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Chicago Gameday 32 is July 14th - SIGN UP TO PLAY

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LePeep reservation has been made! I look forward to breaking bread (well, english muffins) with a bunch of you.


Gameday 32 is tomorrow!

Get your prep done early!
Pack your gaming bag today so you don't have to mess around tomorrow morning!
If you're driving, make sure to check directions or bring your GPS/phone/whatever!
Get a good night's sleep!
Join us for breakfast!

Remember, doors open at 9am, and the first slot starts at 9:30am.


Folks, hujraadjohaansen has been called out of town for the weekend, so his HiBRiD event has been canceled. Since no one had signed up, we don't require any coverage for this; Danger Patrol can pick up and morning walk-in slack.

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