Chicago Gameday 34 is 3/23: Event Planning Thread

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Vyvyan Basterd

Buzz, please add another event for me in the afternoon slot.

TOMB: Tomb of Horrors/House of Cards Remix!
"System" : Tomb Boardgame
Seats: 5
Description: Recruit a party and gear up. Some evil so-and-so infused the Deck of Many Things into Acererak's tomb. Can your party kill the most monsters? Take the most stuff? Survive the deadliest of traps? All for the glory of besting the other hapless souls daring to enter the infamous demi-lich's crypt.

This event uses the Tomb and Tomb: Cryptmasters boardgame. We will be using completely random card layout, a custom-made tomb map, and random crypt modifiers inspired by the Deck of Many Things. Familiarity a plus, but rules will be taught.


Okay, GMs, as I mentioned earlier in the thread, please post all of your event details by the end of Friday, Mar 1.

Player sign-up is just one week away!


Game System:
D&D Next

Event Title:
D&D Next vs. I6: Ravenloft

An image:
I trust your judgement, buzz, but feel free to use the still awesome original cover art:

Number of Players:
6 pre-generated characters. If you’ve got a current D&D next character of 10th level that you’d like to kick the tires on, you’re welcome to bring them along—just send make a note in the sign up thread or PM me in advance.

No Table Preference

“Under raging storm clouds, a lone figure stands upon the ancient walls of Castle Ravenloft. Lightning splits the sky, its cold light revealing a tall form wrapping in a billowing cape of shadows. Another flash exposes a face full of power and madness, contorted by a tragedy darker than the night. Far below, a part of adventurers has entered his dread domain. He smiles. Another lightning bolt rips through the night, but the figure is gone. Only a howling wind fills the midnight air.

The master of Castle Ravenloft is having guests for dinner—and you’re invited.”

Come see if you can outwit the master of Castle Ravenloft armed with your fancy new D&D edition. A classic AD&D adventure that spawned an entire campaign setting, and was probably one of the first published adventures to have a villain with goals, a detailed background story, and a personality.

Greetings. I am your SuperUser. Today we will experience life on a toroid space station off of Saturn. Our Utopia is crowded but dynamic. We’ve turned death into little more than setback and eliminated the need for money.

What drives us then? The continuing pursuit of our shifting desires! But don’t get a Frownie, or everyone on the station will know you did bad.

We’re happy pioneers out here on the shoulder of Saturn and you can be too! So print out a spare body and buy some fresh memories and get ready for the transhumanist weirdness that is FreeMarket!

FreeMarket can handle a maximum of five users of adult age and preferably without Frownies! freemarket-superuser.jpg


Okay, I have all the descriptions I need and the sign-up post is primed and ready for tonight.

Once it's live, I'll post the URL here, on FB/Twitter/G+ and the mailing list.


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Alright, here goes nothing.

Give me the private room for my morning slot game, please. I won't mind having it for either game.

I'm going to put up the experiment I want to run, and if it doesn't get any interest after a week, I'll switch back to DRYH, that sound reasonable?

The DREAD That Came to Harmon Corners,
An existential nightmare for up to 10 brave players.

10 seats.
No experience necessary.
All materials provided.
MATURE AND TROUBLING THEMES, players strongly cautioned.

Harmon Corners is a small town, where everyone greets one another by name, and where nothing interesting every happens. Situated on the banks of the Chickahominy river, 20 miles from the next closest town, and 70 miles from anything you'd call "civilization", the people of Harmon Corners enjoy the peace and quiet of their isolation, and go about their small lives with little worry that tomorrow won't be much the same as today.

Harmon Corners isn't going to stay quiet, but it is going to get a lot more isolated. And tomorrow- best not to worry about tomorrow. Because Harmon Corners has a date... a date with DREAD.

This sounds like Dread. Which I adore. I so wish I was not going to be out town for this.

Nev the Deranged

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It is, in fact, Dread. Which for some reason I have been laboring under the impression should be stylized DREAD, but since nobody else seems to be doing so, perhaps I am in error.

Not that his has ever stopped me before.

It is possible this game will not go off, and I may switch to DRYH instead, so maybe you won't be missing anything =P

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