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WotC has unveiled some of the character options to be found in the upcoming Planescape: Adventures in the Multiverse setting in a D&D Beyond article and a video.

The player options include two backgrounds and a handful of feats. The backgrounds are the Gate Warden and the Planer Philosopher, and the feats include Scion of the Outer planes, which gives you a damage resistance and a cantrip based on the plane you have a connect with. For example, a chaotic Outer Place give you resistance to poison and access to the minor illusion cantrip, which the Outlands give you resistance to psychic damage and the mage hand cantrip. Also included are a couple of new spells and some magic items.

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But the animal companion of druids and rangers are always the same. And with my idea the planar ally also could work as an exosuit/powered armor, or a simbiont. And if the team needed a different strategy, the planar ally could be changed with other. The subclasses could be about different type of summoned monsters.

I wish more classes, but I would rather better than sooner. I guess after the psionic mystic the next step should be the martial adepts, but simple, but example when the attacks is succesful then the martial adept earns "agro points" and the player chooses how these to be spent. This should be simpler than remember when an effect, bonus or penalty is about to end.

The classes no created by WotC then will be published by 3PPs, for example by Mage Hand Press.

Other idea is the harupex class, working like a necromancer but about living tissues, something like the biohacker of Starfinder, and some prestige class. It would be arcane magic mixed with incarnum soulmelds, and some points of essence "locked" for metamagic effects, for example energy substitution.

* How would you imagine the "Spiritfields"?, an echo plane, as the Feywild and the Shadowfell, but more like Kakuriyo/Reikai from Kamigawa.

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