1920s). The author is from Japan and the scenario was originally written in Japanese. It has been translated into English by the authors ofJapan – Empire of Shadows for the enjoyment of Keepers and Players everywhere and to promote international goodwill through gaming. nb a copy of Japan – Empire of Shadows is not required to play the scenario.

Japan, Bride of the Goat
EDO-RAM ($7.95, 44 page PDF)

Yaide Village is located deep in the mountains of Okayama. In ancient times, the people of Yaide performed a ritual where a young woman from the village was offered as a sacrifice to Yama no Kami, the “Mountain God.” The sacrifice was known as the “Bride of the Mountain God,” but over the centuries, the ritual was lost. However, while in Tokyo, the investigators are contacted by acquaintances of a girl from Yaide Village, Yamagami Marie. Marie has left her girls high school in Tokyo to return to the remote village to become the symbolic bride of the Mountain God in the newly revived ritual.

It is up to the investigators to discover what this ancient marriage to the Mountain God portends for the new bride and for the people of Yaide Village. Another Japanese scenario translated by the authors of Japan – Empire of Shadows.


Dead Body Shore
Agata Brig (Free, 48 page PDF)

Sudden visit of an unknown grandfather, a traveler and conqueror of Swedish mountains, turns the Investigator’s reality upside down. Cthulhu Mythos meets Nordic Mythology.

The Haunting Handouts Revised
J.J. Lahtinen (Pay-What-You-Want, Suggested Price $1.00, 12 page PDF)

Enhanced handouts for The Haunting (as found in the Call of Cthulhu Quick Start and 40th Anniversary Keeper Rulebook) for a more immersive experience.

The Excursion
Maja Hvalryg Kvendseth ($3.99, 23 page PDF)

It's Norway, October 1999. A small group of students from The University of Trondheim are going on an excursion to Kvenvær on the island of Hitra together with one of their lecturers. The excursion is unofficial; they are visiting a dishonoured retired History Professor who claims he has discovered some rock carvings that will revolutionise the field and future research in Trøndelag, Norway, and perhaps even the world... but is that really true? And what will be revealed out there?

This scenario is part of the Northern Lights and Darkness collection. Scenarios in this collection share the common traits that they are set in a Nordic country, written by a native of said country, and set in a modern setting.


The Hidden People
Theodor Helgason ($4.99, 39 page PDF)

Takes place in a small town in the east of Iceland, named Blue Whale Bay. The investigators are trying to find out what happened when a local woman named Ella was abducted one night while drunk and high on magic mushrooms. She was found shortly thereafter, on the outskirts of the town, and since then has been talking frantically about meeting the Hidden People, a torture chamber and alien languages amongst other things…

This scenario is a part of the Northern Light and Darkness collection, where writers from each of the Nordic countries - as well as the cultural region of Sápmi - create modern-day scenarios set in their respective country, to let English-speaking Call of Cthulhu players from around the globe discover what an excellent playground for cosmic horror this part of the world can be.

Strange Carol
Konstantinos Kotsaridis ($4.90, 41 page PDF)

“Welcome everyone, welcome friends. Thank you for your support to our team and our performances despite this very hot day. My name is Nicola Tese and I will be your main host and ringmaster for today. Although our highly anticipated show will begin in a few hours, you are more than welcome to wander off to our stages…''

What is the connection between a scientist, the Miskatonic River's water and a circus? Set in 1926s Arkham during the Prohibition era, a group of investigators try to unravel the truth concealed beneath the heavy curtains of the Strange Carol Circus stage. An unsettling riddle that intertwines science, the occult, and the pulse of an era veiled in secrets.

Trouble on the Rock
Adam Wright ($4.99, 32 page PDF)

Gather your team of investigators to find out why prisoners and guards are disappearing right before the military prison becomes the first Federal Maximum Security prison!


Dark Visions From Beyond #00
Fábio Silva ($5.93, 113 page PDF)

Magazine with its structures based on the Cthulhu Mythos, dedicating its pages to the insanity of Call of Cthulhu; includes Alienist occupation; "The One Who Crawls in the Night", 40-page classic era scenario; "The Last Glimpse of Hope", 48-page modern era scenario; and "Creating Your Own Cthulhu", with tips on how to brainstorm your ideas into a homemade scenario.

The Secret Song of Lake Billings
Aaron Hawke ($2.49, 20 page PDF)

It’s the height of summer. Camp Billings opens to the children of Virginia in just a few days and the town of Kinbridge is getting ready for the influx of vacationers. A heat wave is already threatening the fun and games, but now a body has been found. What looks like an animal attack has got the town worrying about what this means for the seasonal tourism they so desperately depend on.

You have been hired by the mayor as "experts" in your field to form a task force to deal with the crisis. Will you find the animal responsible and neutralise it, or will you uncover something much darker… 1980s scenario.

June Austin ($5.99, 63 page PDF)

A little town in Montana becomes the heart of a waking nightmare... September, 2021. Vaccines for COVID-19 have been available for months, and for the first time in over a year, kids are returning to school. Yet would-be eighth grader Emma Locke-Fuller remains locked inside. She recently lost both her parents — one is in a coma, the other mysteriously disappeared from their home in the small town of Leroy, Montana. Now it's up to you to find out what the hell happened.

Modern scenario of surreal horror and unbridled insanity.


Season of growth
Carrer Marco ($1.50, 14 page PDF)

Set in the middle 90s where technology was not as advanced as now, a photographer is sent to the country to find out more about the , supposedly, oldest tree in the US..or even in the whole world! One-shot for a keeper and an investigator.

Burning Desire
Gaz Bowerbank ($5.00, 32 page PDF)

A year after the investigators defeated a daemon-summoning cult, their allies have been in touch. Murder, arson, disappearances. Could the Siblings of Burning Desire be back? The investigators must return to the scene of their former victory and get to the truth lest disaster befall them, their friends and everything they hold dear. Modern Day scenario.

Beyond the Stars
Royce Wilson ($2.90, 26 page PDF)

A client has come to the Investigator with an unusual request - her husband is missing and she wants to make sure he stays that way.

Hard-boiled noir scenario set in late 1930s/early 1940s Los Angeles and designed for one player (portraying a Private Investigator) plus a Keeper; the scenario can also work for two players plus a Keeper.

Plus new releases in Chinese, French, Japanese, Korean, Polish, and Spanish!


Michael O'Brien

A Midsummer Night's Darkness - Jane Routley (Miskatonic Repository)

Award-winning Australian novelist Jane Routley is back with her second Miskatonic Repository creation: A Midsummer Night's Darkness, a one-shot set in 1909 with Suffragettes as investigators! And another Australian author of note Rjurik Davidson, "a master of antipodean weird", makes his Miskatonic Repository debut with Stars Over Siberia, a scenario set in St Petersburg, 1929. Just two of a host of brilliant new Call of Cthulhu titles in the Miskatonic Repository - it's going to be a great year for community content!

A Midsummer Night's Darkness
Jane Routley ($3.31, 27 page PDF)

The Recipe: Take a doughty group of suffragettes travelling through rural Shropshire in a caravan. Add two beginner sorcerers in search of arcane power. Stir in a vengeful poacher. Bake it all together on a warm midsummer evening for a night of terror.

1909 one shot scenario which includes 6 pre-generated characters.

Miskatonic Repository titles

Tell Me, O Muse
Simon Alexander ($3.99, 17 page PDF)

In the shadow of the Great War, an ancient mystery rises from the ash. "Tell Me, O Muse" invites experienced Investigators to challenge a conspiracy of truly epic proportions, where history and mythology collide in the unfathomable depths of Lovecraftian horror.

A Keeper's Comfort
Fleming Barto ($5.00, 59 page PDF)

Fifteen years is a very long time, a lot can happen, especially alone…Harry Kincaid and Thomas Wolmont may be America's best lighthouse keepers, manning the most remote light in the US for the last 15 years, only one problem, no one knows where they are. Take the role of United States Lighthouse Service Inspectors, arriving at Keel Island and attempting to piece together the lives of these men.

1920s-era, inspired by Robert Eggers’ “The Lighthouse”.

Halcyon Days
Michał Pietrzak ($1.00, 12 page PDF)

The mysterious disease has caused the deaths of three unrelated people in Kingport. A friendly doctors asks the Investigators for help in identifying the cause of the disease. What they find may affect them in ways they would not expect...

Short adventure set in Kingsport of 1925.

Miskatonic Repository titles

Alpaca in the Coffee
John Hedge ($3.50, 38 page PDF)

How would you react when the last person who'd ever use violence, turns violent? Something is very wrong with the coffee. Can the investigators unravel the mystery and confront a burgeoning sentience before it causes the city to tear itself apart?

Alpaca in the coffee is a modern scenario set in Leith, part of Edinburgh in Scotland. It is an investigative mystery involving wyrd science, AI, and difficult choices. It is the third installment in the Alpaca Series.

The Era of the Body Snatchers
Mark Corrigan ($3.50, 43 page PDF)

On a cold and wet November night in 1830s Ireland, strange things are afoot in a small graveyard in Faithlegg, Co. Waterford. These are troubling times where not even the dead can rest easily…

In this Cthulhu by Gaslight scenario, uncover the dark secrets of The Hellfire Club, a clandestine organization shrouded in mystery and steeped in occult rituals. Led by the enigmatic and self-proclaimed 'King of Hell,' the club's disturbing practices involve gruesome sacrifices, reanimation of corpses, and a sinister pact with an eldritch horror.

The Inner Light
Jason Shayer ($4.99, 33 page PDF)

A murder investigation leads investigators to an influential wellness institute that is a front for the Cult of Cthugha. The cult hopes to free the Great Old One, Cthugha, from its bonds and bring about a new world order. The cult leader, August Chase, has lived for centuries, waiting for the right time to perform the ritual that will free his master. Chase will use the influence of his cult to prevent the investigators from stopping him. However, he’s unaware that his most trusted devotee, Dr. Trinity Emerson, has a plot of her own to seize the power for herself.

One shot scenario set in the Classic Era of the 1920s, tthe second Miskatonic Mystery Club adventure (the first adventure is The Shambler Between Worlds).

Miskatonic Repository titles

The Horror of Morinrood
Rob Leigh ($9.99, 43 page PDF)

The investigators are sent to a remote island in the Irish Sea to investigate a murder at a small research facility. But they are not alone: corporate agents, environmental protestors, and even the mi-go have taken an interest in the island. Trapped by a violent storm, the investigators must unravel the mysterious happenings on Morinrood while also staying alive.

Modern day survival horror scenario inspired by computer games such as Prey (2017) and Resident Evil. Investigators must unravel a mystery, brave a punishing storm, and collect access cards to unlock new areas, all while dealing with the hostile creatures that now call the island home.

The Neighbor
Quico Vicens-Picatto ($3.00, 15 page PDF)

The Johanson family, an extremely impoverished immigrant household, has recently moved to Liverpool. Their new neighbor in this place won't be an ordinary person by any means, and they'll have to fight to escape a terror that will not only come from the outside but also take root within, destroying them from the inside out.

In this scenario, cosmic horror blends with psychological horror. The characters will soon be plagued by uncertainties about what is happening both outside and within the family. This will leave them feeling completely uneasy and cause them to experience intense anxiety, making it difficult for them to make wise judgments.

Haunting of the Silverton
Peter Wilbur ($10.00, 43 page PDF)

A plea for help! A ghost is haunting a train. Can the investigators get the ghost out of the train or will they join the ghost on the train? An investigation involving research and investigative skills with deadly combat that hopefully can be avoided.

Miskatonic Repository titles

The Haunting Handouts Revised
J.J. Lahtinen (Pay-What-You-Want, suggested price $0.50, 1 page)

Enhanced handouts for The Haunting scenario, available in the Call of Cthulhu Quickstart and 40th Anniversary Keeper Rulebook.

Sanity Flowchart
J.J. Lahtinen (Pay-What-You-Want, suggested price $0.50, 1 page)

Sanity Flowchart, available in A4 and A5, textured and untextured formats.

Cthulhu Maps - Beyond the Mountains of Madness - Maps Pack
Lovemaps ($59.90, 80 maps, 200 tokens)

A truly huge (1.9gb) pack of resources for the Beyond the Mountains of Madness campaign.

Stars Over Siberia
Rjurik Davidson ($9.95, 62 page PDF)

The year: 1929. The place: St Petersburg, USSR. The scientific community is abuzz by the recent meteorite that blazed across the sky and came down on 2 June near Krasnoyarsk, Siberia. That brilliant ball of stone appeared like so much in the communist country, full of future potential, but fiery, blinding, dangerous. Meanwhile, deep shadows are gathering in Moscow and St Petersburg, for the frightening figure of General Secretary Joseph Stalin is taking control. Like a spider at the centre of a web, he monitors everything in Russian society, ready to scurry out and devour.

The investigators are summoned to the office of Pietr Kutzenov, head of the New Research division of the Academy of Sciences in St Petersburg. Kutzenov instructs them to make a secret mission to retrieve the remains of the meteorite. But the journey is filled with secrets and revelations, and no one will return unchanged!

Rjurik Davidson - Stars Over Siberia - Miskatonic Repository (Call of Cthulhu)

Miskatonic Repository


Are you a Keeper looking for new scenarios and story elements? A player looking for something mysterious to spark a character idea? Is your group looking for eerie ideas to use in your game? The Miskatonic Repository is where you can find —and create —self-published material for the Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game.

Interested in submitting content? Go here to see the guidelines, and here for the additional guidelines. No extra license is required. Get started and download the MS Word template or the InDesign template for Miskatonic Repository submissions, and check out our other free creator resources.​
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Michael O'Brien

From the Dark Ages to the Modern Day, here's an amazingly diverse array of new releases on the Miskatonic Repository, Chaosium's platform for independent Call of Cthulhu creators at DriveThruRPG. If you're a Call of Cthulhu fan, we encourage you to take a look - and if you like what you see, please leave a rating or even a review!

Inversion: A Modern Call of Cthulhu Scenario
Alex Guillotte, Bud Baird ($14.95, 213 page PDF and MP3 file)

As a top-tier patron of the popular YouTube channel Debunker Bunker, you have been invited to witness a unique event. The Debunkers have built a machine using plans they discovered on the Dark Web that, according to the attached information, is supposed to open a window to another dimension.

Join your fellow patrons for this history-making event that is sure to be a viral sensation, even if nothing happens! Like the Debunkers say, success is fine, but failing is fun. And this machine is probably going to fail spectacularly!

Besides, it can't really work... can it?

Another modern scenario by the creators of the Miskantonc Repository Platinum best seller Viral.

Miskatonic Repository

The Viscount Who Left Me
Z.V. Cretney ($5.95, 54 page PDF)

Bath, 1814: The height of the summer social season. The morning after the society wedding of the year the new Viscountess Huntley secretly summons the investigators to her honeymoon suite.

This team of meddlesome bridesmaids are charged with unravelling the mystery of the Viscountess' missing husband without the members of the ton finding out and causing a scandal that could sully many a reputation. Along the way investigators are plunged into a world of curses, folklore and forbidden romance. Will they retain their manners, or will their reputation and sanity be left in tatters as they uncover what really lies at the heart of the river Avon?

The Viscount Who Left Me makes use of the Regency Cthulhu sourcebook, with inspiration taken from Bridgerton and other period stories.

Monsieur Deloffre Has Gone Quite Mad!
Cameron Hays ($4.95, 28 page PDF)

It is Paris, France in the late summer of 1830. The country is about to be submerged in a short-but-violent revolution that deposes the Bourbon king Charles X and replaces him with his cousin Louis Philippe, Duke of Orleans. On the cusp of this historic event, wealthy gentleman Geoffrei Deloffre has gone stark raving mad, leaving his social circle to pick up the pieces of his mysterious fractured life.

For use with Regency Cthulhu.

Tiger in Human Skin
Agata Brig ($2.00, 20 page PDF)

Where Investigators uncover the mystery of a circus troupe and the atrocities it has committed, all in pursuit of acquiring a peculiar specimen for their freak show.

Miskatonic Repository

Cthulhu Adventure Template
Carl Terence Vandal ($4.00, 18 page PDF)

Template for use in the creation of adventures for sale on the Miskatonic Repository.

Templa Illuminatus
Peter Charron ($14.99, 112 pages)

The Keeper’s Guide to Temple Archetypes, Priesthoods and Shrines. Libraries are Illuminated. In many investigation settings libraries are cast in a passive role. They serve as scenery to set a mood or simply as a backdrop against which other action takes place. But libraries can vary dramatically depending on their type and are more than a place to keep books. They are centers of learning, statements of political power and repositories of new, ancient and terrible secrets. They can easily take center stage.

From the author of Anthenaeum Illuminatus.

Flash Cthulhu - Fair Porcine Prize
Michael Reid ($0.00, 8 page PDF)

Lydford, Southwest England, 954 AD. The harvest fair competition brings folk from all the neighbouring villages to show off and sell their prized vegetables, fruits, and livestock. Infrith, a good-natured by rather pitiable peasant, brought his favourite sow, Pigwynn, to compete for the Biggest Porcine prize. But only half an hour before the judgement is about to commence, Infrith causes a scene, crying out that his beloved Pigwynn is missing! Stolen! A black tragedy!

Ultra-short Cthulhu Dark Ages scenario with a focus on investigation, and a pig. Written by Michael Reid, author of the Gold best-selling Branches of Bone - A Cthulhu Dark Ages Viking Age Scenario, the Electrum best-selling A Chill in Abashiri - A 1920s Taisho-Era Japan Scenario,and the Silver best-selling supplement Memorable Major Wounds - Critical Tables and Expanded Injuries for Call of Cthulhu.

Miskatonic Repository

Flash Cthulhu - Café au Morte
Michael Reid ($0.99, 6 page PDF)

Boston, 1928. Some old friends are out for coffee when the tinkle of the bell announces an unexpected patron's entrance...

An ultra-short scenario where players are ripped from a common, peaceful coffee outing into a life-or-death situation that they need to race to get out of using their negotiation and problem solving skills, or failing that, a burst of intense violence.

The Mad Man's Auction
DragonPuppy ($4.99, 11 page PDF)

Investigators are called to the house of Mr. Bateman, an adjunct professor at Miskatonic University and renowned toymaker, who is hosting an auction. Amongst the many items on the auction list, they find that certain items go together: a strange machine designed by Leonardo Davinci, a gold Chinese dragon, and the rolls of music from a player piano. When assembled correctly, the machine whirrs into life and causes disturbances in the city of Arkham, Massachussetts, eventually summoning a demon beyone the investigators' gravest nightmares.

Set in 1920's Arkham, Massachussetts with references to Miskatonic University.

Starchild from Afar
Axel Karlsson ($3.50, 34 page PDF)

On the remote western shores of Sweden, an artist starts to paint books for children that include mystical symbols, causing an obsession that spreads not only on the island, but through the entire country. This all comes to a head when one of the children on the island disappear under unknown circumstances.

1920's scenario set in Sweden, set on the island of Härön.

Miskatonic Repository

Nightmares Beneath the Lonely Plateau
Thomas van den Brink ($6.48, 33 page PDF)

After two renowned mountaineers go missing on an expedition, their friend returns home clutching a small statue, having no recollection of any events from the past few days. Following his trail leads the investigators to an isolated cabin on top of an unnaturally flat plateau, where they find a spiral staircase leading deep into the mountain. Lurking within lies a creature older than mankind itself, dreaming of its release…

1920s scenario that offers a twist on the typical horror scenario, by challenging the players to think not only creatively, but also morally. This scenario subverts the investigators' expectations by presenting no conventional "monster" to defeat, only an encounter with a mind-bending and incomprehensible creature, whose fate is left in the hands of the investigators.

Operation Midnight Sun
Chicho Ocariz "Arkashka" (Pay-What-You-Want, Rec Price $3.99, 27 page PDF)

Hours after the nazi Operation Weserübung, intelligence points out that the Norwegian ports and Swedish iron may not be the last prizes the Führer wants in the north Atlantic. A very special group is secretly sent to find out everything about the next nazi operation and foul it if possible.

The squad will find themselves involved in a spy game, testing their wits, stealth, survival and combat skills in the far north before completing the investigation and making their discovery of some fabled material of the past. Weird War II scenario (it is recommended although not necessary to use Pulp Cthulhu optional rules).

American Ghoul
Peter Wilbur ($10.00, 47 page PDF)

A 1920s investigation has the four investigators looking into some strange happenings in the small town of Verde View. Can they discover the evil that resides in the town? Will they survive or perhaps attend their own funeral?

Miskatonic Repository

One for One -The Drop
Sean Liddle ($1.00, 6 page PDF)

Summer. You were unable to convince your parents to let you stay home by yourself so you have to spend another two weeks with them instead of your friends. But, as a birthday surprise, they have gifted you with your own small rowboat and gear to allow you to hunt for fossils under water, farther out from shore than nornal. After two days rough rainy weather, the skies have cleared, the water has calmed and finally you can escape. Its always interesting what is washed up on shore after a storm. But you wont be beachcombing. Its time to dive.

The Dollhouse and other Scenario Ideas
Sean Liddle ($2.99, 10 page PDF)

Another Trouble in Threes scenario pack. In the first scenario, The Dollhouse, a group of friends are having a quick weekend reunion get together in their hometown of Bushton Nova Scotia. Its getting late, drinks have been flowing and along with it, rumours of small people being seel jumping about on the rocks below the cliff face across the harbour. And lights? In the old Carswell house? Why not? Lets investigate!

The second and third scenarios are intended as quick one shot ideas you can use for single session play.

The Rookery
Sean Liddle ($1.00, 4 page PDF)

You are pulled into your bosses office at the end of the workday. His daughter, a beautiful young singer of local fame and her fiance have ended thier engagement and as a result she has fled to the sketchy bar to confront him and his NEW fiance! Scandal! A jazz club! Dark alleys by the dockyard!

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Michael O'Brien

Wow, the Miskatonic Repository continues to go from strength-to-strength. Here's the latest array of titles by independent Call of Cthulhu creators at DriveThruRPG!

The Last Dance of Lola Montez: A Call of Cthulhu Modern Adventure
David Waldron ($4.95, 43 page PDF)

Five friends, united by grief, face torments driven by a dark threat thought hidden for over a century. A threat driven by a dark thirst for passion soaked in blood.

Modern one-shot adventure which explores the dark legacy of Australia's goldrush history. By the author of the award winning William Bailey's Haunted Mansion, historian David Waldron.

Stygian Muse says The Last Dance of Lola Montez makes for "makes for an interesting and thought-provoking read" - read the full review here.


Mad Sci - How to Train your Shoggoth
Kurt Havelock (Pay-What-You-Want, Rec Price Free, 38 page PDF)

It's campus chaos at Miskatonic University! Tess Alvitr is a Norwegian exchange student that has come to Miskatonic University to get her Doctorate of Synthetic Biology. Little did she know that the sinister forces which stalk this place would be her undoing...

Though originally intended for modern Call of Cthulhu, it is not dependent on that and can be used in any era where Miskatonic University exists.


Re-Animator 2508
Quico Vicens-Picatto ($3.00, 16 page PDF)

The lifeless body of an elder thing has been clandestinely transported from Earth to a secluded area near the star Altair by a covert organization which aims to conduct an experiment to bring him back to life. This location was chosen far from prying eyes and densely populated areas to minimize potential harm in case the experiment goes awry. Hence, to avoid attracting attention due to the near impossibility of constructing a space station or planetary outpost that could go undetected by universe-scanning sensors of the Confederation, the decision was made to acquire a section of a distant space station originally intended to house a powerful deep space telescope. It was there, in secrecy, that the experiment would be conducted.

Players take on the role of the musicians of Morbid Rainbow, a psychodeath metal band who, during an interplanetary tour, arrive at the station precisely when the facilities are being used for a dark and occult experiment.


The Memories Below
Stuart Forsyth ($8.00, 16 page PDF)

A group of friends visit the sleepy holiday town of Lake Kinney for some much needed rest and relaxation, only to get sucked into a mystery involving missing campers, persistent nightmares, and a strange affliction that seems to affect everyone in town. Will they be able to understand what’s going on before they also forget?


The Exhibition of Dread
Jared Tallis, Stars Are Right ($5.99, 45 page PDF)

…a modern-day Call of Cthulhu scenario that will haunt your nightmares

Join us in modern-day Boston, where mysterious occurrences take place at night on the campus of the local Modern Art College.


Ghatanothoa, the Forgotten One
Quico Vicens-Picatto ($3.00, 15 page PDF)

In this modern era scenario, two young police inspectors with complex backgrounds will face an ancestral evil that will test their bodies, minds, and above all, their ability to act as a cohesive team in the face of a case that, by all accounts, is far beyond their capabilities.


Welcome to the Kraven-Hammer Mall
Baker's Dozen Productions ($5.99, 44 page PDF)

Modern day scenario that takes players into an abandoned mall ripped straight out of a liminal dream and puts them face-to-face with the most terrifying horror of all- Nostalgia. And that's before we even get to the Eldrich Horrors....


Mingled Remains
Garnett Elliott ($3.99, 38 page PDF)

Any necromancer worth their salt will be there . . .Something strange is going on at the 10th Annual International Funeral and Crematory Trade Show, held at the resplendent Tampa Bay Hotel. Federal agents suspect the event serves as cover for a secret gathering of cultists, and want the heroes to investigate. Of special interest are two German attendees, former members of the (now defunct) Thule Society.

A rip-roaring romp through Florida in the late 20’s. Along the way, PCs encounter an Asian crime family, dodge deathtraps, and battle Mythos monsters in an adventure inspired by H.P. Lovecraft’s The Case of Charles Dexter Ward. Though written for Pulp Cthulhu, the scenario can easily be ‘de-pulpified’ for a less hyperbolic experience.


Los Hobos and the Wolves of Carcosa
Alex Guillotte ($6.95, 66 page PDF)

February of 1935 – It's the height of the Great Depression, and a group of hobos agree to transport a mysterious package from the US to Mexico, unaware that they're being hunted by a horde of preternatural wolves, a tenacious detective, a maniacal luchador, sinister fishmen, a fanatical carny, and a seductive snake woman cultist, each with their own deadly intentions.

As they traverse the unforgiving landscape of Baja California, nerves are tested, blood is spilled, and survival becomes the only law in this pulse-pounding scenario that dumps the characters into a meat grinder of horror, madness, and thrilling grindhouse action.


Complex 347-5
Patrick Corcoran ($3.99, 16 page PDF)

It is 1984 and all hell is breaking loose at an ICBM complex with a missile capable of launching a nine Megaton nuclear warhead. The investigators are a team of nuclear scientists, engineers, and Air Force personnel sent 14 stories into the earth to secure the missile and save the crew.

Designed to be played in a single session, it takes inspiration from body/monster horror set in an isolated setting like; Alien, The Descent, The Thing, Pontypool, and The Void


Flash Cthulhu - Be Good Neighbours
Michael Reid ($0.99, 6 page PDF)

Arkham outskirts, 1933. The Matthews, a depression-era family in hard times, find an old farmhouse outside of Arkham for a shockingly low price, and given the economic downturn, they take the chance.


The Schoolmarm's Ghost
Andy Miller ($4.99, 58 page PDF)

How did your best friend actually die?... When the letter noting Eleanor Hamilton had died comes and the investigator has inherited her belongings, there’s little choice but to go from the civilization of Seattle to the frontier of Oregon and the little town of Independence. However, something seems odd about Eleanor Hamilton’s death. Then, something happens to convince her the death was actually a murder.

Down Darker Trails scenario set in the village of Independence, Oregon, in 1877.


Kane's Tone
Orlando Moreira ($4.49, 58 page PDF)

You wake up... You sit among trees, lying on soft pine needles. Your clothes are torn, your hands are scratched. You’re in pain. You don’t know how you got here. And you don’t know who you are. There’s a dim, pulsing yellow light at the top of the hill, nearby. Something is very wrong. Will you figure out what happened in time to avoid what is coming?

Modern cosmic horror scenario designed for a single, intense three-hour session that you will never forget.


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