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Chicago Gameday 28 is Feb 26th: PLAYERS SIGN UP NOW!



[h1]Chicago Gameday 28 Sign-Up Thread[/h1]

[size=+1]Gameday 28 is February 26th.[/size]

ENWorld Chicago Gameday 28 is a day of FREE gaming held at earth's finest game store, Games Plus.

To participate, simply post to this thread with your intention to play in one of the following events. Event sign-up is first-come, first-serve. Be aware that the event schedule may be subject to change until the last week before Gameday. No changes will be made to the schedule after that point. PM or email me (buzz AT buzzmo DOT com) with any questions.

PLEASE NOTE: This thread is the primary means of communicating information about Gameday 28. Please keep an eye on the thread for any updates or schedule changes, especially in the day or so prior to Gameday. This goes double for GMs. If you'd like to be on the Gameday mailing list, just shoot me an email.

[size=+1]You can also find us on Facebook, which is another great way to stay updated.[/size]

Games Plus
101 W Prospect Ave
Mount Prospect, Illinois 60056
(847) 577-9656
Hosts: Curt Duval & Jeff Swegler (owners)

View a map of the Games Plus gaming area to see where your events will be located.

  • 8:00am - 9:00am Slot 0: Breakfast
    Meet up for breakfast at Le Peep Grill (located across the Metra tracks, kitty-corner from Games Plus).
  • 9:15am Arrive at the store to settle in to your game tables.
  • 9:30am to 2:30pm Slot 1: Morning events
    1. [highlight]FULL[/highlight] Supernatural RPG, "Feat of Clay", Ninjacat, Table D
    2. FATE, "The Four Towers, Part 1: An Fearas Meilt", ekb, Table B
    3. [highlight]FULL[/highlight] Danger Patrol, Nev the Deranged, Table C (private room)
    4. [highlight]FULL[/highlight] Star Wars Saga Ed., "All Good Things...", sw3333, Table E
    5. Pathfinder, "The Pallid Plague", William Ronald, Table F
    6. [highlight]CANCELED[/HIGHLIGHT] D&D 4e, "This is Why We Can't Have Nice Things", Trevalon Moonleirion
    7. D&D 3.5, "The Taking of Giant's Reach!", Mark, Table A
  • 2:30pm to 3:30pm Break for lunch!
  • 3:30pm to 8:30pm (or later) Slot 2: Afternoon events
    1. [highlight]FULL[/highlight] The Dresden Files RPG, "Neutral Grounds", buzz, Table F
    2. [highlight]FULL[/highlight] Ghostbusters RPG, "GHOST TOASTIES!", TracerBullet42, Table C (private room)
    3. [highlight]FULL[/highlight] D&D 4e, "Tomb of Horrors", Dokomo, Table E
    4. Burning Empires, "BATTLEFLEET: EXODUS", willowx, Table A
    5. [highlight]FULL[/highlight] Untold, the Card-Based Roleplaying Game, "SNOWPOCALYPSE!", Vyvyan Basterd, Table G
    6. [highlight]CANCELED[/HIGHLIGHT] D&D 3.5, "The Mines of Verhaven", strider1970
    7. [highlight]FULL[/highlight] Smallville RPG, "Mutant X: After the Assault", Ninjacat, Table D

[title]Slot 0 (Breakfast)[/title]
No limit to number of attendees.
1. buzz
2. ekb
3. Catt33
4. Trevalon Moonleirion
5. Nev the Deranged
6. TorresRoman
7. Der Spot
8. Puffdebbie
9. Ninjacat
10. William Ronald
11. ...

[title]Slot 1: Morning[/title]
[size=+1]Morning Game 1: Feat of Clay[/size]
Supernatural RPG, Ninjacat, Table D

A pleasantly busy afternoon at Harvelle's Roadhouse was interrupted when a psychic got a disturbing impression from a newspaper left behind by a prior visitor- -the headline read: "TEEN DROWNED IN MUD ON DRY PITCHERS MOUND"

Looks like it's time for another RoadTrip.

Feat of Clay is mystery/rescue adventure for six players in the setting of the CW's Supernatural television show. The party of Hunters from the Roadhouse will have to get to Decatur, Illinois and figure out what's going on before the killer strikes again. . .if it hasn't already by the time they get there. A dark secret has come from the distant past to take revenge, and it will continue to kill unless someone stops it. But first, the Hunters will have to figure out what the killer is and where it came from to determine how to defeat it.

Sometimes the truth is buried deep, sometimes under things that are unspeakable...​
1. Laurie
2. Vyvyan Basterd
3. enigma1122
4. waterdhavian
5. Der Spot
6. Puffdebbie (Der Spot's guest)
7. Tofu_Master
[highlight]THIS EVENT IS FULL.[/highlight]

[size=+1]Morning Game 2: The Four Towers, Part 1: An Fearas Meilt[/size]
FATE, ekb, Table B

The day after the Mayor of Peel announces an emergency increase in this year's taxes, a Mysterious Stranger at the inn reveals to some foreign adventurers that there's a treasure hidden in the vault below the ruins of An Fearas Meilt - the abandoned inn on St Patrick's Island. More than enough to pay the whole town's additional taxes and still have quite a bit left over to share...
All you have to do is get there before the other adventurers, get past Richrom's security devices and get back with the treasure... Simple, right?

Old School Dungeoncrawl, New School Crunch. Total fun.
Blackpowder & blade meets King Arthur & faeries (with pirates & redcoats for good measure).

  • System: Fudge+FATE v3 (Spirit of the Century, Dresden Files, Diaspora) with notable houserules from The Shadow of Yesterday and Houses of the Blooded...
  • Players: the standard 6+GM, but I'll always make room if someone wants to play.
  • Rating: shooting for PG-13-ish - there's some strong horror elements to that premise, but no explicit reason why it shouldn't be acceptable for all but the youngest players. I'm also hoping to record the AP for sharing, so watch it with the swears, dammit!
  • Pregens:
    1. <Name1>, Apprentice Butcher (Working Stiff, I can make that happen...)
    2. <Name2>, Aspiring Chef (I have a plan, Brute)
    3. <Name3>, Bookseller (Trivia geek, Contacts)
    4. <Name4>, Architectural Apprentice (Mechanical genius, Halfling)
    5. <Name5>, Aide to Mayor (A gentleman's gentleman, Contacts)
    6. <Name6>, Town Militia (Law & order, Contacts)
    7. Character Sheet Template
  • System links: Fudge, FATE, The Shadow of Yesterday,
  • Experience with system: not so much - it's pretty easy to pick up.
1. TorresRoman
2. ...
3. ...
4. ...
5. ...
6. ...

[size=+1]Morning Game 3: Danger Patrol[/size]
Danger Patrol, Nev the Deranged, Table C (private room)

Do you like Action? Do you like Adventure? Are you a master of Science, or of the Mystic arts? Are you a cunning Agent or a cocky Flyboy? Perhaps you have Explored the strange alien worlds of the Solar System- or perhaps you are a mysterious Alien yourself? Do you laugh in the face of Danger? Then come to Rocket City and join...


Danger Patrol is a fast paced, rip roaring pulp adventure game where you will perform daring and heroic deeds as a member of the elite Danger Patrol, protecting the civilized planets against all manner of deadly threats. No experience necessary, rules will be taught and materials provided to 4-6 lucky recruits. If you have your own set of polyhedrons, it wouldn't hurt to bring them, but if you don't, no worries. Aside from that all you need is a dash of derring do, a heaping helping of Science! And a taste for... DANGER!​
1. Catt33
2. pvt. patterson
3. gperez1234
4. Tim Jensen
5. sailorkitsune
6. Rainbow_Trenchcoat
[highlight]THIS EVENT IS FULL.[/highlight]

[size=+1]Morning Game 4: All Good Things...[/size]
Star Wars Saga Ed., sw3333, Table E

A Jedi, an apprentice rescued from a dark Jedi, a captain and his crew, and a galaxy closing in around them. Ever since Order 66 this small band has run around the core trying to help other Jedi where it could, hiding from Imperial agents constantly. Jobs took them further and further from the core. Contact with other Jedi became scarce. The group had gone five weeks without hearing from anyone until getting a transmission and plea for help from Ornwat. A governor sympathetic to the Republic and Jedi needs the … talents this group is known for. Glad to do something aside from refueling, the group heads for the city of Linette. However, this time events will spin out of control and lead to an epic ending.

This game, for six players, is based on characters who have been around for four Gamedays, but no prior experience is necessary.​
1. TracerBullet42
2. rvalle
3. rvalle's guest
4. rvalle's guest
5. Trevalon Moonleirion
6. Dragon_Slayer82
[highlight]THIS EVENT IS FULL.[/highlight]

[size=+1]Morning Game 5: The Pallid Plague[/size]
Pathfinder, William Ronald, Table F

Reports from Andoran's Darkmoon Vale indicate that a new plague is causing the deaths of untold fey. The Pathfinder Society sends you there to aid the nymph queen in stopping the plague and finding and destroying its source. When the plague spreads to the human population of Falcon's Hollow, the need to find a cure grows more frantic. Can you save the many denizens of Darkmoon Vale from certain death?

Written by Mark Moreland

This product is a Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for 1st to 7th level characters (Tiers: 1–2, 3–4, and 6–7). This scenario is designed for play in Pathfinder Society Organized Play, but can easily be adapted for use with any world. This scenario is compliant with the Open Game License (OGL) and is suitable for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

You can either create your own 1st level character, under the rules of the Pathfinder Society Guide to Organized Play (PFRPG). (I also recommend using the PF SRD for some information and tips as well. Make sure to chose a character faction -- faction missions can be fun.) Or you can bring an existing Pathfinder Society character or you can run one of the Pathfinder iconics. (I will figure out what tier (essentially level) to run the event.​
1. Dokomo
2. Fumihasa
3. Fumihasa's guest
4. thomas8977
5. Yroho
6. ...

[size=+1]Morning Game 6: This is Why We Can't Have Nice Things[/size]
D&D 4e, Trevalon Moonleirion
[highlight]This event has been canceled.[/highlight]

[size=+1]Morning Game 7: The Taking of Giant's Reach![/size]
D&D 3.5, Mark, Table A

At the end of the mountains lies the ruins of a once great civilization formerly inhabited by the giant races of old. It now holds the key to securing the southern border of the Ronk Empire from evil incursions. But can what was thought to be low hanging fruit prove more difficult to pluck than first fathomed?

Some experience necessary, 7th-level characters provided. Please bring your 3.5 PH(B)s, a writing instument and enough dice to not have them to blame for the TPK.​
1. buzz
2. Kelleris
3. CoreyHaim8myDog
4. ...

[title]Slot 2: Afternoon[/title]
[size=+1]Afternoon Game 1: Neutral Grounds[/size]
The Dresden Files RPG, buzz, Table F

When two young baristas at one of Baltimore's hippest coffee shops (and only Accorded Neutral Ground) are found dead, and its proprietor gone missing, the shop's regulars set out to solve the mystery. But can they succeed when the Gilgamesh ghoul clan, notorious goth poseur (and Red Court vampire) Damocles Ravenborn, and Mab knows what else in magical Baltimore stand in their way?

A mystery for 3-7 players set in the universe of Jim Butcher's Dresden Files. Pregens will be provided, though some character creation will happen at the table. This game uses FUDGE dice, which will be provided to those in need. Familiarity with the rules is welcomed, but not required. Familiarity with the Dresdenverse is very helpful, but not necessary.

The content of this scenario should be considered PG-13.​
1. Laurie
2. Catt33
3. ekb
4. thalmin
5. sw3333
6. FunnyDice
7. (FunnyDice's guest)
[highlight]THIS EVENT IS FULL.[/highlight]

[size=+1]Afternoon Game 2: "GHOST TOASTIES!"[/size]
Chostbusters RPG, TracerBullet42, Table C (private room)

Howie hated supermarkets. He hated going to them, and their crowds, and their buzzing fluorescent lights, and open-case freezers that were, well, freezing, and the snooty cashiers who wouldn't go on a date with you if you were bloody Brad Pitt for crying out loud, and the millions of different items that you never knew what aisle they were in, and especially he hated working for Yum-Mee Food Palace Supermarket. That he especially hated.

He was wheeling a dolly full of cereal boxes down aisle seven when he heard the noises. At first he didn't notice them; he was lost in a private fantasy, that each box of cereal he was stamping $3.19 was really the bald head of his boss, Fred Lunt, the supermarket manager.

So he didn't hear the crunching sounds until they were very close. Then Howie hear them, and hew saw his shadow flickering in front of him, and he turned to see the blue light and he screamed and screamed and cereal skitter all over the freshly-swept aisle....

Enter you, the heroes! Hauntings have been popping up lately around Mount Prospect, and you've enlisted in the up-and-coming Ghostbusters Franchise program! Just try not to get slimed!

The Ghostbusters RPG is extremely simple. No previous experience is necessary. Character creation is a snap, so we'll generate characters at the start of the session. If you want a sneak preview of the system, check it out here.​
1. RFlatstone
2. Trevalon Moonleirion
3. the_grot_shoppe
4. Lothos
5. (Lothos's guest)
6. gperez1234
[highlight]THIS EVENT IS FULL.[/highlight]

[size=+1]Afternoon Game 3: Tomb of Horrors[/size]
D&D 4e, Dokomo, Table E

For 4-6 players 9th level. Bring your own or pre-gens will be provided. Experience with 4e is highly suggested. This is a large adventure, and we will certainly not complete it, but familiarity will help move things along.

Somewhere under a lost and lonely hill of grim and foreboding aspect lies a labyrinthine crypt. It is filled with terrible traps and not a few strange and ferocious monsters to slay the unwary. It lies filled with rich treasures both precious and magical, but in addition to the aforementioned guardians, there is said t be a demilich who still wards his final haunt.

Accounts relate that is is quite unlikely that any adventurers will ever find the chamber where the demilich Acererak lingers, for the passages and rooms of the tomb are fraught with terrible traps, poison gases, and magical protections. Furthermore, the demilich has so well hidden his lair that even those who avoid the pitfalls will not likely locate their true goal. Only the most well-prepared parties of the bravest and strongest should even consider the attempt, and if they do locate the tomb, they must prepare to fail...​
1. jammies
2. jammies's guest
3. kthorne
4. kthorne's guest
5. kthorne's guest
6. kthorne's guest
[highlight]THIS EVENT IS FULL.[/highlight]

[size=+1]Afternoon Game 4: BATTLEFLEET: EXODUS[/size]
Burning Empires, willowx, Table G

Based heavily on the Battlestar Galactica show. Mistrust! Paranoia! Alien Worms in People's Heads! Massive Space Battles! Up to six players can play. Experience with either Burning Empires or BSG is not mandatory, but both help. Pregen characters will be provided.​
1. sailorkitsune
2. Mark CMG
3. William Ronald
4. Delwugor
5. ...
6. ...

[size=+1]Afternoon Game 5: SNOWPOCALYPSE![/size]
Untold, the Card-Based Roleplaying Game, Vyvyan Basterd, Table H

The snow-choked ruins of the Windy Vale on the Great Frozen Lake have been a mystery for ages. None who have dared brave the howling winds and massive snow drifts have discovered its cause. But the L'na, trapped away from their homeland on Apoc-Earth, have been studying the effects of Flux in the hopes of understanding it and finding a way to save all three realities and get home. They've noticed an upswing of dangerous local occurrences of Flux around the Windy Vale. They fear something in its interior is causing the unnatural cold and the increase of Flux. They have gathered any brave souls willing to enter the snowy realm to seek out the cause of the dangerous Flux manifestations.

No experience necessary, characters provided, bring your lucky d20! To learn more about Untold, visit their website.​
1. CoreyHaim8myDog
2. pvt. patterson
3. Kelleris
4. Nev the Deranged
5. Tofu_Master
6. Yroho
[highlight]THIS EVENT IS FULL.[/highlight]

[size=+1]Afternoon Game 6: The Mines of Verhaven[/size]
D&D 3.5, strider1970
[highlight]This event has been canceled.[/highlight]

[size=+1]Afternoon Game 7: Mutant X: After the Assault[/size]
Smallville RPG, Ninjacat, Table D

Times are tough for the members of Mutant X.
When the Dominion demanded they turn over one of their own to be a lab rat, and tracked down scientist Adam Kane at the same time, things had become desperate. The team narrowly rescued Adam and boldly stormed the Dominion's stronghold to rescue their captured teammates- -then things got really interesting, in the Chinese curse sense...

After the Assault is an adventure RPG for up to five players in the setting of the Mutant X television show, using the Smallville RPG/Cortex Plus ruleset. No prior experience with Cortex Plus nor familiarity with the MX show is needed, though be warned that this adventure is set during the cliffhanger ending of the show! (Sadly, though renewed for a fourth season, one of the production companies went under, and it ended with major plot points unresolved. Now it's your chance to decide What Happened Next!)​
1. enigma1122
2. TorresRoman
3. Der Spot
4. Puffdebie (Der Spot's guest)
5. Rainbow_Trenchcoat
[highlight]THIS EVENT IS FULL.[/highlight]
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Vyvyan Basterd


Please sign Laurie and I up for Supernatural.

Please sign Laurie up for Dresden.

Edit: Awesome pic for my event, thanks!
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First Post
Two for Breakfast

Catt33 wants in on Nev's Danger Patrol! game (AM 3) and Dresden (PM 1)
I, as stated earlier, wish to be in the Dresden game (PM 1)




Please sign Laurie and I up for Supernatural.

Please sign Laurie up for Dresden.

Edit: Awesome pic for my event, thanks!
Added! No prob!

Two for Breakfast

Catt33 wants in on Nev's Danger Patrol! game (AM 3) and Dresden (PM 1)
I, as stated earlier, wish to be in the Dresden game (PM 1)


Buzz, please sign me up for Dresden Files.

Hey Buzz. I'd like to play your game in the afternoon. And in the morning, I suppose I'll run mine.

Added! Good choice!

Excited to play.
2 for Dresden please!

thanks much

Afternoon: 2. Ghostbusters RPG, "GHOST TOASTIES!", TracerBullet42, Table D

Added! Let us know if you want a morning event.

Sign me up for Dresden and breakfast (and my event!) please :)

that was fast. howsabout ghostbusters
Added! Sorry!

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