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Planescape Check Out The Planescape Character Options

New backgrounds and feats in upcoming book!


WotC has unveiled some of the character options to be found in the upcoming Planescape: Adventures in the Multiverse setting in a D&D Beyond article and a video.

The player options include two backgrounds and a handful of feats. The backgrounds are the Gate Warden and the Planer Philosopher, and the feats include Scion of the Outer planes, which gives you a damage resistance and a cantrip based on the plane you have a connect with. For example, a chaotic Outer Place give you resistance to poison and access to the minor illusion cantrip, which the Outlands give you resistance to psychic damage and the mage hand cantrip. Also included are a couple of new spells and some magic items.


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I'm surprised they made this video. If you sell a book to DMs and you add some backgrounds and feats, they act as a nice little cherry on top that a DM can share with the players if they're using the setting. But by making a "New Player Options" (and magic items) video, it gives the vibe that you're trying to sell the book to players too. A few backgrounds and feats is obviously not enough for players to actually get excited about buying the book, and so this video just opens them up to "wow, no content just like Spelljammer" criticism.

Personally I'm happy they're not wasting a ton of their 96 page budget on a ton of player options in a setting that seems to have a lot of factions and locations to describe.

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