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Chicago Gameday 39 is Sept 13th at Games Plus in Mt. Prospect, IL

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TracerBullet42 replaced everyone's events with Synnibar and otherwise ruled gameday with the iron fist of a tyrant. Be careful who you deputize next time, buzz... ;)

I think we had yet another successful one for the books.

Many thanks to my esteemed GM in the morning, TB42 for another fun romp through Ghostbusters and thanks to all of my players for putting up with my always-shaky rules knowledge while playing Feng Shui with me.


First Post
Ha ha... don't you pay no mind to Trev. There was merely talk of Synnibarr after the event. I will endeavor to show up wearing my Synnibarr t-shirt next game day, so even if the game isn't run, Raven c.s. McCracken will be there in spirit.

Thank you to TB42 and Trev for the Ghostbusters and Feng Shui games! Absolute fun through and through.

- Nick


Thank you for attending Chicago Gameday 39!

This post is coming a little later than usual, but regardless, I wanted to thank all of you who attended and/or ran events for Gameday 39.

Total attendance that I can confirm is 28, which is a little shy of the 47 registrations we had in the Warhorn system, so I'm hoping that maybe some folks simply didn't sign in at the store. Even so, a goodly-sized event, and it sounds like a lot of fun was had.

And let's hear it for my Gameday Deputy, TracerBulet42! Buy him a beer the next time you see him.

You can view the pictures Rob took on both our Facebook page and on Flickr.



If you couldn't make it to this Gameday, our next gathering, Gameday 40, is happening on March 21st, 2015. Mark your calendars now!

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