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Chicago Gameday 37 Event Planning


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I need [MENTION=6672278]PhilK[/MENTION], [MENTION=7533]Pbartender[/MENTION] and [MENTION=77074]sailorkitsune[/MENTION] to sign up with Warhorn so I can assign them as GMs to their respective events.

I was signed up for Warhorn... Just had to remember to register for the Gameday event.


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We've had a spot open up in the afternoon!

Looks like we have a table that needs to be filled in the PM slot. Anyone willing to step up, or know someone who is?


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I have no strenuous objections, but now that means we need an event for the morning slot. :)

EDIT: see following post.
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Well if TB wants it to happen... ;)

buzz, unless you have strenuous objections, please do move my event to the afternoon.
Actually, if we keep your event in the morning, then — if need be — I can run my event again in the PM if we don't get any volunteers. I've also already put the word out various places that we need a GM for the afternoon.

So, is it okay if we have you stay put?

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