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Chicago Gameday 34 is 3/23: Event Planning Thread

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Mark CMG

Creative Mountain Games
If only the funding had been successful, Kent (Specs McLensington) might be running a game this time around. :D
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Durance deets:

  • Time: afternoon (3:30 p.m.)
  • Game system: Durance
  • Event Title: Durance!
  • Description: Prison Planet! The staff were promised a new life, the prisoners were promised a fresh start, and we were all promised an idyllic world. Together we'll decide how they lied to us, who really has power, and what happens next. A GM-less game from the designer of Fiasco.
  • An image: It won't let me post a link; I'll send it to you, Mark.
  • Content Rating: Adults Only
  • Number of Players: 2-4
  • Table Preference: Smaller is better.


I was planning on running some Leverage for Gameday, but my Dungeon World game+swag arrived in the mail yesterday, so now I think maybe I need to do that. Thoughts, anyone?

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